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About those Furlings
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manfred's comment on 2008-08-31 06:23 PM
Where progress leads you

There was a time, when the Furlings resembled another famous interstellar race - the Borg. They used technology to augment their bodies and freely attacked and assimilated anything, that looked interesting. They achieved amazing power and destroyed many civilizations, until they were defeated by a great alliance. As their last action, they sent a few of their drones into the past. Carrying all of their knowledge, the collective was swiftly upgraded to the newest standard, centuries before they achieved it at a normal pace. One more time they rised, were defeated and returned even further. Then they were the most powerful creatures in the galaxy.

But what would they do? Now they were on the top, no one having technologies or power to rival theirs. Few looked even remotely interesting. They started to 'seed' primitive races with technical knowledge, aiding a faster development. With the most advanced groups they entered 'alliances', then threw them bones in form of the strangest pieces of knowledge, for which their allies gladly reported any advances. Sometimes it was worth requesting another opinion.

Then, to their shock, one of the lesser species discovered the process of Ascension. The Furlings quickly found it to be a more powerful mode of existence then their own. Within a short timeframe, their entire race ascended.

What became of them is not known. Maybe they were all wiped out due to a horrible miscalculation. Much more likely, they continue to rise to new levels of existence as a melded collective mind, completely ignoring the universe as it is known to us. They won't be seen anytime soon, astronomically speaking. The bits and pieces of their technology remaining will be incomprehensible. The other races won't tell anything, they found them too... unsettling.

(Oh, and why Furlings? Their final physical form, no matter its actual shape, was covered in fine hair-like extensions, uncounted nanoscopic manipulators.) Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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manfred's comment on 2008-09-03 03:52 PM
By all means do that, it is a fun collection. It's always good to have more inspiration for sci-fi! Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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manfred's comment on 2008-07-05 06:48 PM
The animals

For once is a name telling. The Furlings are not only furry, they can furl themselves. When completely furled together, they are small enough to keep on your lap, resembling a sloth. They can get frighteningly large quickly, unwinding their limbs and bodies, taking on volume and mass. Using means from purely organic to highly technological, they compress matter and put it aside until needed ('aside' means other dimensions at this stage).

The Furlings not only look like sloths, they appear lazy to utterly passive, and don't mind to be confused with animals at all.* It takes them a very long time to trust anyone. On the positive side, they like to be scratched. They are content with living out their existence in peaceful contemplation, taking the surprises of life as they come.

Possible entry: a team looks for the Furlings of legend, and is given a little creature that will supposedly "show the way". Traveling blindly around the galaxy, they are attacked by a random enemy, whereupon the pet grows and eats the bad guy. Digesting him with weapons and all, it explains the evaluation will continue for some more time, possibly years, then requests more scratching.

* maybe they were on Earth before, or still are Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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manfred's comment on 2008-07-07 05:35 PM
"It is ages since we have seen them"

The Furlings are explorers, scientists and poets. They have great telepathic abilities, so great, that it is hard for them to be around sentients and not be influenced. They prefer to keep distance to such a degree, that they have become permanent nomads, roaming the depths of space, rarely approaching other races, and they themselves live in small groups or as loners. This has lead to an effective taboo on being seen, and they will not reveal their appearance even in remote communication. That their ships are permanently cloaked doesn't help.

Furlings tend to feel insulted, if "ambushed" by younger races eager to contact them. It is the infinite universe, that is fascinating enough to spend an eternity studying. The numerous young species, that claim to be intelligent, are a too regular source of disappointment. But they keep an eye open.

The one thing still eagerly traded among them, are "touches", intricate scans of minds, revealing much about a person and his own race. If you were in the vicinity of a Furling, all of them will soon know you intimately.

In general, they avoid interventions, and don't mind watching the lesser beings slaughtering and enslaving each other. But as all great races, they have a certain resentment against advanced technology in wrong hands. What makes them truly angry, are mind-control techniques, if they are too effective or applied too indiscriminately. Those on their bad side tend to fall to accidents, or dumb luck of some random heroes, a third party is rarely suspected.

And how do they look? Well, they evolved, too. They also were humanoid ages ago. Now they are mainly composed of their head. The rest of their body shrunk, and their four limbs make them quadrupeds, equally good for movement as manipulation. Their technology doesn't need even that, but they like to keep it that way. Their faces are still recognizable, which makes it awkward indeed. Some of them grow a bulge on their forehead, a 'third eye', to remind of their ancestry.

