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I have never actually played a game of D&D as anything but a DM, so I don't have a favourite character that I've played. I mean obviously you grow quite attached to the first character you roll up when you're learning to roll up characters (mine was a half-elven bard called Alex the Fox). But I suppose everyone else will have characters they have loved to roleplay throughout the years. So I was wondering who they were: let's hear it!

What was the best character you ever played?

(The poll asks for your favourite character class: I've used the four AD&D categories because they're probably broad enough to encompass most generic characters. If you select other, tell us what class it is!)

Had to go with Other. Not sure where my Ranger characters would fit. I definately love them to have warrior skills, but rarely will play one without a roguish mentality.

Almost play my rangers like an assassin type. Sneaky, trying to stay out of sight, low profile. Stays away from the group when in town, sort of shadowing them watching for others doing the same to them. In the outdoors, obviously always the scout/tracker. Flitting in and out of the surrounding woods as quietly as possible. Love going ahead out of sight and then sneaking up on my own group to see if I can do it, to test me and them. They quickly learn how to use the 'perception' rules I love and then use them almost to distraction. But it makes it fun.

I love rangers. Only play other things when I have to.

Ria Hawk:
I usually play rogues or bards, or a cross of both.  I play one pseudo-ranger currently.  I like the type of characters that are more like "I'm going to try to talk so-and-so into such-and-such," rather than "I'm going to bash him."  Although bashing can be fun, if done in small amounts.

Although (as I said) I've not played a character before, I tend prefer creating wizards when I preroll them up for other people (like beginners). I think the wizard represents something of the freaky mathmo in me: arcane lore and all that. And I think the higher level spells are cool too: those prismatic ones in AD&D especially.


We tend to use some kind of fighters for beginners. Sometimes the rogue if that is what they prefer. Wizards can be difficult depending on the beginner. Lots of rules to learn, figure out what spells to memorize, lots of page flipping in unfamiliar books to read descriptions. Often it is easier to just drop them into a simple role of "you warrior, you hit bad guy, roll this dice" type of thing. They get into the groove and can move on from there.

I personally dislike wizards. I like the low magic worlds where most of the magic is in items and rings and such and not only available to wizards. My land of Aros is low magic with only Sand Magic is the useable magic (for now). Sand Mages must have sand otherwise they can't cast. And they can only carry so much and depending on the power of the spell is how much is used. I like that because it strictly limits the amount of magic, forces the mages to think harder about what they are going to cast, and also forces them to have other skills when they run out of the sand.


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