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What books do you read?

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By the blade it's self- joe ambercrombi

The Dresden files series - Jim butcher

The emperors edge- Lindsay buroker
All were very unique and good reads

Great choice with the Dresden Files there Tiannaki!

I have been reading them since the first book was published :)
Also I just started
The Last Wish- anderzej sapowski

Across this boring, bank holiday weekend I've managed to cram in 3 books:

Simple Genius - David Baldacci. First time I've read any of his books, and it hooked me quickly. Good book. Will read more of him in the future.
Digital Fortress - Dan Brown. I've read most of his previous works (all of the Robert Langdon ones), some good, some meh :/ This one was ok.
The Racketeer - John Grisham. Can't believe I haven't read anything by him before. Hooked. Will certainly read more.

And now I'm reading Lone Survivor by Markus Lutrell. Good book so far, hard and humorous. Saw the movie when it was released back in January. A good film, but I won't be adding it to the 'buy' list.

I also have a few books on my shelf - borrowed from the library - about writing. Though I know I'm nowhere near that level yet. So I'll probably return them. I did pull a couple of good daily challenges from them though.

Any recommendations for what to read next?

Just finished the Hunger Games trilogy, mind it was a translation(which is normally a no-no for me). It was a good read with a twist or two, though it got worse towards the end. The character Katniss was very unsympathetic in my eyes.

Also done with the last part of the Fool trilogy by Robin Hobb. And now starting on part two of the Rain Wilds novels by the same.
They read a bit sluggish at time, with Little to no action/development but the World itself is very rich and Deep, with a few interesting characters sprinkled throughout.

Lately I've seem to been reading nothing with less than 1,000+ pages...
As for recommendations(Kaz),...I've got nothing. I don't recognize any of those authors, except vaguely Grisham.


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