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What books do you read?

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I remember reading the Hunger Games last year at some point. The first book was good. You could tell however that the author (name forgotten) was pushed (can't think of the word I wanted) as part of a deal to pump another two books out. In other words the last 2 books felt very rushed. I was able to deduce towards the end of the second book pretty exactly what would happen next and over throughout the last book.

I bought another David Baldacci thriller this morning, at about 0400. Couldn't sleep. Go figure. The latest King and Maxwell. Cannot wait to finish Lone Survivor so I can move onto this!

I've finished Lone Survivor.

Read EVE by Tony Gonzales over the weekend.

Am currently reading The Sword of God by Chris Kuzneski, which I'll probably finish tomorrow evening.

Finished Sword of God. Much action, couple of LoL moments.

Read Andy McNab's 'Fortress' last night in one go.

Started reading King and Maxwell by David Baldacci this morning and managed to get a third of the way through. I'm certainly hooked and will read more of his books.

Finished King and Maxwell. Will be buying more of Baldacci's books in the future!

Out of things to read now, recommendations?

Mid-way through Veteran by Gavin Smith. Sweet new take on aliens, apocolipse and the net.


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