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What books do you read?

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Just finished a story called Legacy of Blood set in Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo universe, written by Richard A. Knaak, found in the Diablo Archive book. This story was just what I needed to keep me pumped up while waiting for Diablo 3 to be released. The tale is about the discovery of the tomb of Bartuc the Bloody and what happens to the poor fools who found the place. Lots of familiar aspects from the computer games show up, such a a Necromancer casting Teeth and a visit to Lut Gholein, including Drognan. Meshif, and Atma's Tavern, each briefly. A very fun read. If you're a fan of the series, like me, I would suggest picking up the Diablo Archive for $17.99 US. I still haven't read the other three stories in it, but totally worth it so far.

I'm also reading Tyme and Yon Serpent by M.J. Holmes.. I'm not really sure how to explain what this book is about. At the beginning, it was a story of a group of people going to do a role-playing game. Then there are a few seemingly side-tales, a necromancer's journey up a hill and some meeting of Godly sorts, and for the largest part of the book (it seems) I find myself following people chosen from their worlds to champion some unknown cause. It's a bit of a wild ride. I won this book in a Facebook contest after meeting the author in a chat room and am enjoying it.

You can find T.A.Y.S. on lulu: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/tyme-and-yon-serpent-serpents-tail-(act-1-book-1)/14917463?productTrackingContext=product_view/more_by_author/right/2

2.99 for a digital copy, I would suggest picking it up to help out a new author with a unique book.

The Vlad Taltos books by Steven Brust. So far, I've read up through Dzur (going by pub rather than chronological order) and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest.

I don't know how I missed reading this series for all these years. Brust is an excellent writer. His style is very engaging, the characters easy to identify with. His world is finely detailed and consistent to its own rules. There are no "formula" stories; each book is built around a fresh, new idea that fits in perfectly with the overall life of Vlad.

On the Decay of the Art of Lying by Mark Twain

I am on Book 13 of the Patrick O'Brian Master and Commander series.

Loving it. Makes we want to read the Horatio Hornblower series again too. Love those British Navy books for some reason. Trying to emulate some of their mannerisms in my daily job. They look at me weird...they will get used to it.

I finished reading both Fahrenheit 451 and  Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? about a month back. Both are classics so anyone can appreciate them. Although Ray Bradbury writes so poetically and with such beautiful metaphors that I recommend everyone read Fahrenheit 451 if at all possible.


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