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Veng the Manipulator
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Barbarian Horde's comment on 2007-12-19 04:00 PM
And seriously, drop the D&D. It makes your post sound puerile and idiotic when you talk about how he captures 11th level mages and all that. Just say that he captures powerful wizards to do his bidding. You don't need to throw D&D in there, especially if your only going to use D&D terms and not actually base this submission off the system.

Also, how about some originality? I can't find one thing here that isn't straight out of D&D. Try putting some original species in place of the githyanki and lamias. Those two races are only slightly better then the drow. Go to Comment
Veng the Manipulator
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CaptainPenguin's comment on 2004-12-21 08:55 PM
How very D&D.

1. The background seems sparse, and, suffice to say, boring. He just grew up normal (for a Lamia). We have no idea how he got all these powers, including his special Wisdom Drain. We have no idea at all who his parents were, or how he started his empire. He's your basic evil genius- very black and white. He hates everything. No personality at all.

2. Could you provide us examples of what a Lamia and a Githyanki are? Lamias are mythical creatures- there are varying definitions about those. And people who haven't played D&D will have trouble defining exactly what a Githyanki is.

Auxiliary Issue (No points deducted): This isn't specifically a criticism, but I sometimes have difficulty really getting a feel for what the character(s) can actually do. You provide D&D names for their powers, but I'm not familiar with these terms and find myself a bit confused.

This is a tough one. I want to vote 2.5, because it isn't bad, but I can't, so I just voted 3.

3/5. Go to Comment
Veng the Manipulator
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MoonHunter's comment on 2004-12-22 11:22 AM
Good points: A nice well written post. Good communication and description.

Bad Points:
There is nothing to stop him from taking over the world. He is unfindable, unreachable, and suitable to be a supervillian (fighting colorful cape clad heroes) given his power level.

Also, he is just Evil for Evil's sake. (Though there is some attempt to explain that he came from an EVIL society). This comes across as boring.

What are his real goals? He wants a secret empire to what purpose?

At this point, the PCs can do nothing but try to deflect his plots. Of course, they can't stay on their guard 24 hours a day... because you never know who is going to become a mind controlled assassin... including themselves. Go to Comment
Veng the Manipulator
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Maggot's comment on 2004-12-26 05:52 AM
How does a Lamia Noble look like?Just curious. Go to Comment
Veng the Manipulator
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Maggot's comment on 2004-12-26 09:41 AM
Evil for evils sake?Boy,their race must be really messed up.Evn orcs aren't evil for evil's sake. Go to Comment
Veng the Manipulator
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EchoMirage's comment on 2004-12-22 11:56 AM
A munchkin's dream - a psionic warrior mage serpent githyanki whatever... ack. And I though learning to pronounce stuff like 'phosphoenolpyruvatecarboxykinase' was tough.

All he's missing now is ... style. A reason to exist. A motivation. Playability. Background. Background. Background.

What he does not need is a +5 Vorpal Sword of Ultimate Killing and Shooting Lightning out of Several Orifices. He does not need to be immune to all energy attacks and everything. He does not need to make me *yawn*...
Where was I? Yes, we all can make up a super powerful bad guy who keeps Cthulu as a lap dog and eats candized archangels for breakfast.
With a fraction of the power and some spark of imagination, he might be a nice character? This way? At leastyou will draw a lot of replies, like many of the less-than-perfect posts do. Go to Comment
Veng the Manipulator
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EchoMirage's comment on 2004-12-26 08:34 AM
Well - some sorces make it look like a lion centraur, while others depict it as a serpent with a human head... though this overlaps with the DnD Yuan-Ti... confusing, right?
And yes, add a halo of evil, because all Lamia are evil for evil's sake.
Evil! Go to Comment
Veng the Manipulator
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EchoMirage's comment on 2005-01-19 02:36 AM
*sad grin* No. Veng is only interesting as the answer to the question: "How far can I stretch the rules?"
He does NOThave any personality, and would make a poor appearance in a novel. Now, I could think up a character in GURPS who was able to make 132 melee attacks per round, or to cause armor-ignoring damage without fear of retaliation, and that over large areas... for a meager 150 points, mind you! We're not showing off here who can make the most uber bad guy, we try to provide interesting personalities to incorporate into our games. Go to Comment
Veng the Manipulator
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Cheka Man's comment on 2004-12-22 05:12 PM
Veng the Manipulator
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Magnum Opus's comment on 2004-12-26 11:24 PM
We can all sing this one:

"Anything you can Uber, I can Uber better,
I can Uber anything better than you!
No you can't!
Yes I can!"

