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it's dark, it's modern, it's survival of the fittest!

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[CaptainPenguin] The only defense we mortals have against the powers of the Outer World is that great invention of ours: steel. When enemies surround, and the world is a corpse with a gilded surface, a sword is a trusty friend. Prepare for the storm!

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[Ria Hawk] World in the works. Join and help the creation.

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No New Posts The Armorican Kingdoms

[CaptainPenguin] This is the Armorican Land. The land of cold steel. The land where, if enemies surround, a sword is a trusty friend. The land where, when the stink of sorcery drifts upon the wind, warriors rise to the call.

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[MoonHunter] A massive fantasy setting where realities collide.

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No New Posts The Empire

[CaptainPenguin] "Learn well, young God, for the time comes quickly when these Men will rival Gods, when they will build fortresses of impassable virtue, when they will battle the Gods for supremacy over Heaven and Earth. Learn well, young God, for men are quick builders."

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No New Posts Land Of The Eshal

[Maggot] Isolated from the known world by the endless watery wastes of the Vaet Ocean, lies the watery continent of Tarrod. It's inhabitants are the like of which no man has ever seen before, exotic and bizzare water dwelling beings that live in a constant state of warfare with one another. Over them, the war like eel-men known as the Eshal, rule supreme. Calling themselves the Brave People, they inflict terror on the weaker races, confident in the might of their empire. But will their great relam survive the coming of strange, foreign forces they have never faced before?

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[CaptainPenguin] A science-fiction setting in development.

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[Araith] A science fantasy background

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No New Posts World of Kerren

[MoonHunter] Ryders with their Dragons defend their world from Zhan. The Colonist struggle to adapt to this wild Saurian world. A Swords and Planet World in the Borrough's tradition.

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