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Hi there. Here’s a game I’ve been developing for three and a half years. I’d like to know what people think, so please feel free to make comments. It’s not an easy game to play, so take your time. If anyone cares to add anything to the game, feel free, there are no rules……………

                                                         OFFICIAL    A:.A:.   DOCUMENT

 World War III, a game of intelligence, is a role-playing game to end all role-playing games. It is as complex as you want it to be, or as simple. You can play on your own with very little outlay. You can play anywhere, anytime, and even if you’re playing with other people, you, or they, can stop whilst not interfering with the progress of the game.
Dice are not used, and turns are not taken. This is truly a game from another planet. As a game of intelligence, it will lead you past the conspiracy theorists. You will discover that very little is what it seems.

Set in the present time, aliens and extraterrestrials are fighting it out on planet Water, the name given to Earth by space travellers. Confusion is the name of the game, the aliens have infiltrated most establishments. Some governments are doing deals with them to obtain advanced military technology. Even the laws of physics have been bent. Einstein is wrong, and history has been altered.
The rules are simple. There are no rules. This is war.

                                                                      THE   SITUATION

The world has been invaded by aliens. These aliens, although they don’t look human themselves, have humanoid transports with cloned human flesh covering. They are of varying size and can imitate any living person. They cannot be harmed by conventional weapons. The alloy they are made from is tough stuff.

They are called EST. They are not DNA, and they come from Alpha Draconis. In the reign of King Khufu, the descending passage of his pyramid aligned with Alpha Draconis. As you read on you will discover just why his name was Khufu. The EST come seeking metal. This solar system is made of metal planets. Under interstellar law, these planets belong to the native life form of the system. They want it to die. Also they wish to appear blameless in this matter, or to put it another way, they don’t want to get caught.

You are an A:.A:. or Erisian Liberation Front op, a man in black (or girl ), a universal police person. The problem is that the EST use telepathy machines to read your mind. So you have a plan, but you can’t remember it. You have a rank, which you have to discover by use of code. You do your job seemingly by accident. Oops!

In an honest fight, EST will lose. The A:.A:.s technology is far superior, trouble is, under interstellar law, no advanced technology is to be used on primitive planets. The EST intend to take the planet by stealth.

The A:.A:. are an extraterrestrial outfit, whereas E.L.F. are partisans. In order to save planet Water, both are, with as low a profile as posible, countering EST plans for planet Water’s demise. Your job is to hunt and destroy EST by stealth, but this you will do seemingly by accident, without even thinking about it. You have no weapons, but might have psycho kinetic powers. If you have, you can use them to kill EST, but no one, not even yourself, must see this happen. You must disguise you actions. This is a covert operation. If your rank is high enough, you can order meteor strikes on EST bases, or organise raids on EST establishments. You will communicate mainly in code.

                                                                     WHO   ARE   YOU

You have secret names. You are immortal. Your present name is an alias if you’ve been here in a previous lifetime. It may be an anagram giving clues to your previous lives. You may find other evidence of your previous lifetimes. For example, representations of yourself may appear in history books.

The Erisian Liberation Front is an anarchist organisation and therefore has no ranks. A:.A:. ranks are based on tarot cards.

As an example, I am Cat, Ra, Ace of Wands, I have been Marc Antony, Arthor, and Hermes Trigestimus, amongst other identities.

You must use your own identity, you cannot be me, or anyone else, unless you can prove it. It is unlikely that disputes will arise over identity, but if they do, perhaps some disinterested party could decide who had the best proof.

If your previous identity had a skill, you must possess a similar skill.

Proof of identity can take many forms, but it must be verified by true code, or something witty or clever.

Alternatively you can assume any identity and bluff your way through it.

                                                                 PLAYING   THE   GAME

Once you have discovered who you are, or before, you can select targets. A hit is confirmed within 24 hours by seeing an image of the target, or a code relating to it, anywhere. Also, if someone mentions the target in conversation within 24 hours a hit is confirmed.

As an example, if I want to destroy the Houses of Parliament by meteor strike, I say, ‘The Houses of Parliament’, or ‘Take out Big Ben.’. Alternatively you can just think it. If I see the Houses of Parliament on TV within 24 hours, I have a confirmed hit. What an easy target.

Hopefully, you will have some reason for selecting a target. We don’t want to kill innocent people. Try to be certain that anyone at the target is an EST. In the example case, this is quite likely.