D&D Lamia are like part stinky horse and part human I believe. Wondering why such a powerful and evil creature would want to be a snake so much? No vanity for the uber-evildoer I guess. So, what is this evil ones special weakness? Why doesn't he control the world yet? Who could stop him? I could make that up but then I would just be Uber-ing his nemisis. Something holds this guy in check. Let us know what that is and it will be much more interesting. As far as D&D psionics go, why doesn't he just Schism and use his Dual Ray feat and hit opponents with Disintegrate 3 times per round? That would be Uber! (Oh! maybe I just hit on his Nemisis special ability!) Go to Comment
Veng the Manipulator
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markind's comment on 2005-01-18 11:48 PM
Hi guys, thanks for the feedback.

Veng could not be possible with any recent rules sets. He is the result of I think the first spin of AD&D, just before Spelljammer came out.

My buddies and I, back in 1990, had a campaign going and we liked uber characters. We had a varient system of our own design hammered out for psionic points and mana points. Mechanically, it worked great, and we could do uber-things within the realms of the books we liked, i.e. Manual of the Planes, Deities and Demigods.

Veng was held in check mostly by TIME. It took uber-hours of questing to obtain those items - the building blocks needed to build a secret, mentally adjusted empire. It was all just getting going when, basically, our group disbanded and characters retired. That was 1992.

I haven't had an purely RPG session since - I went to PC games, and recently pretty much got suddenly bored with all of them! Whoa... And for the last year I have picked up Warhammer and am heavy into it.

Veng had no interest in taking over the world! He realized, in his world at least, that there were many deities being served by many factions everywhere. It seemed that deities had 'pet' countries or cities, and might intervene, or at least send an uber-champion, to deal with interference.

No. No nononononoooooo. Veng saw the True Path for him was to slither, un-noticed, into a position of total security. He loved his kind, in his own evil way, and took mates among them, and was content to satisfy their whims. He did not want to risk the comfort and safety of his enclave. They had it all now, thanks to him. Their main occupation was to make sport of the victims Veng would bring in through the mirror, and to make more Lamia Nobles. (Monster Manual, old one. They are dark elf on top, big snake below the waist. They have the natural ability to appear human at will. They have a no-save wisdom drain ability on touch.) If any of his enclave got out-of-line, he would shape-change, sneak into their dreams, and make some adjustments to their memories. He truly loved them and cared for them - ask any one them - they would say he was the greatest thing since sliced human!

So the True Path for Veng was in a different direction. He needed to research, research, research. That takes time, and he figured with all his alchemy extensions, he only had about another 60 years tops. His goal is secure a way to become immortal. There is some way for him to shed his corporeal shell and ascend into some kind of psionic demigod. And he will find it, and have fun along the way. Ultimately, he fancies himself as the God of Manipulation. Gods forbid!

Veng's most challenging adventures involve him and Spaz hunting down 11th level mages to be taken and wisdom drained and enslaved to work in his alchemy labs. For some reasons (I forget the exact details), 11th level was vital because the mages had no instant get-aways (usually) and they had access to a spell that could obtain information - a key and arcane spell that could give clues to obtain more artifacts and more clues to his ascention.

I can't recommend anyone try to incorporate Veng into a game but he sure makes for some interesting conversation! :)

For example, how do you REALLY know that Veng has not ALREADY taken over the world?!?!?! Muhuhahahahahaaaaa

~mArK Go to Comment
Veng the Manipulator
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valadaar's comment on 2017-01-31 11:28 AM
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