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The One Night Game
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manfred's comment on 2008-09-12 04:57 PM
Yeah, yeah, that's what they are saying now... Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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manfred's comment on 2008-05-04 04:00 PM
Note: I have linked here a plot that is quite 'out there', and would really suit a game of this type. Perhaps there are more. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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manfred's comment on 2008-05-05 04:54 PM
Just bizarre enough to think about trying it someday. Nice one! :) Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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manfred's comment on 2008-04-02 06:29 PM
Enterprise: The Night Shift

Many were the adventures of the brave crew of Enterprise, the captain and his trusted lieutenants. But what was happening, while they were asleep? The universe never lacks in surprises, after all. Unfortunately, the Starfleet trusts not all of its personnel equally. It would appear, that boredom is your fate.

There is only one rule in the game: The captain must never know.

All other rules ("Everything must look normal in the morning", "Most of the crew must survive") are derivative of this one. The mood can range from lighthearted to dark ironic to downright silly.

Plot options:
- general technical difficulties
- attack by evil aliens
- attack by evil nymphomaniac aliens
- sudden unexplained transport thousands of lightyears away
- ghosts of the red shirts start to rise
- sleepwalking crew
- your private deal with the Ferengi goes south
- strange energy beings that piss you off
- the Borg of a damaged cube have adopted a Christmas cycle for a change
- Q drops by and finds nobody of consequence to chat with... better keep him entertained Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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manfred's comment on 2008-04-04 05:14 PM
The Dream Guard (for longer games, it could really use a better name)

The setting can be one of:
- a colonization ship flying to the stars, with most of the crew hibernating
- a Full Reality(tm) entertainment environment/replacement holiday resort
- a virtual prison
- a research facility researching some of the above things

In any case, the PCs are the guarding/observing personnel attending to the sleepers. They have certain privileges (powers if you will), but cannot truly act against their charges, unless specifically allowed by their superiors. There can be some dual online-offline adventuring.

Plot hooks:
- somebody's breaking the rules - whether it's special abilities, illegal implants, or sheer force of will (insanity?), someone hacked the system. The perp can be anything from a harmless voyeur, to a violent criminal... or killer.
- that shouldn't happen - so many minds connected together have some rather unforeseen effects, and laws of nature turn out to have more rules than suspected.
- this isn't ours - somebody was attracted from outside, and wants to find out about this alternate reality. Could be just a hacker. Could be something else. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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manfred's comment on 2008-04-16 05:13 PM
"This has given me an idea."

With that I am already content. :)

Plus you have made another step to make it a bigger list. And that's how it works: don't wish for bigger lists, people - make them so. Thank you. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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manfred's comment on 2009-06-13 05:13 PM
Emperor's Guard

The Emperor (king, khan, whatever) has died and as a precaution for the afterlife created statues in the image of his personal guard and important servants, to serve him in his afterlife (think the famous Terracotta Figures).

The PC's awaken as ghosts. They are in the burial chamber of their Emperor, where some graverobbers have just clumsily destroyed their statues. It is their mission, with very limited powers, to avenge this insult on their employer and make sure nothing is stolen (killing all robbers is preferred). Talk about a relaxing afterlife.

Extending the scenario:
- the original PCs were the authors of (a part of) the grave, they have designed some of the defenses. Stings quite a bit, if the thieves got through them.
- the statues in their image were supposed to be honorary - looks like the bastard has turned them into servants in his afterlife! Now they are bound to do their duty (or it is their only way out of bondage), but a little revenge wouldn't be out of question.
- maybe they can possess the thieves and get a new life instead...
- and maybe this is some complicated ploy by that tricky Emperor to get back into life. Could make more than one adventure. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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MudSlinger's comment on 2008-04-18 01:58 AM
D&D- The Musical!

