An item is a generic description used for the whatever objects the players could come across during a game. Items usually have special characteristics that make them stand out and make them worth uniquely describing.

Clothing of sorts worn to protect one from damage. This also includes shields as well as any armor set or piece of worn protection such as gauntlets.
Art and Music        
Musical Instruments and pieces of art: pictures, portraits, sculptures, and more.
Books and Scrolls        
Things that you read and write to. It also includes things you record to, like tapes, memory stones, and other media.
Things worn to protect or decorate a person. This includes, and is not limited to, boots, sandals, skirts, pants, tunics, shirts, cloaks, jackets, robes, hats, vests, kimos, girdles, and gloves.
Equipment Listing        
This is for lists of general equipment lists for various settings campaigns or a basic kits that members of groups/ societies/ archetype. Used only in conjunction with Setting, Locations, or Groups.
Home/ Personal        
This includes everything for a house (furniture and beds), making the house a home (cooking gear, towels, and personal items such as (razors, sleeping mats, makeup, combs/ brushes).
Things worn to decorate or signify rank. This includes and not limited to, rings, bracelets, earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces, pins, gems, cloak pins, horse rings (jewelry for mounts), hair ribbons, crowns, circlets, and toque.
Raw Materials to use for other things. This includes raw material and process materials, like fabric, that are turned into other things.
Melee Weapons        
Blunt weapons and Edged weapons will be put here, anything for close combat.
An odd thing that does not fit into any of the other categories. Please look over the category again and make sure it does not fit in any of the existing categories. Make sure to CAREFULLY explain the thing in the description text.
Potions, Pills, Salves, Lotions, and other similar notions.
Ranged Weapons        
will contain Missile Weapons and Firearms, and whatever energy weapons etc. you can think of
Items used to make or manipulate materials.
Things used to move people and things from one place to another. This includes the items like carriages, carts, anti-gravity rafts, flying carpets, boats, canoes; and accessories, saddles, stirrups, riding gloves, goggles, spurs, and such.
Wand/Staff/ Arcane        
Long and relatively thin items. They are traditional props for mystic traditions. If they are not used as a weapon (where they would be blunt), they are this category. Other items, used for magic, with no other practical category (such as jewelry, art, home or so on) can be lumped in this category.
Campaign Defining        
If this item exists in a setting, the campaign in this setting either revolves around the item or is impacted by this item. For a literary example, the One Ring to Rule Them All defines every "campaign" in Middle Earth.
The item is used only for combat, warfare, and personal conflicts. This is for the classic magic swords/ weapons.
The item is trapped with negative magics that adversely affect the owner. Often the item can not be removed by normal means.
The item is dedicated to the Forces of Good only. It is only useful in the hands of the heroic characters.
The item has magical or paranormal abilities and does not fit into any of the other categories.
The item has no specific magical or mystical powers. The item may have a reputation or legend associated with it.
The item is as intelligent (or more so) as the characters. It will have its own ideas and agendas.
The item is dedicated to the Forces of Evil only. It is only useful in the hands of the Evil characters.