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bookwormwen's comment on 2010-10-04 10:39 AM
Update: Okay, due to much pestering(just kidding), I put in a lot more backstory, and provided more information on what the letters said, who the Gods were, what happened during the war, and why Edamus couldn't show the originals to everybody, etc. I hope this seems a bit more polished. Go to Comment
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       By: Michael Jotne Slayer

While traveling trough farm land the PCs come upon a merchant sitting on a wrecked wagon without a mule attached to it, hid face burrowed in his hands. He explains that he was robbed by petty goblins, unable to defend himself he had retreated. He asks the PCs to help him retrieve the mule before the goblins roast it, as a reward they may keep his goods. How hard can it be?

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