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Moon Cycle Deity


I'll keep this simple:

The PC's are all clerics and fighters of good alignment. Clerical power is drawn from a Moon Deity.

They have discovered an ultra-right wing faction within the church that are raising an undead army at a secret location. This apparently for the defense of the kingdom. The PC's dissaprove and are going back there to kick ass.

They have chosen to go on the day of the Equinox when no clerical powers can be used, (because the bad guys are higher level clerics than the heroes and this might the hero fighters an edge).

However it strikes me that the Equinox might have special significance for an evil-aligned group of clerics.

What might they be doing on this day? Might they have other agendas that might come to light?


Equinoxes are days of balance.  If the good clerics don't have power, the bad ones won't have them either.  

Of course, if you wanted to destroy some "good" clerical people, I would make sure that assasins, ruffians, and poisons found there way to the good people (or people protected by good people) on this day.

Also it is probably the assasin's equivalent of "the day before christmas".  Without healing magics available, people can be killed with greater ease, as you don't have to worry about clerical healing.  

Solstice - Winter should be the strongest "evil" cleric night.  Just like Summer Solstice is strongest for "good".  Minimal modifiers either way I would think.  

Aside: One of the reasons that "good holy days" were originally assigned to the solstice was to "seal" those days for good.  That holy days was eventually shifted away from the Winter Solstices, because of religious calander reform AND they no longer believed in the power of the solstice.


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