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Apple Tree of Selilion
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (City/ Ruin)
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Apple Tree of Selilion
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (City/ Ruin)
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I've always liked this one... Go to Comment
Apple Tree of Selilion
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (City/ Ruin)
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With that comment, I'll have to push some things higher on the list :)

The Palace of the Ebony Fields is geographically close to this old, now defunct, empire. Hmm, a lot of my empires become old and defunct. Go to Comment
Dramatis Personea of Nyathis
NPCs  (Campaign)   (Combative)
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Theosians (See Theocracy of Theos for details of this unfriendly place)

First through Seventh Dukes of Theos

Ruan - Soldier, notable as the first victim of the Boots of the Asrok. Died of exposure in the Garon's Teeth Mountains

Tarak - Soldier, fully described in Tarak.

Murduk Sormil - Head Alchemist of the Theosian Mage Guild

Vasil Mordinik - High Mage of the Theosian Mage Guild Go to Comment
Dramatis Personea of Nyathis
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A race of yeti-like humanoids, decended from the Alun. Few of this race still exist, there being a few inclaves in the Garon's Teeth Mountains. See Asrok for more details

Kazuung the elder -Last priest of the Asrok, died after an assault on his village by the Theosians. Go to Comment
Dramatis Personea of Nyathis
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Hachnar - Alchemist specialing in black-market goods.
Herithi - See Herithi the Beggar for details.
Yatharith - Guildsmaster of the Beggars Union, deceased at hands (er, ropes) of Herithi. Go to Comment
Dramatis Personea of Nyathis
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Cardos the Just - 'Hanging' Judge who had Herithi blinded and made dumb. Go to Comment
Dramatis Personea of Nyathis
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Hutamah - Legendary first chief of the Hanaset
Sehetuma - Hunter, one-time guide to Admiral Saveth Go to Comment
Dramatis Personea of Nyathis
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Specific locale in Nyathis unknown/unassigned

Thanik - Street punk and Rabble Rouser Go to Comment
Dramatis Personea of Nyathis
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Kashar - Dwarvish master smith. Died producing the Six Blades of Kashar
Veladim - Dwarvish crossbowman, bodygaurd to Admiral Savath Detailed here.
Tharken - Heretical Dwarven priest The Hands of the Master Go to Comment
Dramatis Personea of Nyathis
NPCs  (Campaign)   (Combative)
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Admiral Savath - Retired Admiral, noted naturalist and world traveller.
Conduras - Mage, member of Admiral Savath's expedition Go to Comment
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Eons past, the Karu system was the home of an advanced civilization but little remains apart from a hideously radioactive former homeworld, and a new metal 'planet' further out.

The planet is the accumulated remains of the wreckage of two unimaginally large battlefleets. Through millions of years of bombardments, collisions and the impact of solar wind, the wreckage has collapsed onto itself forming a small, but very dense planet. During it's history sufficent amounts of transuranic metals collected at it's core and became a sustained nuclear reactor. The heat served to melt much of the metal that formed it, as well as creating a thick atmosphere. This atmosphere is rich in many chemicals and is dreadfully toxic.

The planet is 500km in diameter but has a gravitational force of about 1.3G. It has a thick atmosphere with usable amounts of oxygen, but has a pressure of 3 atmospheres at 'sea' level.
The remainder of the atmosphere is a devil's brew of hyrocarbons, radioactive gases, acids, and many other noxious chemicals.

Of course, this planet is considered a treasure trove of raw materials and even with its dangerous atmosphere, high radiation and powerful magnetic field, mining outposts exist. Go to Comment
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Full Item Description

The grand flagship of a first-rate navy, the Dreadnaught impresses all who gaze upon it.

The Dreadnaught appears as an oversized bronze-plated Trireme. It is remarkable in that the normal oar ports are completely absent, and it sits lower in the water then other Triremes.

warship powered by Dwarven Lightning Bottles


Unlike the ancient dwarves, King Varamon and his visionary court magician Salidahn have discovered a different means to use the power of the Bottles.

Having uncovered an ancient tomb that had been boobytrapped by several of the devices (the traps failed, as the dragon's blood had long since lost it's potency) the King now had a small supply of the Bottles.

These bottles were harnessed into providing the motive power for a new, sail-less warship that would make King Varamon's navy the greatest in the world! The hull was thickly plated with bronze to prevent damage and fire.

The expense of operating the ship has led it to rarely put to sea, generally only in times of war. Other times it goes to sea only when a fresh supply of Dragon's Blood becomes available.

The few times it has seen battle, the effects were devestating to the enemy. Faster then any human-rowed ship, and with greater endurance, it has taken a frightful toll of enemy ships. Casualties among the ship's marines are still high, even with the signficant defences, due to the ship being used as agressively as possible.

To provide the necessary Dragon's Blood to power his new warship the King has commissioned many adventures and groups of soldiers to capture any Dragons which may be found.