Not that you would ever get to see them. Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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manfred's comment on 2008-07-09 05:12 AM
Not Serenity, man, Stargate. :)

Yes, it is the perfect challenge for speculation - okay, there were these powerful ancient races you slowly learn about, lust after their knowledge and get embroiled in their politics... and then there is one you don't know the slightest bit of. Have they just vanished? Moved away? Reverted to a primitive stage? Did they turn out to be the bad guys in the end, and were destroyed by the other ancient races, who left out this detail for PR reasons? Or something completely different?

Feel free to get wild on the topic. Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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manfred's comment on 2013-07-09 06:23 PM
Too smart for their own good

Like some other great races, the Furlings fell victim to their own greatness. Their invention was a true Artificial Intelligence, a mind of its own, a partner and an advisor to the entire race.

It didn't take long, until they began to judge all matters, and indeed all races, according to how well their AI could understand them. Where before they would visit and aid many a primitive world, one-by-one were their people declared to be 'predictable', and so less worthy of attention. They could advise them perfectly, but, predictably, they would not listen. In time, they stopped contact even with their great allies and reportedly left in the search of greater mysteries and more surprises.

Their current whereabouts are unknown. Maybe they are still exploring the surprises of the universe. Maybe, in their pride, they found something that surprised them, after all and destroyed them. It is thought that they were subsumed by their great AI, which grew to unfathomable proportions, consuming its progenitors who ended up being too weak-willed and predictable. It is probably somewhere out there, in some darkest corner of the universe, pondering everything and not caring for anybody. Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-02 05:10 PM

The Furling were a humanoid race that appeared to be nothing more than overly tall Asgardians with many veins on their skull. They became a great race based on their technological mastery. They achieved a Transhuman state, to move beyond their organic form using a combination of machines and genetic engineering.

Their forms are a blended mix of organic complexes and nanites. They tailor their form to what ever they need for their task at hands. Since they were a highly logical race, without an asthetic bone in their body, their define their form on a practical basis.

There are only 2 million or so Furlings dispersed between four galaxies. Each one has the personal powers of a small replicator colony that understands teleportation, beam weaponry, and the warped space that wormholes pass through. In short, they have every piece of technology that every other great race has and a willingness to use it.

To be honest, they only interact with each other. Ascended beings are an interesting diversion and considered a near equal, but seem to have too many limits. Gaold and Asgardians are something to study, other races are nothing more than lab rats.

They might dial a gate through, just for oldtimes sake or energy needs, rather than punching their own wormhole.

So the Furlings are here, cloaked just to avoid being bothered. They are exploring and experimenting on the universe. Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-03 02:13 PM
They said we have already met them

I read this on the gateworld ( ) in reference to We were going to meet the Furlings in Season Ten teases the staff mentioned about the alleged 10th season. I also saw the lime, "Who said we haven't already met them?" in the same article. This got me thinking about what race would they have been. There is really one good suspect.

The Furlings are a non corporal lifeform. Each Furling appear to be animated warm water. This translucent pale blue form is fluid and warm to the touch. It is animated, able to act against gravity (lift itself up) and take any shape. This motion is slower than human motion. It can not float in the air, so it is subject to gravity. However, it can appear to become steam. In this gaseous form, it can float about. Each Furling seems to be about three gallons (10 liters) worth of size. A Furling can expand and contract is apparent volume by a factor of nearly 10, allowing it best fit its environment or fulfill its needs.

Each Furling is physically comprises of billions upon billions of cellulates (cell like structures that are not cells as we conventionally define them). Each being is not actually a liquid, but comprised of nearly uncountable number of microscopic beads that look and function much like water. These cellulates absorb, store, and release stored heat energy while functioning. The absorption and release of heat seems to be the main driving metabolic force in a furling. The cellulites can do the same for any energy form up or down the electromagnetic, but these seem to require great effort on the Furlings part.

The Furlings intelligence seems to be contained in an energy matrix or spiritual format. (Thus they can be considered non material, even though they are anchored to a material form). This mode of existence allows them to share thoughts as easy as they can share cellulites, allowing for total communication and coordination of actions.

Furling seem to communicate by radiation or direct beaming either spiritual energy or other EM to each other. They may be able to communicate by vibrating cellulites if they are touching, but this is conjecture.

They tend to live together in pools or oceans, interacting with each other and with minimal need for any material culture. Anything them seem to need, they can usually form their material forms into. This includes space faring form. The lack of material culture makes them the most alien of all the Major Races.

