Author Topic: The Wreckage of the Chu'Unthar  (Read 2171 times)

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The Wreckage of the Chu'Unthar
« on: January 13, 2004, 10:49:36 PM »
OOC: This a StarWars story, the game rules relate to its laws of nature and etc relate to the StarWars theme and tech.  The time period is pre clone wars republic but after the Sith War Crisis. I got this idea form one of my favorite SW books.

IC: Jedi Master Sil'ya Ailias sat at her desk piled high with stacks of data cards that held hundreds of reports of various systems on the ship Chu'Unthor.  Ship slash academy she thought.  The Chu'Unthor was a magnifcent idea that Sil'ya herself had helped come into being.  Since there were numerous jedi canidates across the galaxy but very few pre system the council had helped her create the first academy among the stars.  

The Chu'Unthor its self lengthed almost 800 meters and had a width of 300m the Chu'Unthor looked nothing more than a elongated H from above but that was mostly to seperate her crew the students.  The crew stayed in the center with the bridge and the main egineering section and the other vitals of the ship, while the students and metors had free range in huge four wings.  

Sil'ya glanced at the top of quickly stockpiling stack of things to do.  Brand orders straight from the Council told them to immeidiately invesitcate a quote "strong disturbance in the force"  cordinates had them plotted on a course straight to an out the way world called Dathomir.  But the priotory on it wasn't marked above taking in new students she still had a couple of systems to travel to. To test possible canidates.  Sil'ya relished the thought in a few short months she would lead a mission to a planet far in the outer reaches of the outerrim in the Queli sector.  For the past year since the Chu'Unthor she'd been sent only out as far as the out core.  Finaly the council who was giving her some freedom.  

Sil'ya glanced at the next stop charter, Dantooine a little out of the way world with small farming communties.  She rose from the seat and left her cramped office...