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The promise of the elephanters


"Lom-bu harusad, boadaa numbadu anaman."
- When the Earth falls and is ruled by you

The ancient promise of the elephanters to their steeds and beasts of burden. The elephants have always been angry at their human captors, demanding freedom with their plaintive trumpets, dreaming through the night of running over open grassland only to wake and find themselves shackled and trapped.

They could easily escape, but what good would it do? It's been tried before, but the antagonist is always hunted down and killed. There are just too many humans.

The elephanters taunted their elephants by saying they would be free when mankind and civilisation crumbled. Then they would rule the Earth. However, their taunts never troubled the elephants. They were interpreted as a promise...

The Lom-bu, mighty elephants, have made it a precept of their religious beliefs that they will be free one day, and that mankind will fall. Perhaps they are right.

When the gates of Uzamin broke during the Siege of Four Summers, and the fiery stones were hurled from the catapults of the enemy, the whole battle stopped for five minutes while a massive troupe of elephants thundered over the moat, trumpeting. The elephanters understood the sounds.

"Lom-bu haresan, boadaa numsad anamu"

Majestic little snippet, this! Brings out emotions.

Took me about five tries to say that first quote out loud.

Then I got down to my shorts, grabbed a stick with bones on it and started a bowing/stomping circle. My voice rose and fell with the winds until my daughter asked me where I got the stick. Then we had breakfast.


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