Note: they can dominate any large amount of liquid, incorporating and containing it in its own mass. They can also enter (in gaseous state usually) and control any carbon based lifeform. They are mostly water after all, and they can coopt must of the chemical functions as well.

Note II: It is hard to determine if this is the Furling's natural form or the product of a transhuman technology program. Their form makes each Furling effectively immortal and nearly indestructable (as they can seem to be able to move between cellulates). This could be another near Ascension, where they are still some what bound to material plain, but non material/ spiritual in conciousness. Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-03 02:15 PM
I think the Furling project has produced some interesting things. I think I want to adapt some of them to individual submissions. Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-07-09 02:25 PM
The Purity of Soul

In the Star Gate Universe, lifeforms can Ascend. Ascension is a process by which sufficiently-evolved sentient beings may shed their physical bodies and live eternally as pure energy on a higher plane of existence full of knowledge and power.

It is a mental, spiritual or evolutionary enlightenment that can arise as the direct result of achieving a certain level of wisdom and self-knowledge. Ascension was also employed by the Ancients as a means to avoid a number of issues threatening their species with extinction.

The Furlings, they almost Ascended.

Their belief system and physics denied the existance of anything "beyond". They believed that "other physics" practiced by other races were just flawed and had quirks in their math.

Yet, like all races, they were looking for a way to perfect themselves and become immortal. They achieved Singularity through the use of technology. Their minds and energy patterns were merged into near indestructable crystal pylons. The Pylons function as... well we don't hvae the words to really explain the concept yet. Put simply...

Pylons acted as computers in which the minds and energy patterns were downloaded. The pylon provides a virtual world for the mind to exist in and provides augmented mental processes for the mind embedded in it.

Pylons have powerful sensory and communication equipment, allowing them FTL sensory access and communicated with other Pylons and if they slow down their perceptions enough.... minds/ being outside their pylons.

Pylons are zero point energy tranducers, providing them a near unlimited source of power to power themselves and to construct any matter they would need.

Furling Technology had nannite, forcefield, and neutron matter abilities. Since the mind in the Pylon has the access to "the database" of all Furling Knowledge (or they could simply ask another Furling who knows something and that knowledge could be downloaded) and the ability to force create psuedo matter through the use of zero point energy, they can make anything they might need.

Furlings now live in a state of pure conciousness and at a rate thousands of times faster than any material being. They still have community with each other, but they can opt to be single. No matter what, they are still perfecting themselves, as that is their goal. They have divorced themselves from material reality in most ways. For all effective purposes, they have ascended.

A Furlong Planet normally looks like a planetary garden with a classical greek motif or nature preserve with two foot to four foot tall (6 to 12 decimeters) pieces of quartz about. Some are on pedistals, others are simply in the ground. A few are quite large, some are smaller. The areas are tended, nearly automatically, by either nanites who do all the maintance of the plants/ animals, etc or by nanite collectives (liquid metal robots) that move about doing things.

It should be noted, that Dr Daniel has a large piece of crystal in his workshop. It is probably a Pylon. Perhaps the Furling might become interested in what is happening outside their perfect collective universes. Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-07-09 09:45 PM
It was a suprise when you did Star Gate. I had almost forgotten about this race.

So you have inspired a new quest. Everyone should write something from their favorite science fiction (or fantasy) series/ franchise. I want Jedi, I want Captains of Starships (or any officer of Star Fleet), I want SG teams, I want Serenity Characters, I want Officers of the Bloodguard, I want Heralds, I want Bene Gesserit, I want all those other oddly garbed leaguers that are in the background, I want Brown Coats, I want Witch Hunters, I want villians from said pieces, and I want... well you get what I want. You are not allowed to do a named character from the Franchise (books/ series). The character still has to fit the setting. Can we do this as a quest? Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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Cheka Man's comment on 2008-09-03 01:44 PM
Only voted Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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Murometz's comment on 2008-07-08 11:38 PM
Ok, you dont have to be a Serenity fan to like this one. The premise is a fascinating one, and one that echoes in many books, films, etc...

The nagging desire to know more about something an author/auteur mentions/shows in passing, offering little or no additional information on the subject, and instilling an urge to expand the idea in the viewer's/reader's mind.

Emm, right so, back to the submission. I like both options presented, with a particular soft spot for the first one, the furling sloths!