Dice are not used.                                                                    

Points, or rewards, which are better, are awarded thusly:

Outrageousness scores points.

Historical accuracy scores points, but the history books are propaganda so you’ll have to read between the lines.

Past victories and achievements score points according to how much evidence you can muster.

There are no rules, you can score points for any validated activity, for example, confusing bluffs, looking good, etc.

                                                                      THE   OPERATION

The operation is Operation Mind****, or OM. Both sides will attempt to confuse the enemy. False codes will be presented reporting the condition of the war. However, the EST do not understand humour and they are not very clever, so you can identify real news of your teams successes, revealing the truth about planet Water, by how funny or clever it seems. Also, it has to make sense. It is always a good idea to be wary of groups presenting themselves as E.L.F. or the A:.A:..

The EST have lied about lots of things. They work as experts in their fields and distort the truth. They may work in any field, so be wary of expert opinions. Operation Mind**** was designed to counter this trend by producing, amongst other things, so much confusion that it overloads the system, exposing the EST’s frauds.

                                                                           THE    CODE

The code is simple in essence. A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.

Anagrams are used. The anagram is always the last move in the decoding process.

Much of the time you will have to change letters before you do an anagram. Letters can be changed in many ways, but there is always a difference when you change a letter. For example, the difference from A to B is 1, and from A to E is 4.

The difference in the change between the letters can be verified by the letters in the original code, so if the difference is 5, say we are changing a D to an I, and the 5th letter is E, this verifies the change. Similarly, if the 5th letter is N which is 14, and 1+4=5, the change is verified. Also if the 5th letter is  I, the change would be verified.

The difference can be verified by the position of the letter to be changed. So the T in THE can be changed by 1 to S, as it is in the 1st place, producing SHE.

The difference can be verified by the number of letters in the word containing the letter to be changed. For example, the D in DOCK can change by 4 to H, making HOCK.

Sometimes the required change will produce a higher number than the number of letters in the code. Say you have 2 words, total 11 letters. A difference of 13 could be 1st word, 3rd letter, not the other way around.

Alternatively, if the code is in a text, verification may be found in the 1st line, 3rd word or letter, or the 1st letter of the 13th line.

If a word is used as verification, it must be pertinent, for example, if the word is RIGHT.

A letter can be added to the end of a word, only one though, of the value of the position it will occupy. For example, a 4 letter word can have an E added to its end. However, once this letter is added, it cannot be modified further, except by anagram.

Letters can be removed. The number of letters are added up in groups. For example, if we wish to change LACKED to LAD, we can take out a group of 3 letters, namely CKE, and verification is found in the 3rd letter which is C, or 3. If more than one group of letters is to be removed, the difference will have as many digits as groups of letters. For example, if we wished to form ACED, the difference would be 11. Verification would be found at 1st word, 1st letter, which would have to be K, which it isn’t.
Similarly, groups of letters can be turned directly into letters, for example, a group of 3 letters can turn into a C. This can be combined with the above method, so, using LACKED as an example, we can remove the L because it is a group of one letter and it occupies the 1st position. K and D can both change to A as they are groups of one letter. Do the anagram and we get AA ACE.

Letters can be changed into numbers and back into different letters. For example, RA = 181 = AHA.

The 1st letter of any word or the 1st digit in any group of numbers can be removed as it is a group of one, and in the 1st position.

Consecutive numbers can be counted either way. For example, 2, 3, or 23, or B C, or W.

Here is a good example of the code in action.

Extraterrestrials call this planet WATER because from space it’s mainly water.

WATER is an anagram of EARTH, except the H needs to turn into a W.

H is the 1st word, 5th letter, so we can add O, or 15.

So  H+O makes WATER.

Earth, the brown planet.

                                                                      SPECIAL   CODES

Any letter or number can represent it’s equivalent in the tarot, I Ching, or similar ancient system such as Kabbalah.

Roman numerals can substitute letters and vice versa. For example, V=22 or 5, E=V, etc.

Groups of letters can be added Kabbalisticly, for example, CAT = 3+1+20=24=2+4=6.

Op means operative.

O.S. means Operational Services. (The real name of both the A:.A:. and E.L.F. )

Puns may be used as codes.

Sometimes ll can become H. (That’s LL ). This is called the bar code. To use the bar code you must find verification in the actual bar code attached to the text.