Magic/Cursed Properties

Standard Crew

30 Sailors
10 Metalsmiths & carpenters
10 Mystical support (Enchanted weapons & power systems)
70 Marines

Physical Dimensions

Length: 140 feet
Beam: 22 feet
Displacement: ~400 Tonnes empty
Teak Hull: 200 Tonnes
Bronze Armor: 85 Tonnes (.4 inch plate)
Dragon Bottles(4) + Propulsion System: 50 Tonnes
Remainder of tonnage made up from hull fittings, Galley (cooking), weapons & mantlets.


The Dreadnaught is capable of travelling 300 leagues on it's normal reserves of Dragon Blood. More blood can be carried, at the cost of additional cargo. Due to the weight of the proper stone storage vessels, and the dangerous nature of the substance, it is rarely overloaded.

The ship generally only carries sufficent provisions for 4 days supply and is not used more then a day's journey from land.

Weapon Systems

The Dreadnaught is built for anti-ship purposes and it's primary weapon system is a massive bronze ram built into the ships prow. It has 4 mounting points for medium-sized siege engines, with 1 Catapult and 3 Ballesta the normal deployment. Additional weapons can be mounted, but at the cost of deck space, reducing the number of archers which can be deployed.


In additional to many protective magics, including enhantments against fire, incorporeal creatures and teleportation, the ship has the following defences.

1. Bronze-cladded Teak hull, aproximately .4 inch thickness.
2. Folding mantlets which can be raised to provide additional cover to the ship's marines.
3. Illusions are used to create oars in motion to help conceal the ship's unique nature before closing to attack.

Plot Ideas

Several plot lines suggest themselves:

1. The PC's are hired by a rival nation to either discover the secrets of Varamon's Dreadnought or failing that, destroy it.

2. The PC's could easily sign on as Dragon Hunters to provide the blood.

3. The PC's could be hired on as crew of the ship, and engage in naval battle with the King's enemies or vengeful Dragons!

4. Several hundred years pass, after the Dreadnought is lost in a storm with all hands. Now, on a strange island, the PC's find an ancient bronze-hulled ship with no masts...

5. The PC's are sent to find more of the bottles, either to construct new ships, or to power some new weapons the King is planning to mount on the current one. Go to Comment
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Tithinian the master smith was the first to recieve the new steel, the product of the recently founded Hilsatiri mines. The gnomes were only too happy to provide the odd new iron to make the fine Elvish Steel. He began the complex ritual that accompanied the making of the best of the elvish war-blades. His hammering of the steel followed an ancient proscribed rythym, one which if followed to perfection would lend the blade the full power and grace of the elvish people.

For hours he worked, the hammering pattern musical and unbroken, until just near the end. His mind slipped, for a moment, but no slips were allowed. His next hammer-strike was off, and instead of the harmonic ring, a dischordnant tone assaulted his ears. The blade, once shimmering with magic and harmony, became dark and ugly.

Enraged with himself, he cursed the blade, forgetting for the moment who he was, and where. Still raging, he took the spoiled blade over to the crucible and threw it in to be reforged later. It would be days before he'd be ready to work on the next blade.

Before he could do so, a second smith arrived at the shop and used the discarded steel to fashion into a fine steel breastplate.

Later on, the proud elvish warrior wearing the bright steel breastplate was struck by the spell of an enemy sorcerer, and this magical attack triggered the metal to revert to it's previous form, transfixing the elf. Go to Comment
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Karviceral Version 2

Many in power never think through all the consequences of their actions. When the High Judges devised the Grinder, they thought they found a device horrific enough to discourage the most henious of crimes, never thinking of all it's effects...

Karv Masrharic was an unsual guard. Unlike most of his fellow guards, he did not find his duty onerous. Others drank heavily to drown out the screams.
He and the other guards were assigned to the Yunacoth, the Pit of Forlorn Hope (Literally, Pit of Dispair). This dungeon held many of the fiendish Kyeed 'Justice' devices, machines meant to render appropriate living hells to those guilty of the henious crimes. Treasoners, necromancers, murderers and rapists all met long, agonzing deaths here, or worse, ever pained and dreadful half lives.

Where Karv stood gaurd, he could hear the screams of those condemned to the Grinder, and could feel the low rumble causes by the rolling of the thousand-ton stone wheel. To him, or at least part, the screams were sweet music.

When the Grinder passed into disuse - a story that will be told, but not today, Karv found that he missed it. Go to Comment
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Only voted Go to Comment
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Other Demoted sub ideas:

Abadra - Magicite Age
A magic rich Arabian-flavoured empire at the height of it\'s powers

Keldasaar - Necromantic Nation

"I would delight in devouring your entrails. Your pass please?" Quote from Custom's Agent Yedred

A nation with extensive use of necromancy. Undead of all types are bound and used for many roles, and not just manual labour.

Some carry on the business of their lives.

This nation is currently being constantly harrassed by the Church of the Redeemer. Go to Comment
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Kredals Salvage and Sunderies

None in Malver's way would ever make the mistake of believing this buisness is in any way legit. Outwardly, it is supposed to be selling goods salvaged from fires and other disasters, but is clearly a fensce. To maintain the facade, however, Kredal employs a handful of bully-boys who do serve as Malver's megre fire service. These men rarely put out any fires, but will enter structures to retrieve whatever valuables can be saved. Of course, only a few make it back to the original owners. It is also not unusual for fires to occur whenever things get too slow at Kredals.