This works best with a group of mid level PCs (5-7th). Make sure that the majority of the group has a good sense of humor

Ok here is the set up. The PCs have just ventured into a large city and have noticed something odd. Everyone is stangely silent, and even more odd everyone they meet is going out of thier way to not make any noise at all. Then it happens: a nail is dropped and the entire city breaks into one show tune style song. At this point have the PCs roll a Fort save (55) Upon thier failure, every time one of them speaks, it must be in song!

In order to break this curse, the PCs must venture to the Shadow Swamp and persuade the night hag/12th sor. to lift her spell. Along the way, the group will meet up with others who are under this vile curse. (an orchish raiding party coming out to Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies hit the Floor" is a frighting thing indeed)

The reason for this curse? It seems that Markos the Dashing, a famous bard traveled through the city months ago and offended the local ruler. In return for this offense, Markos was humilated and ran out of town. Markos then ventured into the swamp and cut a deal with the night hag.

I have ran this adventure twice and both times have had hysterical results. Is there anybody out there that could help me add to it? Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-12 04:39 PM
Umm. In the series, these very people you are talking about (who were under N.I.D. techically), who were operating under Maybourne, were all caught (by a sting set up by Jack O'neil), tried, and when possible the materials they took returned. This was all done to foster good will among any Aliens who might take offense and drop a NAQUADAH bomb on us from high orbit.

Goa'uld are excluded from that. You can take anything you want from them as the TAU'RI and GOA'ULD are at war. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-04-18 02:02 AM
Some of the mechanics from Roll Playing Fixes

Some of these could help you. You should make them mostly bonuses, rather than penalties in this case. The only punative ones should be for people not "following the spirit" of the game and those who have talent, but choose not to use it. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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MoonHunter's comment on 2009-06-13 07:07 PM
The Maze

The Maze is what the natives call it. It is an endless stretch of streets, walls, houses and businesses, a realm of nothing but city. Some Maze areas are post modern/ modern/ or futuristic. Some have the feel of 16th century London, 13th Century Byzantium, or 1st Centry Rome. Most are a bronze age buildings of adobe (mud and plaster) and stone.

There is little here but city. A few roofs are gardens, but soil is rare. There is often meat on a stick (mostly rats and pigeons). The water cisterns are important. Resources are tight, so local "lords" keep track of things in their neighborhood.

There is a government here, where empty robes float about leading monsters (for muscle) enforce the rules. The main rule, no weapon greater than a knife. If you manage to create one, you have a short period of time to get out of the area before the Magistrate and his monsters will show up. You can appeal to Magistrate for "fairness" in a broken business deal or some such. Those who are caught by the Magistrates fight in The Pitt (Gladatorial Arena) to show their innocense. (Betting at the Pitt is a common exchange of money).

People here came from "else where". Something happened (or nothing, they just woke up here) and they found themselves here. (in fact people will sometimes fade away. Sometimes they will reappear, most times they will not.

This is great for creating one shot characters from the game system of choice. If a player is not there, and you don't want to run the main campaign, everyone pulls out something to run in The Maze.

My Playtest Campaign had two sets in The Maze. The first set is everyone except one person (who frequently could not show up due to work). It has a Jedi, A 22nd C Paramedic, and A telepathic teen from my closed horror campaign), and one guy who could not figure out what he wanted to play. The other crew was two people our constantly missing person (Playing a Samurai) and our one guy who played a wookie. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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MoonHunter's comment on 2009-06-13 07:23 PM
Video Game Night
Originally posted in Gamer Group Traditions

This really isn't a whole night, but just an hour or so. On nights we know someone will show up, but will be late, we run a "Video Game Night".

You get three tokens, one per spawning. No continuity, no nothing. Your characters are just characters in a video game.

I set up the setting. Usually it is a sand filled arena, but I try to spice it up. The last one we did was a room full of 30 foot stone pillars.

You then "spawn". You can fight each other. You can fight ninja minion or giant robots or those guards. They could be moving archery targets far down the map. What ever people are in the mood for.

So we practice combat rules, try new tactics, go through the obstacle course (to get familiar with the various rules and to get a feel for what their characters chances at certain actions are).

