Strolen Levels Permissions

What the heck does the XP get me?

Level Level Title Level
Level Permission Level HoH Level Votes
0 Barbarian Horde 0 0 -Unregistered
-Browse everywhere
-No Comments
-No Submissions
-Can Search
-Can Sort Browsing
0 0
1 His Grandest of Low Scribblers 0 0 -Registered at the Citadel
-Add/Edit own Submissions
--Normal Submissions
--Public In Work (not in main site until you choose but viewable in Profile)
-Add/Edit own Comments
-Receive XP for comments and submissions.
-Can vote
-Can Suggest Subs on own Submissions
0 3
2 Adept Tinkerer of Page Scratching 2 60 -Favorites List
-New Submission Type - Private In Work
--Hidden from everybody except collaborators - viewable from your profile
0 5
3 Master of the Plain Thought 4 120 -Can Challenge Poor or Rude submissions for admin/higher level review
-New Submission Type - Advice Requested
--If you need help you can ask for it. Viewable in Helping Task Page and Profile
-Use Established Freetext
0 8
4 Mild Lordship of Inking Pens 7 240 -Get Hall of Honour Vote
--Promote Subs to the frontpage
- New Submission Type - Stubs
--Ask Moonhunter. :) They are unvoteable, small snippets for things larger than ideas but not big enough to be a submissions
1 10
5 Noble Minion of Scribbling 11 420 -Suggest Submissions on other people's submissions
-Categorize Favorites (the lists will show up on the subs you favorite)
-Create original Freetext
1 11
6 Thane Adept of Plentiful Musings 16 660 -Nominate and Vote on Golden Submissions
--The best of the best are your decision
-Allowed 2 Advice Requested Subs at a time
1 12
7 High Scholar of Slipping Logic 21 960 -Can Vote on Challenged Submissions and decide if they stay or are hidden and require edit
1 13
8 Archmaster of Skillfull Ink Slinging 27 1410 -Was going to be delete comments off sub but not sure about that one anymore. 1 14
9 Guild Master of Idea Hounding 33 2010 -hmmmmmm Was nominate golden but we have golden vote ability earlier. Nominate and Vote are currently the same permission.
1 15
10 Holy Scrivener of Extreme Wit 40 3300 -Allowed 3 Advice Requested Subs at a time 2 16
11 Grand Duke of Scrawling 50 4200 -Can use the Task Page Freetext so that subs will automatically show up on the Task Page 2 17
12 Orator of Scriven Dreams 70 5400 -Was going to be the ability to Suggest a Quest in the quest submission area 2 18
13 Savant Scribe of the Second Highest Order 100 6900 --Allowed 4 Advice Requested Subs at a time 2 19
14 Savant Scribe of the First Highest Order 140 9000 -Moderate/Delete comments (not working yet, undecided - maybe should just be admin) 2 20
15 Grand Lord King Master of Wordsmithy 190 11700 -Can put Rude or Horrible Submissions straight into "Requires Edit" through the Sub Editing page. 3 21
16 Highest Master Adept of Fanciful Text 250 14700 -Put Sub that Required Edit and was fixed by Author back into Normal status through the Sub Edit page. 3 22
17 King Scribbler of Colorful Dreams 320 17700 -Flag Author so that all their sub go straight "Require Approval." To be used in extreme circumstances only. 3 23
18 High Lord Scribe of Mastered Illuminations 400 21600 -Allowed 5 Advice Requested Subs at a time 3 24
19 Highest King Lordship of Powerful Drivel 490 25500 -Create/Edit/Suggest and Start a Quest 4 25
20 The Master 600 30000 -The thrill of mastering The Citadel
-Granted all rights of Admins, Mods, Llamas, and the Horde.
-Real Ultimate Power
20 100
21 Impossible Man 1200 60000 The key to the universe! 20 100