AH=R. This is called the AH code. For example, Queen Elizabeth II said ‘Annus Horribilis’. Here we take the initials and are left with 2 groups of letters. NNUS = 4, ORRIBILIS = 9. 4 9 = DI. So the code reads, AH DI.

I = U.

Any symbol can be used in a code.


Communications, except when you meet another agent, are performed by dolphins and whales, who telepathically track all ops and make sure that all messages get to the right place. Of course, any meaningful communication will be in code, disguised as an every day action, or disguised as something. The important thing to remember is that the EST have telepathy machines and the chances are that they are tuning into you right now. After all, you are reading this. For this reason it is better to work out the code after the objective is achieved. This objective can be getting a message out, discovering a previous identity at an opportune moment, etc., and if you’re really on the ball, you can select targets in code, only revealing the target when it is too late for the enemy to do anything about it. Confirmation of a hit is revealed in the usual manner.

DOLPHINS decodes like this.

D/O/L/P/HIN/S   The HIN group of letters can be removed because the 3rd letter is L, which equals 12, or 1+2 = 3. The D and the L can both count as As as they are one letter groups.

Thus, we get AA OPS.

WHALES is more cryptic.

H can change to F as it is the 2nd letter.

This gives us SAW  E.L.F.


News is any information verified by code in a way that is funny, or clever, or both. It can be about the true history of planet Water, if there is such a thing. It can be about dodgy theories in science. Here’s some examples of news.

This planet’s real name is news to most people.

Einstein discovered atomic theory from a pint of beer, or was it a litre.

E = MC squared. Let’s add this up.

5 = 13 (3 squared). Or 5 = 117, or 5 = 1 + 3 + 9. The only way it can add up is to change the E into a D, but what does D mean. Let’s look at an equation that does add up.

F = MA. The F can change to an E as it’s in the 1st position. So we get:

E = MA, or 5 = 131, 1 + 3 + 1 = 5.

I before E except after C.

The EST like the population to believe interstellar travel is impossible. If you think about the idea of an object gaining mass, mass being a real constant, as it travels faster, and furthermore getting shorter, you might imagine that someone is pulling your leg.

All ops playing this game are sleeper agents, at least at first. This means that you might start out as a humble E.L.F. op, then discover that you have the rank of a tarot trump in the A:.A:..

                                                                          THE   ENEMY

If you are playing this game, you are unlikely to be an EST, If you are an EST, you will notice digital displays, graphs, etc., in your vision, so don’t worry too much if you don’t get these symptoms. On the other hand, if you can see these displays, I would advise absolute panic.

Anyone disliking this game for any reason is suspected of being EST.

Anyone supporting rules of physics that don’t add up could be an EST.

Anyone moving too fast, or being too strong, could be an EST.

                                                                 PRIMARY   OBJECTIVE

The primary objective is to convince anyone of the validity of news. This will not be easy, but you are in the elite, so anything is possible. If you can’t convince people, you can at least get their minds thinking, which is a sadly rare state of mind.

                                                                       STARTING   OFF

This game can seem complicated at first, so I’ll give you a rundown on some common codes.

WEST = Breaking apart EST.

O.S. = Operational Services, which is the real name of both E.L.F. and the A:.A:..

OP = Operative.

HORSES = Eris O.S.

I = Me, Myself, I, etc.

You see lots of horses in westerns. Let’s decode WESTERNS. R can change by 5 as the 5th letter is E.

This gives, WEST NEWS.
                                                                  HINTS   ON   PLAYING

The code, although it is quite versatile, will not turn any word into any other word. In other words, some things will not decode. To make life easier, you can develop Id. tags which will occur on a regular basis. The name, Ra, which is one of my names, with it’s alternative spelling of Re, is particularly useful as it crops up in many words and has only 2 letters. Plus it can be spelt with an A or an E, which are the 2 most common vowels.

Similarly, my chosen nickname, Cat gives lots of possibilities, as cats are relatively common creatures, shoes, machines, hats, etc. Obviously, the more identities you possess, the more likely it is that one of them will crop up. Using initials is useful.

This is a true game of skill, and the better you are at the code, the more likely you are to be able to validate your identities, rank, etc. The real skill in the game is in being able to recognise from a word or phrase the potential to decode it. By learning the code and following the examples I’ve given, you will start to recognise letter groups as groups of numbers and vice versa.