We also get to resolve the "My character is tougher than your character debates" and "If I wasn't hampered by this code vs killing, I would kick butt" comments.

Bragging rights about having the highest score or surviving longer when someone else, when they uses up their third token.

(We occassionally give out more tokens to the group. It depends on how late the player is going to be).
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The One Night Game
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MoonHunter's comment on 2009-06-13 07:24 PM
I did two in a row, because I realized Video Game Night needs to be here too. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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Cheka Man's comment on 2009-06-14 11:01 AM
A great idea. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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Michael Jotne Slayer's comment on 2011-02-07 06:53 AM

Nice collection, I love running one night sessions. Everything from "you have been camping and while you were gone the zombie apocalypse happened" to "you are wermacht soldiers alone in a gunner nest, the front just moved past you, make it back". I often use simplified home-brew rules or CoC rules for these short games. One night sessions can also be a lot of fun since they normally are much more dangerous, I boost the chances of dying a lot. 

I loved the emperor scenario.

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The One Night Game
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Mourngrymn's comment on 2008-04-16 09:10 AM
I hate being the very first to vote as sometimes the first vote affects others who read and comment. Good or bad it is inevitable.

I like this idea. I really do. While not being super/ uber fresh idea it is non-the-less an easyone to pick up on and enjoy. Having been a victim of leaving my game material at home when I go and run a game I can see where this is a great tool to have, not only in your mind, bookmarked, or printed out and have handy when needed.

I just wish there were more ideas up for me to read through to help with my vote. Should this catch on, which in the days I was a frequent member of here it would, I wil definately revist and rethink my vote. In the meantime grats manfred. This has given me an idea. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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Mourngrymn's comment on 2008-04-16 09:26 AM
School's Out

I have used this idea, but for the start of a campaign not as a single nights game. However it can definately be adapted into a one shot scenario.

The setting:
- It can be one of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, or even Supers. Really any setting can warm up to this.
- The group/ party are students in an academy, school, guild, etc. This learning center surrounds their daily lives for multiple reasons. Possibly their society is run mainly by guilds, military learning, etc. They are placed in small groups to learn how to handle outside stress, how to work together in an abnormal environment, etc.
- The party is given a task that they must complete, given a certain time limit which should encompass the entire night. Failure to do so results in being expelled,etc from the respective association.
- They are outside of their element, nowhere near their local town/ community or usually environment. Best way to handle this is magical transport, technological transport, etc. They should know little of the 'how or why' and just need to know the what, who, where, and when to get the task completed.

Plot Hooks
- The group is sent to a small village, town, outpost to search for missing people. (Children or elderly are usually the best to get emotion.) They must track them down, find them and determine the reasoning behind their capture. In the process capturing the assailants. Possible reason, kidnapping people who know a secret.

- Similar to the previous hook, The group is sent to a small village, town, outpost to search for missing people. Except instead of children a noticable number of adult men are missing. Same as above, find them, the reason why. Possible reason, an outside source needs them for some task. Labor, ritual, or a creature needing food source.

- Escort. The group is sent to escort a highly popular (unpopular) person, a member of nobility, etc. Unknown to them the person they are escorting is a fake and the real escort is ambushed a few days ahead of their caravan. They can choose to abandon their task, as it was a false task to begin with, or follow the true person who was kidnapped. Hopefully retrieving said person. Possible reason, the true person being escorted left a day in advance to throw off possible kidnappers but a traitor tipped off kidnappers to the ruse. Reasons for kidnap, random, vandetta, or the person taken had an item of some importance. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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Drackler's comment on 2008-06-10 01:26 PM
Have you ever read the Enchanted Forest series of books? True they were written for kids, but they put an interesting new aspect on the old fairytales. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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valadaar's comment on 2008-04-24 03:32 PM
Heh, the additions since it was first released has helped it!

An excellent idea deserving of more submissions.... Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-04 02:49 PM
Definitely a fun idea, sometimes one shots can make for a refreshing experience or just to past the time Go to Comment
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