The shop also sells regular goods - both stolen and occasionally legitmately sourced. Kredal also provides loans, sending his bully-boys to collect. Kredal himself lives in a villa quite some distance from Malvar's place, but does like being a big fish in a little scummy pond.

Kredal himself appears as a middle aged merchant who has endulged in too many vices, but his enemies have found that there is steel in that lardy package. And whatever faults he may have, his memory is not one of them. Go to Comment
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30 Detailed rooms for a dungeon- ready to use!

Liquid Destiny

When one enters this room, what one first notices is the smell of blood. Nearby the door is a large barrel filled to the brim with some liquid.

The other of this 20' square room is somewhat lower - the slope is gradual, but noticable.

The far wall features a stone door, but what really captures you attention is what appears to be a large summoning circle a few feet in front of the door. A vauge shadowy demonic figure can be seen standing in the middle, apprently watching your entry.

If any significant material crosses the lines of the summoning circle, the demon within will be released to lay an unholy whopping on any nearby.

The door is signficantly fortified by magic, and sports a false front which will fall inwards if physical attempts to open it fail. This of course will cross the circle and free the demon unless it is caught or otherwise prevented.

At the bottem of the barrel is the key to the door, but it must be removed without spilling much of its contents. Any significant amount of liquid will roll along the floor in nearly undetectable grooves to intersect with the summoning circle, and again, release the demon.

Reaching into the barrel will displace significant liquid.

The PCs could somehow evaporate the liquid, decant into other containers or even dam up the flood. Other solutions might suggest themselves as well, but only if the PCs understand what might happen should they spill the liquid.

Other props/bric-brac could be added to the room, but the barrel, door, circle and summoning circle are the real items of note. Go to Comment
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In addition to the demons themselves,am suggesting the following distinctions with regards to possession:

4 Degrees of Possession:

1st Degree - Mindshadow

Demon in question only appears as an evil thought in the subject's mind. Only those on the edge are likely to be affected. Simple interventions can clear this, if the subject is aware of it.

2nd Degree - Power Struggle

Demon in question is a major force in the target's mind. Although the subject still has control, this is fragile.
It may take some effort, but moderate rituals can clear this.

3rd Degree - Possessed

Classical possession - Demon is in full control of the victim. Usually requires full exrocism to clear.

4th Degree - Consumed

The victims physical form is used to build a physical body for the subject demon. This transformation is usually very horrifying depending on the nature of the demon. It may appear as a simple morphing, like lycanthropes, or more spectacular, including the demon form bursting out of the victims body.

Please note that the names of the demons are inspired by latin, but are just
mock-latin, like mock swedish "Bork Bork!".

Arachnii Infernelum

The Archnii are another of the Fear Eaters which assume a bizarre spider-like form. They appear as a spider with a ridiculous number of many segmented legs -looking more like a giant sea-urchin. Each leg ends in a jagged, clawlike tip it uses in combat. Exaggerated venomous fangs extend from its spherical form. Wherever it goes, hundreds of small, poisonous spiders appear out of the woodwork, only to evaporate soon after it leaves. The area where it passes becomes shrouded by webs which persist after it is gone. These webs are very sticky and any bare skin touching it will acquire a painful rash.

Interestingly enough, these demons are consumate mathematicians and if properly contacted can serve as an expert in this field. They have special insight into the the relationship of the various planes of existance and other dimensions.

They are capable of all forms of possession. 4th degree involves bursting forth as a mass of spider legs with the victim being reduced to tattered shreds.

This demon is motivated primarily by hunger but will also capture victims to serve as hosts to spawn additional Arach.

b>4. The Rumble

This demon appears as a great, square-built, yellow-skinned humanoid figure. Poking out of the yellow skin out of bloody wounds are dozens of black, jagged rocks.

The gaze of the demon will cause stone, brick and glass to burst in a spray of shards where desired, including the shards imbedded in it's own flesh. It will be bloodied by such an attack, but its power remains undiminished.

This demon does not possess victims - it appears only if summoned and has little desire apart from causing destruction.

5. Plagueling

This demon appears as a human-sized rat with 4 naked human arms and 2 naked human legs. Huge, red-colored eyes look out of black, greasy fur. It always moves in a half-crouch. Contact of any form almost invariably inflicts a lethal, contiguous disease on the victem that requires magic to cure. Any rat in the immediate area also becomes a carrier. This demon does not possess victims.

A highly intelligent race derived from all things, sea slugs.

-Can integrate their nervous system with larger 'host' creatures.

-Create pressure shells to allow them to live in more shallow water.

-Communicate electrically via touch or short range.
-Communicate longer range with ultrasonics, though this is slow.

Can master many chemcical processes - they have the means to work metal underwater through special enzymes and acids Go to Comment
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