The idea of a mission is that you do nothing too out of the ordinary. For example, Illuminatus had given me information about a rendezvous on water. At the time, I was going to a night-club called H2O and a bar in Water Lane. So on a mission, everything you do is in code, for example, the amount you pay for a drink.

As an example, and this really happened, I go to the Star public house, I order a pint of Stella Artois costing £2.35. I smoke More cigarettes. This may seem innocuous to most, but let’s look at the price, 235. The 2 can be changed by 1 to 1 as it is the 1st number. This gives us ACE. More cigarettes look a bit like wands, but the name is an anagram of RE and OM, Ra and Operation Mind****. The Star and Stella give away my off world connections, where Artois could be Arthor, the I and S diminishing by one.

During these missions, you can try delivering News, play spot the EST, communicate information to other agents, or just get drunk. Remember, it’s no good knowing what the mission is about until the objective is fulfilled.

                                                              A:.A:.   AND   E.L.F.   FILMS

 After a mission, you might want to catch a movie. Not all films are influenced by the O.S., but many are, particularly action adventure movies. The O.S. is a military elite after all. Some of these films, which have had O.S. codes planted by telepathy or more outrageous methods, contain the number 555. These are O.S. training films depicting real missions and simulations. These days all the O.S. films seem to have a cat, or the printed word cat, in them. I may be wrong though.

The 1st example I will give is ‘The Enemy Below’.

The destroyer had the number 181 on its bow. This reads RA.

The film is evidently about ‘sinking’ which is a discordian game.

The film can be interpreted thus: The Captain of the destroyer has information, from off world sources, that an important Nazi is being transported by submarine to a pre-arranged rendezvous. He stops at nothing to disable the submarine, thus preventing the rendezvous.

The Captain has CAPT on his helmet. The P can change to a C because it’s the 1st word, 3rd letter. The C can change to a D as it’s the first letter. Standing by the Captain is a sailor with XO on his helmet. So this can read, CAT 4  JO. (D = 4, X = 10 = J ).

At the end of the film, a lifeboat with 181 on the side goes back to rescue the Captains of the destroyer and submarine.


You must make your own weapons if you feel the need for armament. As an O.S. op, you will be trained in survival techniques on primitive planets. You will know how to create devices that are powered by Psycho Kinesis such as wands, light swords, etc. Everyday items may be used to construct your weapons. Please do not try to harm an EST with any conventional weapon, you will fail. Their armour is too tough.

                                                              OPERATIONAL   SERVICES

The O.S. have many types of members. Many species of cat are of extraterrestrial origin. For example, the large black panther types spotted in rural England that seem to vanish like mist. However, don’t underestimate the humble domestic pussycat. In ancient Egypt this creature was worshipped as a god. There exists a cat network of normal looking cats who sometimes replace similar looking pets while on ops.

Whales, dolphins, elephants, and many apes are also in the O.S.

Star Trek, the Original Series, the O.S.
                                                                      ANCIENT   EGYPT

It has been commented that the jokes aren’t funny enough, but any book on ancient Egypt will tell you how the ancient Egyptians loved puns and plays on words.

EST is an anagram of  SET, who was an evil god in those times.

Pyramids are symbolised by the number ratios:

11 : 7      (Base side : Height )

11 : 3      (Earth’s diameter : Moon’s diameter )

11 : 14    (Base side : twice height )

14 : 3      (A bit removed )

or the letters:



The first rule of the game is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE GAME.

The second rule of the game is THERE ARE NO RULES


Some A:.A:. ops are prescient.

Nostradamus predicted HISTER.

To change HISTER into HITLER, we need to add 1 to the S, making T, and take 8 from the T, making L.

This gives us AH, Adolph Hitler’s initials, also the AH code.

NOSTR/A/D/A/MUS contains 2 As. The groups of numbers around these As count 5, 1, and 3, giving us AA ACE.

                                                                 KNOW   THINE   ENEMY

The EST are not human. They are not even DNA, but they look human because of their transports. These transports are vehicles, humanoid in shape, and covered with real cloned human flesh. The EST, although they can survive for a while on planet Water without protection, have limited power of movement without their vehicles. They have no hands that could have built the machines they use as transport. There are no other EST life forms, no EST cats or dogs. For these reasons, I suspect that they were bioengineered as a weapon by a species that has long succumbed to that weapon. Being able to survive without a biologically compatible environment, they totally transformed their planet into a maze of mines and industrial complexes, thus killing off all the other life forms on the planet.

