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Actually, no. There was the True God and there was Jehovah, as detailed in Samuel where David’s son  is struck ill by Jehovah. David turns to the True God, but after 7 days, his son dies, and he goes back to Jehovah. See Samuel 2, Chapter 12, Verse 13 on. I use the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. Thanks for giving it a read, anyway, Captain. What did you think?

It was different...
Not really my kind of game.

Thanx anyway, Captain.

So far, the way I am seeing it, is that the code is basically used to be creative on changing things around to mean something different.

Sort of a loose set of rules that need to be followed to allow the switch in letters to be allowed.

BUT, I don't see how you can reverse engineer the code....ever...each change in the code needs to be explained because I could never get the word "lad" and be able to reverse it to "lacked" without the full explanation. Any word anywhere can be changed in tons of different ways, and unless you know the path it took, you can't reverse it....

I shall keep reading, not all the way done yet.

Still not done reading but....

Something just clicked for me with this quote.

--- Quote ---Why should anyone want to do this? Simple. No evidence of life remains on the surface of the planet. The planet, indeed the whole solar system, can then be claimed for it’s metal.
--- End quote ---

I understand the game to be totally open ended, no winners, no losers, nobody ever taking the lead, just the sharing of theories and the defining or discovering of code in everyday things.

The fact that there are no rules means that as long as you are creative with your discoveries and justify them as far as intelligence, common sense (ok, maybe not so much common sense sometimes), and the 'code' then that is that.

A more apt name for this thead is "A Game of Creative Intelligence"

The problem I have is the rule that you don't talk about the game, but I think that was a funny played off of Fight Club...I hope. Because if you can't discuss your ideas and explain your codes then there really isn't much of a game. :)

Sooooo, my first mistake was to put too much emphasis on the code. While it is a pivotal part of the game, it is only pivotal for the person searching for codes to prove their points, not as a reliable means of communication between game players. Although there are a few standard codes, unless there is somewhere to discuss the hypothesis then it is all moot. Some confusion by me there.

It is a difficult game though because first you have to come up with something original, based on reality, but totally askew at the same time....but is it reality in the first place...but anyway...once you have your idea a.k.a. conspiracy, then you justify it. Points or kudos or whatever are given for the creativity of it.

Besides the creation of conspiracies thr code is just another way to take something and twist it into something entirely different. You could pick anything anywhere and 'decode' it although no two people would EVER decode the same text the same way.


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