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Setrof Reyem
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epsilon's comment on 2008-01-15 07:28 PM
Saffeena Tabee'a
The tale of the ship of nature.

My name is Setrof Reyem. I am "abumm walad", child of Setr and Reyem. As a young ibn, I walked the sands of the deserts of this world. At an early age I was introduced to a people called the Ynemn. I dwelt among these people for many sana and listened to the whisperings of the "layl ree'h", the night winds. The layl ree'h is spoken only at sunrise and sunset, the time of "aker". A collection of stories, words and phrases that is passed on from mouth to mouth within the Ynemn people. I find their fable, "Ilhahi rou'h shenalam", divine beginning of eternity on earth and that of our own, the ancient "Keetab Hayat" book of life, synonymous. What I tell you now is the "Saffeena Tabee'a", the fable of a ship that transported life to earth from the "divinity of ahrkeydeeuh", the heavens. It was that, which brought mother nature herself, the "Emn", to this terene.

Void was the terene, jujune and unspoken among the heavens. A vile place of boiling sand winds. Dune rose upon dune like waves upon the tempest sea, a sea of sand and lifeless rock. High above this insignificant terene were the heavens. Whilst spending time at pleasure in the firmament, the goddess E'ta (ay tah) plucked a seed from a heavenly tree and with vacant thought threw it from her eternal home. This seed of divine nature, sailed from the elysian world of the immortals, blown and carried on the ethereal winds. Like a ship traversing the great oceans it carried its precious cargo.

From the lofty places of the gods it fell, heading towards the terene and breathing fire into its sand laden sky's. Compared to this world it was a giant and with a mighty explosion and eruption it displaced the dunes of sand into molten, skyward plumes. Spires and caves of glass formed as the intense heat acted upon the sand, the seed ploughed further and buried itself deep. A glassy road, bubbled and cooled, it lead the way to the seeds resting place like a driveway to a great crystal palace.

But the palace did not last long. The sands returned, blown by the winds, in vengeance to smite and smother this new arrival to the terene. It filled the caves, frosted, then pitted the spires of glass, shattering some into worthless shards. The seed palace was engulfed in darkness and sunk below the great dunes. The seeds underbelly cracked and long tendril arms uncoiled, worming their way through the sand, ever downwards. Finally it found the very foundation of the terene, the crust that lay undermost to the depths. The tendrils made purchase upon the crust and after a time, the seed began to move, leaving the shattered remains behind. It pulled itself slowly over the terene crust with its tendril arms, rippling through the sands that had held it captive. Like a giant snail, the seed wandered the desert oceans searching for a shallow place.

This it found. With its tendrils still firmly anchored to the terene crust, its upper side, its back, now stood proud of the sand duned surface. For a time and again it laid there, its back baking under the all-consuming heat of the new born sun. Its surface, etched and ravished by the ever present sand storms. The tendrils searched the crust for water, long twisting arms probed and crept into every crevice of the terene's crust, until it found the life giving substance. Then a bump appeared on its upper surface, growing slowly in size, sprouting forth with the golden leaves and tendrils of the Yinnal tree of Emn. The leaves reflected the sun, shielded the tree, protected and nourished that which grew beneath. Emn howled defiance at the sands and the winds that blew.

More time passed until a clump of such trees populated the very centre of the seeds back. The plantation burst into life spreading in width and height. Mighty trees with leaves the size of a man, it threw a canopy of foliage over the seed, enveloping it in a protective layer of life, from the harsh elements of terene. Mother nature had conquered the void.
This happened in the first Tahmu.

The plantation spread, covering all the seeds upper surface, reclaiming the sands around itself and bringing the wasted lands to life. The Yinnal tree of Emn, seated at the very heart of the Yinnal plantation, protected by its canopy of life, brought forth a special fruit. Like larvae they hung beneath the great leaves of gold. The offspring of Emn wriggled and grew, emerging from their larvae sacks in a form that resembled man. And they called themselves the Ynemn. Traces of life, animals, plants, from those that crawl to those that fly were given birth from the Yinnal tree of Emn.
This was the second Tahmu.

Great seeds shed from the Yinnal tree of Emn. They fell to the sand and sailed the dunes like corks driven by the sea wind. They rolled to the vast corners of this terene, then rooted themselves and grew, just like the first Emn. The Yinnal trees flourished, the Ynemn people thrived and became numerous.
This was the third Tahmu.