What they do need to exist, and they need it in vast quantities, is metal. Without metal, they cannot procreate, as every new EST needs a new vehicle. Without metal, they cannot build spaceships, which they need to look for more metal. They are, like most life forms, immortal, though they can procreate.

The EST transports are so lifelike that you couldn’t tell the difference between them and real humans. They are immune to metal detectors, and even the A:.A:.’s sensors can’t tell the difference. For this reason, the A:.A:. and E.L.F. have to resort to other methods to distinguish EST from human.

The EST, being totally alien, just don’t get what DNA is all about. They study behaviour patterns, but without being able to ‘feel’ what it’s like to be human, their facade is incomplete. Not that it’s easy to spot them, but they cannot imitate emotion with any amount of realism. Human behaviour is so complex that even humans have trouble understanding it. Thus, if you generate a real human situation where emotions come into play, they inevitably make mistakes. I’m not going to tell you what kind of mistakes, they use telepathy machines to gain information like that. Indeed, you will probably get just a feeling that something isn’t quite right. Your eyes will be telling you one thing while your brain tells you something different.

The EST rely a lot on their telepathy machines to know how to react in any human situation. They claim to read ‘body language’, which doesn’t really exist in that way. People move and position themselves generally for their own comfort. Body language is supposed to be ‘subconscious’, allowing one to know another’s inner thoughts. This is nonsense. I don’t cross my legs to cover my penis, I’ve got pants for that. I cross my legs to get comfortable. No, body language is totally conscious, if habitual. For instance, cowering before an enemy is body language. Now, if you cower before an enemy, it can mean at least two things. One, that you’re scared, two, you’re not scared but don’t want a fight. Even if you start shaking, this is an adrenaline reaction, which works for fight or flight. Also, you tend to know if you’re cowering, thus body language is conscious.

Let us look at the conscious mind. Most theorists would say that the conscious mind is that which can express consciously what the entity is doing at that minute. For instance, if you are making a chair, you will know that you are making a chair and be able to express that fact with the words, ‘I am making a chair.’ However, making a chair is a complex operation which you have to go through many times before you can do it unconsciously. So it would appear that the subconscious is filled with things that you have learned how to do. Like walking. How subconscious is that? You still know you’re walking.

The idea is that we get so used to a conscious act that it becomes habit, i.e., we don’t bother thinking about it. Well obviously we must be thinking about it otherwise we couldn’t do it. We just don’t put it into words is all. We still know we’re doing it. Really, there is no subconscious mind, but there are taboos about saying certain things. For instance, it is taboo to think that your boss is a moron, so you don’t say it, and because he might read your body language, you don’t think it, but you know that he is. Seriously, body language is just a knew version of ‘God knows your every thought.’, except this time it’s your boss instead of God.

Now, the EST can only read the ‘conscious’ mind, i.e., the word mind, and sensory centres. For this reason, to trick an EST into doing something inhuman, an O.S. op might suggest something totally ridiculous without ‘consciously’ realising it. The EST must be convinced that, in order to continue their human appearance, they must do something which is actually totally abnormal for a human in the prevailing moral climate. As some O.S. ops are human, their strange behaviour does much to influence the EST model of human behaviour, as well as human behaviour itself. If you can convince an EST that everybody does a certain thing, they will pretend that they do it too, no matter how ridiculous. However, thinking about what you did to expose them in words will invalidate the method for subsequent operations, so trust your instincts, don’t look for proof. The truth will become obvious soon enough. They are fairly well accustomed to local taboos, they make quite a few of them themselves, so you won’t find them running naked down the street. Look out for any obviously inhuman actions, like killing defenceless people. There you will find EST.

One of the EST’s principle operations here concerns old age and death. Old age and death infect humans on no other known world. I suspect, but can’t ‘prove’, that radiation of an unknown bandwidth is being used. Literally thousands of UFOs are sighted every month. I suspect that many of these UFOs are EST aircraft carrying radiation producing machines to carpet irradiate the human inhabited areas of the planet. Notice, many wild animals, unless they are tagged, don’t seem to leave as many corpses as one would expect. Of course, we could catch them at it if we were allowed to use our own aircraft, but interstellar law prohibits that. Unfortunately, they can’t be detected as anything except UFOs from space. Also, it would appear these aircraft are decorated with different colour lights, custom body jobs, etc. This would confuse researchers, if they just didn’t try thinking about it at all, into thinking that with more than a thousand sightings a month, that the planet hasn’t been covertly invaded by literally thousands, if not millions of aliens. Certainly any military top brass must know that lots of UFOs mean lots of aliens.

