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bookwormwen's comment on 2010-10-04 10:39 AM
Update: Okay, due to much pestering(just kidding), I put in a lot more backstory, and provided more information on what the letters said, who the Gods were, what happened during the war, and why Edamus couldn't show the originals to everybody, etc. I hope this seems a bit more polished. Go to Comment
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The Land of Mad Children

       By: Spark

In the far reaches of a long-lost wilderness, there stands a forgotten town inhabited only by children. Though they appear normal enough, their eyes burn with madness, and they speak in a foreign, archaic tongue. Nearly a millenia ago, a powerful spell had gone awry, or maybe it had succeeded - in any case, it ended up blessing, or cursing, an entire generation of children with agelessness. However, as the centuries passed, the children's parents grew old and died, the buildings of the town crumbled to earth, and even the civilization itself faded into history, becoming lost to time. All that remained were the children, driven mad by the psychological toll of living for hundreds of years beyond their age. In time, most children died, killed off by fighting amongst themselves, while many others were driven to suicide. Only a small handful remain, and they are a strange people indeed.

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