Society/ Organizations

A society or group that exists in the game world that are special enough to warrant being properly defined.

These groups focuses upon growing and distributing and selling of food and organic resources.
These groups focuses on the creative area of living, both performance arts, writing, and producing artistic things. These are groups of dancers, musicians, writers, bards, actors, circus performers, and sculptors Or are groups that sponsor artists and performers, including collectors, critics, and patrons of the arts.
These groups concentrates upon warfare and personal combat. These are Armies, Navies, Special Forces, specific units of said military forces, Mercenary companies, Dueling organizations, and Legions.
These groups focuses upon stealth, infiltration, and/ or the taking of goods and information. It also includes those who oppose them. This would be the classic Thieves' family, (Mafia, Yakuza, etc), Tong, Organized Crime, Ninja clan, Assassin Cult, Spy Organizations, Agents, and those that opposes: Police, Watch Groups, Agents, Spy Organizations, and so on.
These groups are ethnic and subcultures that are associated with a given location or setting. It can also include groups for ethnic preservation or celebration.
These groups focuses upon wisdom, learning, and sometimes teaching. These group include scholarly fraternities, colleges, wisemen, and many occult groups.
These groups focus upon business and the acquisition of money. This can be guilds, unions, banks, corporations, gnomes, and other groups that are simply in it for the money. Guilds that produce goods for money, rather than the love of technology/ mechanical goodness, would fit this category.
These groups focuses upon thaumaturgy (magics of all types), powers of the mind, and the cosmic forces of the universe, including deities. Many of a mystical orientation are also known for theurgical knowledge - wisdom and understanding of the universe. This includes occult lodges, mystic circles, wizard guilds, magi, and any association of power users.
These groups focuses upon the wilds. This would be groups of foresters, rangers, sand walkers, divers, and others who live and work in nature.
These groups focuses upon political power, the process of government, and the leading of people. Any number of secret societies, political factions, royal and noble houses, councils, and other groupings.
These groups upon the theurgical, knowledge and wisdom of the universe and deities. In short religions. This is suitable organized and semi-organized religions, priestly and monkly orders, heretical groups, and secret cabals within religions.
Theses groups lives for the functional, mechanical, and technical. These guilds, unions, alt groups, and groups of elites, are in it for the technology rather than the money (though the money may be nice as well).
These groups support those who make a living by traveling. Merchant Marines, Messenger groups, Ryder Wings, Racing Organizations, and Traveler's Aid Societies are all possible Traveler emphasis groups.
The Groups influence can only be felt in the immediate area around the group's location.
Country/ State        
The Groups influence can only be felt in the country/ state the group is in.
The Groups influence can only be felt in the immediate place the group is in.
The Groups influence can only be felt in the region, or group of states/ counties/ provinces.
Trans World        
The Groups influence can be felt over several related worlds.
World Wide        
The Groups influence can be felt in the known world or even the entire planet.