For these reasons, A:.A:. ops have to blend in with the local scenery. They can’t use advanced weapons, but they are trained to work on primitive planets. If you are unclear on the law, it is detailed quite clearly in the TV series, The O.S. Thing is, the real O.S. take the law a bit more seriously, but it is perfectly legal to state that you are from another world.

The EST, being criminals, do not feel constrained by this law. Indeed, they barter advanced technology for positions of power, etc. They will use advanced weapons and then cover up, generally by killing all witnesses and disposing of the evidence. Is it still 30,000 Americans that go missing every year? Of course, certain maverick ops bend the rules on some occasions, but this is a serious operation and no advanced technology, save for that made by yourself, is to be employed by Water based ops. We haven’t gone to all this trouble, setting up your identity, giving you a past, etc. to blow it cause you want to use a ray gun.

Don’t worry that the EST are on to you. The general idea of the plan is outlined in ‘Airplane’ You can know when the operation starts, what its objective is, but when you’re coming home is classified. Basically, a double bluff has been pulled here. The EST know about some O.S. ops, but they didn’t know the ops knew that they knew. So now you know.

                                                      OUT   OF   THE   HORSE’S   MOUTH

It is commonly thought that this planet is billions of years old. It is commonly thought that the core of the planet is molten. These ‘facts’ seem to contradict each other. Surely the planet has had time to cool down by now. Rock, although it is a poor conductor of heat, does conduct. Surely the ground would be at least warm by now. It’s apparently had enough time. No, heat comes from the Sun, and when the planet turns away from the Sun, most of the time it gets cooler. Remember, current thought on tectonic theory is just that, no one has yet gone to the centre of the planet. This theory is partially based on the existence of volcanoes, earthquakes, and the fact that the strata of rock in the planet are all jumbled up. The idea is that the continental plates, that ‘float’ on a bed of magma, grind together producing great heat, melting rock to cause volcanoes, causing earthquakes, etc. Either that or volcanoes produce magma direct from the core. I couldn’t study this theory without laughing so I’m not quite familiar with all the jargon and may misquote the theory. My apologies for this.

Is it not possible that the core is not molten at all, and that continental plates don’t exist, but faults do. Certainly they do in current theory. Imagine a huge lump of rock cooling. Is it going to crack? Probably.  Just a slight movement due to settling, as these cracks probably divide large chunks of the rock, and you know how cracks get bigger, will cause friction, melting rock, which expands and erupts as a volcano. Also, the vibration would cause earthquakes. What about all that rock strata? If you will bear with me while I explain, and give evidence about, certain elementary ideas, all will be revealed.

Why is the Sun hot? Let’s look at what it’s got most of. Mass that is. Mass causes gravity, causes compression, causes light and heat. However, compression also causes freezing, as in compressed gas. So the Sun could be frozen in the middle and hot on the outside.

Stars are formed by matter collecting together due to gravity. The compression, when enough matter has collected, causes the matter to freeze at the centre of the star, but like a fridge, the outside heats up. Hence, a star, rather than being a ball of gas, is in fact, quite solid in the middle. The lighter elements rise to the surface, but because there is no oxygen atmosphere, nothing burns, it remains molten. Every so often, there is an explosion in the hot outer layer, which contains plutonium amongst other elements. What you call the heavier elements are light compared to those within a star. Larger atoms are produced by the compression forcing the atoms together. Some of these explosions are small, like a solar flare, but in the early days of a star’s life, if it has too much mass, it can explode quite violently. Matter from the outer layer is flung into space. The vector of this explosion is likely to be at an angle to the star's vertical, hence it travels out so far and then falls into an orbit. In the case of this solar system, the matter ejected split into several pieces, forming the planets we know today. Why should the matter split? Well, perhaps the matter at the centre of the explosion was travelling faster than that at the edge. This would account for the difference in orbits of the planets.

The gases forming the atmosphere are produced by chemical reactions in the cooling, but still very hot planet. On this planet, loads of hydrogen was produced, which burnt, turning into water. As the planet cools, the surface is the first thing to solidify. Since matter contracts as it cools, rifts appear within the planet. Some of these rifts go all the way to the surface, hence some of the fault lines we know of. Some of these faults lie beneath the ocean, therefore the centre of planet Water has water filled cavities.

