A lifeform is a generic description used for anything that is "alive" that characters could come across during a game. Most of these lifeforms are special in some way and need to be properly described.

This life-form/ species was created by a discrete concrete entity or group, like a wizard, mad scientist, divinely gifted on, or the congress of lifeforms or the Church of Soroth. It also includes entities that reconstructed material forms from the beyond or (directly) divinely created material things.
A spirit entity, this lifeform is made of astral stuff, focuses thought and emotion. This is suitable for ghosts, willo'wisps, and non-material energy beings that terrorize starships. It is also suitable for things made of magic or pure emotion.
An animal that occurs in the setting's nature or is now part of the natural order.
A plant that occurs in the setting's nature or is now part of the natural order.
Intelligent Species        
A lifeform that has the power of thought and is self directed, be if animal, vegetable, mineral, or spirit.
Third Kingdom        
This life-form does not fit the category of flora and fauna and is not a thing of spirit or magic. This is for intelligent crystals, elemental forms, rocks that sing, and other things made of odd things. If you are including a mechanical thing that emulates life, it would be in this category as well.
There is only one of this lifeform.
The Lifeform lives in any variety of environments.
City/ Ruin        
The Lifeform lives in an urban environment among people. Good examples of cities are New York, London, Constantinople, Rome, Painesville, and Cynosure. This category can also be used for Ruins, these are abandoned or partially destroyed buildings/ cities.
The Lifeform lives in an arid area with little to no water. This area could be rocky or sandy, hot or cold, low or high altitude, as long as it is dry. Examples are the Gobi Desert or the Sahara.
Forest/ Jungle        
The Lifeform lives among standing plants, like trees. Examples would be The California Redwood Forests, the Brazilian Rain Forests, or the Rhine Valley.
The Lifeform lives in a rocky higher altitude environment. The Himalayas, The Andes, The Rockies are all good examples of mountains. This category also includes foothills and other related terrains.
The Lifeform lives in an odd environment that does not fit into any of the other categories. Please look over the category again and make sure it does not fit in any of the existing categories. Make sure to CAREFULLY explain the environment in the description text.
The Lifeform lives on a broad flat space, which may or may not be rocky, grass covered, or have low shrubs. The African Serengeti, the American Great Plains, or the Mongolian Steppes, are all plains.
The Lifeform lives in a mixture of land and water, usually teeming with life of all kinds. This category covers river deltas, ocean estuaries, bogs, or any place where land, water, and plants intersect. The Mangrove Swamps, the Nile Delta, and the Louisiana Bayou, are all examples of Swamps.
Tundra/ Arctic        
The Lifeform lives in a terrain that is covered in ice, snow, or glacier, most of the years. This includes The Arctic, The Northern Canadian Territories, and the Siberian region of Eurasia.
The Lifeform lives in and around caves (spaces in rocks, usually underground) and in other underground spaces (in the soil, in the rock, or in underground rivers). Carlsbad caverns and Luray caves in the Us, and Lascaux cave in France are all examples of the Cave Underground environment.
The Lifeform lives in water, be it a stream, river, pond, lake, ocean, or some other body and form.