Submissions that provide information and entertainment for gamers.

At Table        
Gaming done at the table- presentation, storytelling, and at table game elements.
Developing, Maintaining, and Ending a campaign.
Creating, Developing, Writing up, and Presenting a character.
Game and Gaming related fiction.
Humor/ Editorial        
Is it funny or just a piece related to gaming? It should be here.
Other Gaming        
Larping, PbEm, Play by post, and other types of RPGs
Information useful for gamers.
Rules and Advice        
And how to use them.
Creating, Developing, Writing up, and Presenting a Scenario
Setting Building        
Creating, developing, and maintaining, settings for campaigns to occur in.
Citadel Help        
Submissions that provide information about how Strolen's Citadel works and functions.
Game Mastering        
This piece is about the creating and running of campaign, troupe, and game session.
Gaming - Genre        
This piece is about gaming in a specific genre (horror, fantasy, romantic fiction, etc).
Gaming - In General        
This is a piece about gaming in all genres and systems. This piece can be useful for both players and GMs.
This piece is about playing and playing well.