We continually find in archaeology that ancient civilisations are buried underground. It doesn’t make sense that places can be buried without a transport mechanism for the burying material. In England there are buildings 800 years old that aren’t buried at all. How long does it take for something to get buried? We have cases of cities built on other cities, as in Troy. However, Troy was built intentionally upwards, so the burying was probably done by man rather than nature. Why else would you bury a city, unless you were trying to hide something, like it’s very existence, or maybe to prove that things get buried given enough time. Of course, some places get buried naturally, like in Egypt, where many things are buried in sand driven by the wind. However, Stonehenge is well old, and that’s not buried at all.

Some sedimentary rocks are supposed to be made of many shelled sea creatures dying over the aeons, building up vast layers of chalk, etc. Question is, where did the sea creatures get so much calcium. I’d have thought chalk was more of an elemental kind of rock. I know that these sea creatures lived in a time when there were loads of them, but have you seen how thick these layers are? And many of them are hills. Of course, the Earth’s crust buckled. Sure. Which brings me to the question of death. What happens to all the bodies? If life has existed on this planet for so long, surely there would be bones everywhere. Take for example the fish in the sea. There must be billions of them, so if they die, they would float up to the surface. Now, some would be picked up by scavengers, but we’re talking a lot of bodies here. I don’t know how long fish are supposed to live, but even if they lived to be 100, there would still be bodies everywhere. Surely many more fish should be washed up on the shore. Oh yes, the seagulls eat them. That’s why you get mobbed by seagulls every time you go to the beach. There are certain things which can be covered up, but mass murder of an entire planet’s population is not one of them.

Salmon only prove my point. We know they die because we see all the bodies.

DNA understands immortality. How long do trees live if we don’t cut them down. Certainly, we see dead trees when they’re hit by disease or lightning, but the rainforests are filled with living trees, not dead ones. And how can you tell how old a tree is without cutting it down?

In the Bible, we have an account of how long early man used to live. Adam lived until he was 800. Believe the Bible or not, it’s probably the oldest history book on the planet. Now, Genesis chapter 6 is the puzzler. In it, the sons of the true God took human wives and bore sons. To do this, they must have been human themselves. Also, the Nephilim are mentioned. Now, NEPHILIM decodes to HUMAN E.L.F. (FEMHNLAU ). The passage with the word Nephilim in is confused, but it could easily read that the Nephilim are the men of fame, the sons of the sons of the true God. Now, if the sons of the true God were human, it follows that the true God was human too. Also, the Nephilim are ‘in’ the earth, not on it. Underground, maybe.

Apart from the true God, Jehovah is mentioned. What Jehovah does is cut down man’s lifespan to 120 years. Not content with that, he decides to drown everyone with the flood. Now, back to the non molten planet idea. The centre of the planet contains chasms filled with water, which will be frozen due to lack of sunlight. In this way, a sudden temperature rise at the centre of the planet could melt this ice, and the resultant pressure, should the temperature be high enough, would cause a deluge on the surface of the planet. Lots of steam would be produced, causing all the rain, and to further support this theory, chapter 7, verse 11 reads, ‘…on this day all the springs of the vast watery deep were broken open and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.’ So it would appear that the water came from below as well as above. As the heat at the centre of the planet abated, the pressure would diminish and the water could drain away again. This would fit the biblical story. Of course, if this heat were caused by an explosion, the size of the chasms could change leaving a permanent change in the water level at the surface.

In the last 1000 years, more books have been burnt than I care to think of. Therefore, we do not know if the sea level has risen before this time. Certainly history before then is virtually unknown for a 1000 years. It is quite possible that other floods have occurred and records of them been erased by Jehovah. After all, he did promise he wouldn’t do it again. We do seem to find buildings below the sea.

So let’s go on to fossils. A fossil is an animal embedded in stone. How is this possible? I know the story, animal dies, lots of stuff falls on top of it, and the whole lot turns to stone. I tell you, the O.S. are laughing themselves silly over this one. Then we have fossil fuel deposits deep underground. How did all this stuff get buried? What kind of animal turns into oil? Then we have land way above sea level which is obviously an old ocean bed. Certainly, the surface of this planet seems quite changeable.