The outer plantations, those far from the Yinnal tree of Emn, lost their way with the natural order of the Yinnal canopy. Their thirst to survive saw them leave the cover and protection of the Yinnal trees. The great sand storms of the terene had long been conquered and almost extinct. The Yinnal people of the outer plantations travelled far from the canopies of life, learning to live a new way as nomads upon the deserts. Some settled by the rivers of the terene, where life had become abundant and rich in its variety. Building cities of stone and wood they travelled ever further from their roots in nature.
The Yinnal trees were left without tenure, their complex life cycle broken by the self removal of the Ynemn themselves. The canopies of many of the outer plantations withered and died. Some plants thrived in the new environment and overran the Yinnal trees, while other plantations underwent total collapse and were reclaimed by the sands of the deserts. Some plantations, still growing, were revisited by their lost people and harvested for the raw materials needed by this new industrious breed of Ynemn. Emn was forgotten, replaced by the god of earth who they called Atum in a land they called Egypt.
This was the breaking of nature, the becoming of man.
This was the fourth Tahmu.

With their ties to mother nature broken, they were leaderless. Squabbling amongst themselves. Their reasons for life ebbed and flowed as a stream is forced through rocks and cannons from one to another. It was at this juncture, in the history of the Ynemn man, that the stream took a free fall. One man rose above the others and called himself King of Egypt. He was named Sek Shen Nahar and he ruled for twenty years.
This was the fifth Tahmu.

Pyra splinter group king
Narmians splinter group

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Cheka Man's comment on 2007-12-18 01:03 PM
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Murometz's comment on 2007-12-18 08:45 PM
I like this actually. A bit disjointed but presents some interesting and evocative ideas. Yep, spellcheck and what val said. I will return to this soon. Holding vote for now. But great to see you posting, epsilon! Go to Comment
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valadaar's comment on 2007-12-18 06:09 PM
It took a bit of reading for me to understand what these folks were. The other question is why?

There are inconsistencies in the description - they can be any species, but they are descended from a specific group?

Also the wordings are awkward in places - I'd suggest reading this aloud as Moonhunter often says.
There are several spelling errors as well.

The essence of the idea is a good one, but fails in its presentation. Go to Comment
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epsilon's comment on 2007-12-17 11:44 PM
This one was pretty close to completion too, you may as well have it :)

dont hold your breath for the others tho.. tis that time of year Go to Comment
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epsilon's comment on 2007-12-19 12:24 AM
Yep no doubt my brain to fingers nor my ability to describe what's in my head has been successful.

"""The other question is why?"""
"Skills and points of interest
Tenders to the vissewort"
thats it, the rest is "glue" for the other subs.

I have had trouble with this current spat of subs, some not finished, all are linked. Do you double up explanation on things so that a sub can stand on its own. Or like a wander through a dungeon do you assume that sense will only prevail when all is revealed, all has been explored.
I suspect I should have waited and released all of them at once.

For example... "There are inconsistencies in the description - they can be any species, but they are descended from a specific group?" will hopefully become clear when the Ynemn people sub is read.

The flow isn't best ;( I was bouncing from one sub to another to another as the ideas flowed and as things in one sub affected another. I was attempting to reign them in. Like a bunch of subroutines in a piece of software there were dependencies. Like a "bad" programmer I wanted to run the program to see where the bugs were.

Spelling , yeah well its not through want of trying I can tell you. 10/10 for effort as I spend allot! of time spell checking and in the dictionary. You should see my normal writing :) I can guarantee to always loose a few marks here but again not for want of trying.

Obviously I will have another look, Thanks Go to Comment
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epsilon's comment on 2007-12-19 06:21 PM
Updated: found some spellies, fixed some commas etc Go to Comment
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manfred's comment on 2007-12-19 03:30 AM
You may simply copy the text out of the Scholar's Canvas (the editing area), it will have all the formatting included.

BUT, it is not necessary to do so - we can add it to the Quest for you. (For the record, there is a checkbox that needs to be checked when you are posting a submission; but it is only available the first time.) Go to Comment
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manfred's comment on 2007-12-19 12:15 PM
BUMP! Thanks to the secret powers of Strolen, it is accomplished. Go to Comment
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Cheka Man's comment on 2007-12-18 12:39 PM
I like this, a wodden sword with acid on the blade. Go to Comment
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Murometz's comment on 2007-12-18 08:48 PM
Quest? yay! But, yes. Rework this a bit, and repost it if you would, ol' chap. Go to Comment
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valadaar's comment on 2007-12-18 10:47 AM
I would suggest creatign a new sub and copying the contents over, and then deleting this one. Go to Comment
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valadaar's comment on 2008-09-18 09:20 AM
Still has some oddities - too many commas in some sentances, for example. However it is a neat idea. The acid obviously is of magical power, since I'm not aware of any real acid that is this potent. Go to Comment
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epsilon's comment on 2007-12-17 07:37 PM
I suspect this will qualify for the current quest, Im just not sure how to make it so. I worked on it a few times as a hidden sub and it would no longer allow me to select quest.

