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Need an Operation Checkout
« on: October 20, 2002, 05:31:40 PM »
I messed with the Items Page today and made it so any new comments on an item will be mailed to those that have requested it.

I need a little testing though before I make it available on the plots and characters.

I added another choice for the comments in the user area. You can now choose to have emails sent:
Never send me emails.
Every time a new comment is added.
Only when a new comment is entered on one of my submissions.

So the favor I ask is to put in some test comments on the item page. Try each setting and make sure you are getting the correct emails depending on what your choice was and on who you are commenting. Please post your results in Website Ramblings. I will put a topic there that looks exactly like this one.

In the meantime I am nickel and diming the "new submissions" quicky page.

Thanks for your help!!!

(Just write in the comments test post or something similiar. I will delete them nightly until I get the delete option set up)

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