There is an alternative explanation for why these fossils should be in such strange places. Take one planet teeming with life. Attach it to a planet hauler. Drag it near the surface of the Sun. Everything melts. The atmosphere burns instantly, so nothing burns. Rock melts, animals sink into molten rock. Trees melt forming coal deposits. The entire planet’s surface melts and buckles. Some strata sink while others rise. Sedimentary rocks move to unlikely places.

Why should anyone want to do this? Simple. No evidence of life remains on the surface of the planet. The planet, indeed the whole solar system, can then be claimed for it’s metal.

DNA does not take millions of years to evolve. It’s very quick. Planet Water, in it’s present form, is just over 10,000 years old. If you think about it, the four billion years bit has got to be a guess, and how do you test carbon dating if you haven’t got a time machine?

Planet Water was made by Jo, at least, she did most of it. It didn’t take very long. As the planet cooled, (You reform planets by melting them with their star and using tractor beams on the semi-molten surface as it cools. ) the same reactions that originally produced the atmosphere started up again, producing a similar amount of oxygen, hydrogen, etc. DNA was seeded, and life began again, this time on a different track to the dinosaurs. There’s DNA and there’s DNA. This time, human DNA was used, and the planet’s environment adapted for humans.

Now, in the beginning, God, not Jehovah, made the world. Jehovah isn’t mentioned until Genesis, chapter 2, verse 4, which reads, ‘This is the history of the heavens and the earth in the time of their being created, in the day that Jehovah God made earth and heaven.’ Now, it took seven days, so ‘day’ can’t mean that, so perhaps ‘day’ means now, since Jehovah now claims he did it. From here on we find that there is no vegetation yet. But look back to chapter 1, verse 11, and God’s already made the vegetation. Chapter 2, verse 7 tells us that Jehovah made man, but not necessarily in his own image, whereas God made man in his own image in chapter 1, verse 27.

Anyway, human DNA goes straight for humans, as well as lots of other things. Within a thousand years, everything was up and running, humans and all. All that water cooled the planet down real quick. Then, dolphins and whales were brought in. They volunteered because of all the water.

If you think 10,000 years isn’t a long time, you have to be kidding. We can easily see that erosion is quite a rapid process. That’s 500 generations. I can see that the Grand Canyon wasn’t eroded by a river in that time, but planets do crack as they cool down. Anyway, Jo did a really good job of making everything look good.

The pyramid of Cheops was constructed before human beings appeared. It was stuffed with goodies and sealed up as a kind of evolution present. Later, persons unknown tried to build two more, but they couldn’t quite get it right. One of them was built on higher ground so it seemed bigger, but it had a twist in it. Anyway, when the Cheops pyramid was opened in 800 AD by Al Mamun, it was empty. There wasn’t even a body. No evidence was found that the pyramid had been previously broken into. Strange. As if the contents were beamed up somewhere.

I skimmed it and realize how deep it is and that I will have to spend some serious time on it. This is the kind of stuff I like reading books about. Go to the Tavern and find the thread on books you read, I want to know. ;)

Will take a better look at it as soon as I have time. I am intrigued and interested!!!

Wow, thanks for taking an interest. I’ve got some more sections, but that’s examples of my game mainly, for example Original Pool, where you have to try and sink your opponents balls off a cannon/plant/whatever.

Please note that both the A.:A.: and ELF are mythical organisations. The A.:A.: was ‘started’ by Aleister Crowley and ELF was ‘started’ by one of the authors of the Principia Discordia. Thus, magic is involved, said Ra mysteriously……… and madness…….(titter, sQUeEk!!!!!)

Serious student of magic should be able to work out how to do a spell, and the spell ELF’s is free to all ELF ops (players) and it gives you power over, the WIND, COIN, and many others, but I have said ENOUGH!!!!!

The game was designed as a writing tool, and will be coming out in book form, but it’s been so much fun, I thought I’d like to share it. When enough people start playing, it could be well fun, meeting up in secret on different forums, or in the Citadel’s case, different threads. Of course, you’ve got to be good at coding to write it into a game, but if it’s only one or two words, it’s quite possible. For an example of some entry level codes, silly code I call it, and a taste of the game/book, the game exists in the book, and the book exists in the game, in PROJECT 88, a sad tale of a lonely op posting secret messages to a girl who may be a figment of his imagination.

Wasn't Jehovah just another name for God?


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