The sub is part of a larger and is background information.. of which is not yet complete. Thus there are links which may not work as they link to still hidden subs that I'm working on. Hopefully it will all one day mesh:) Go to Comment
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epsilon's comment on 2007-12-19 12:34 AM
Will that not upset the links? The Id numbers wont match the "new" sub.

Copying will mean I will also have to redo the formatting, mind you this one isn't too bad as it doesn't have much. I always end up in right mess when cut n pasting into these forms. Go to Comment
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epsilon's comment on 2007-12-19 12:40 AM
It seems my desire to do and my time in which to do, are worlds apart :(
I'll see if I can time share :) Go to Comment
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epsilon's comment on 2007-12-19 07:53 PM
Updated: Fixed some punctuation and spellies. Go to Comment
Yinnal canopy
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epsilon's comment on 2008-01-21 10:40 PM
Yinnal tree
Species: Yinnal Tissima
The Yinnal tree is the largest known stoloniferous plant. Some older plants stand just under 100m in height while the average is 50-80m. Like many stoloniferous it is a vascular plant and has adventitious roots. Long, thick (up to 6ft in diameter) stolon roots emanate from a parent plant. These roots can be found above and below the surface, splitting at nodes to form other child plantlets. Surface runners are also found but are thinner, hand sized and rope like.
The deeper, penetrating, vertical roots of the Yinnal tree, tap into the unfathomable wells of underground water. Transporting this sacred juice from the sunken depths, to the horizontal root system and up into the canopy of branches and leaves. Here, it is distributed for growth by the tree and any surplus, is given up, released from the stomata on the underside of its leaves, literally raining down on that which lies below. The Yinnal tree is frequently associated with the Yinnal Vine of the Vissealvia Vinea species vissewort. The vine helps provide the support structure required by the branches to uphold the leaves. In return the tree provides the nutrients, water and structure the vine needs to grow. In its early life, the vine tendrils are flexible and are often woven into pathways and hanging structures by the Ynemn folk who dwell in the Yinnal canopy environment.

The Yinnal tree is monoecious. Both male and female flowers can be found on the same plant.
The fruit is massive and contains numerous arils. These fleshy covered seeds are much like those found in a pomegranate.

A Yinnal tree has been know to grow as much as 1 inch in diameter per year. A forest can increase its acreage by 25% per year. Of course like all growing things, age, as well as nurturing, plays a significant part in this growth. Rapid growth is noticeable early on in its dominant phase but trails off, becoming self suppressed as it becomes older and stable.

Leaves of gold:
The large leaves of the Yinnal tree are unique. A golden, densely haired leaf can grow up to 1 meter in diameter. They are extremely light but also very strong. The hair, which Emn grew to protect the leaves from the strong rays of the sun, can be harvested for a variety of things, much like cotton. The skin of the leaf, is a translucent gold, it is soft and pliable, often worn as outer garments. With or without the hair it is waterproof and breaths naturally. The garments made from Yinnal leaves are generally cloak or robe like due to the fact the leaves slowly dry and harden once disconnected from the tree. The leaf material could be tailored well but the life expectancy is so short that its hardly worth the trouble. Adorned with the hair on the inside, a garment looses some of its outward reflectivity but gains inward insulating properties. Complete camouflage cloaks are often made from the leaves skin. Against the backdrop of the canopy, one can melt into the vista unnoticed.
a form of transportation. see sunglide

Woody thorns:
They howl with ear splitting wrath, sharp as daggers with hollow tubes within that can dispense poison like a snakes bite.

Branch and Trunk

Sap: something druggish-alcoholish Go to Comment
Yinnal canopy
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epsilon's comment on 2008-01-21 11:13 PM

Riding the sun.
The Ynemn often use the sunglide attack. It is swift, dazzling and quick.
Open a sunwave and using the leaves glide down the rays of sunlight. Go to Comment
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manfred's comment on 2007-08-19 02:16 PM
The basic effect is already interesting, and you have added plenty of details to it. The explanation and analysis of the plant are fine, strangely enough I think even less might be okay - but that is no real problem, it sounds more scientifically then.

That is one solid plant you've got there, epsilon. It is weird in the sense of 'something this weird could really exist'. Good work. Go to Comment
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