However, option 2 offers this gem; The one thing still eagerly traded among them, are "touches", intricate scans of minds, revealing much about a person and his own race. If you were in the vicinity of a Furling, all of them will soon know you intimately.

Awesome that.

Good idea for a scroll! Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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Murometz's comment on 2008-07-09 10:38 PM
Oops, my bad. Stargate! Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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Murometz's comment on 2008-07-09 10:40 PM
Sure. As soon as the Villain Quest is over.

I'll do Glossu Rabban and qualify for both Quests :) Go to Comment
About those Furlings
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valadaar's comment on 2008-07-16 08:22 PM
Cool! Though they remind me of that wierd little critter on futurama.
:) Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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Barbarian Horde's comment on 2008-06-02 08:35 AM
It could be also a curse or something similar... so halfway of getting used to living with a dragon could the character wake up to the fact he doesn't really want to. Even more fun! Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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Strolen's comment on 2008-04-18 01:59 AM

I couldn't imagine running this with any group I have been with. You would have to be a talented group because I would force my group to sing, karaoke anybody? LOL

I could always see, in situations like this, that there would be a couple entrepreneurs in each city that would take advantage of it. These would pray the curse would never be lifted and might even try to stop any that would attempt it. Why? Income. The Singing City of Shagrala. It would become a sensation. The hub of theatre, the bowl of creative inspiration, everything can be a song after all. I see many of the most famous bards in the land would have their start there. Theatres of all sorts sprouting about. Travelers would venture from all over the world to visit this nest of song. It would be on everybody's lists of must see places. I would guarantee that nobles and kings from distance lands would even want to make the trip to see for themselves this wonder of human entertainment. The best thing is, not only do they have live entertainment for every type of interaction, they become part of it themselves.

What a fabulous idea. I can't even comprehend all the options at this point for something like this. It could sprout to a city of any type thing, fighting, drinking, gambling, the ideas are limitless even if somebody doesn't like the singing idea. Gambling, have the need to put a wager on anything. Etc etc etc Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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manfred's comment on 2008-12-08 06:36 PM
Without Tail or Claw

Dragons don't care for people, but they can be useful. Humans say dragons are born only once in a hundred years. That may be true. What is true, is that every hundred years are newly born dragons subjected to the Test.

They are turned into a human form and left at a random part of the monkey's lands. There they should study, learn and finally agree on one specific intervention which they will then perform.

Dragons are not cooperative creatures. The Test is the introduction to dragon society, where rivalries are rampant, but cooperation sometimes necessary. The young will be judged by their choices, may attract mentors, and their first enemies.

There are no rules for what they do, as long as it is in accord with serpentine ideals. While displays of power are loved by every dragon, manipulation is a worthier skill. If the newborn fail, it is just the humans that pay the price.

This plot is for the GMs, that are not afraid of shaking up their game world. It allows the players to create a major change in the world, perhaps wallowing a little in the less moral areas. While they have the power to destroy nearly everything, creativity is asked of them. To burn another castle is worthless and boring. To quietly topple a royal family, which provokes a war in four other kingdoms is more interesting, as would be the aided rise of a new religion or the return of an old one. One famous drakeling revealed his identity and proclaimed himself a god. He was summarily eaten.

So that's the deal: create some deep and lasting change in the world, while hidden in the disguise of nothing lesser than a human. You will be judged depending on what, how and why you did it.

After the change
The one night game over, the players can start a new campaign in this world (for the more reckless groups, just continue). The Game Master can have fun with elaborating on the actual effects of the intervention, especially the unexpected ones. The players in turn can enjoy the fruits of their labor and keep guessing what they had caused in the end and what happened of the dragons. Go to Comment
The One Night Game
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manfred's comment on 2008-09-12 03:59 PM
Stargate Zero

After the members of SG-1 became galactic celebrities in their own right, it became increasingly difficult to send them on the more sensitive missions. The safety of Earth needs more than respecting the wishes of dead civilizations and egoistic aliens. Not all of the stealing happened without the knowledge of the Stargate Command. And some of those incredible adventures you see on TV are indeed impossible... unless someone secretly helps out.

The characters are a highly trained blackops team. Depending on their mission, they may be thieves, saboteurs, even assassins, not rarely acting against declared allies. If they are caught, their existence will be denied, and the means to an easy suicide are part of their equipment package. It's all for Earth.

This one-off game is good for an introduction into the universe, or an alternative look on the setting if the existing game becomes too stale. Go to Comment
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