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What books do you read?

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There's always H.P. Lovecraft: I did like "At the Mountains of Madness" and "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" (especially the bit where the man gets lost in the crypts in the dark and ends up nearly falling into a pit full of "things"...it's really creepy, not really 3-little pigs). And Poe too: weird but nice. Always good for inspiration.

Anything by Thomas Harris is usually gripping: it's quite hard to tell you're still reading a book and not actually in a cell with Hannibal Lecter. He's a very good writer.

These are all (I have noticed) in the horror genre, but then it is coming up to Hallowe'en, so that's allowed (and Red Dragon's just come out at the cinemas! (In the UK anyway, it was probably out everywhere else ages ago)).

Oh, and "Papillon" is a good read too, by Henri Charriere.


Now those are some that I can appreciate and give a try. Harris is pretty darn cool. Red Dragon was my favorite of the three 'Hannibal's' but I could never get my wife to read it. She doesn't like that sort of thing. He is way cool, although my most memorable part of those books was the well described eating of that dudes brain. Gotta read the book to really appreciate that scene!!

Lovecraft I have never tried. Probably some sort of blasphemy for an avid reader to admit I think. Always mean to try some of Dante's stuff (Divine Comedy specifically Inferno). It is always quoted in many horror books. I been stuck on King, Koontz, and Saul for my horror needs. Mainstream and not horribly horror. Never got into Anne Rice or any of the vampire stuff. Horror is just not my genre, so with lack of knowledge of what to pick, I don't pick anything.

Ria Hawk:
Stephen King and John Saul good...  As is Poe.

Did you read "Sleepwalker" by Saul?  Very creepy.

Keep meaning to hunt my bookshelf for that one (sleepwalker). I know it sounds darn familiar.

Got burned out on Higgins. The last two books about assassins were pretty crappy. My unfortune to read them one after another, but it seems like he tried again to write the same type story and used a lot of the same phrases. The latest was really obnoxious. I uncatchable assassin that tells ALL his contacts exactly where he is, what time he will get back, and where he can be contacted at all times. What kind of crap is that?

Turned to Eph's type of books. Reading a biography of sorts of Feyman, got the Tao of Physics (looked interting anyway) and a few books on mysteries of the worlds. Loch Ness, Pyramids, Stonehedge, that type of thing. See if factual type books can help me get some sleep. Hopefully they will be entertaining anyway.

Ria Hawk:
Mysteries of the world are darn cool too.


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