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herrozerro's comment on 2010-10-07 12:32 AM
Thanks for the welcome! I didnt mean to come off as hostile :P

I did like the hook, one of many possible outcomes from such a place. Go to Comment
Locations  (Fortification)   (Plains)
herrozerro's comment on 2010-10-07 09:10 PM
Well, If you think that would be best. I wrote it in more of a general fashion as I was just contributing the place rather then my exact campaign setting.

Would you think it would be better to be written in the specific setting I use it in? Go to Comment
Locations  (Fortification)   (Plains)
herrozerro's comment on 2010-10-09 12:58 AM
That is a good question, perhaps during the wartime the locations of the exits were secret. A simple show of "we can enter your city whenever we want" probably went a long way.

As I said above telportia was never finished before the war was ended.

Though in its current time perid of telportia is sorta like a hub for travel, so shutting down exits wouldnt be great. Go to Comment
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An insignficant little species, the candlebug (or waxmoth) is a persistent bane for mages and merchants alike. Each the size of a small digit, these little scarabs thrive on wax and burrow up inside candles, ruining them. Sometimes a late-night worker will hear a crack and a sizzle as his candle expires, only to find the half-burned remains of a waxmoth squirming around on his desk. This is very annoying in worlds where candles are expensive...

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