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XXVIII. Ulysses

A. Purpose: Space Superioty Fighter

B. Design Type: Aeronautical fixed wing

C. Faction: Union of Worlds

D. Crew Requirement: 2 (pilot and gunner)

E. Life Support: Internal-Atmospheric-Sustaining

F. Communications

1. Standard EM transmitter and Receiver

2. Laser Link Data Stream

G. Sensors

1. Magnetic Field Tracker

2. Gravity Barometer

3. Telephoto

4. Passive EM

5. Matter Sampler

H. Armament

Linked Laser-Anti-Matter-Mag Field Projector Cannons

1a. 8x Anti-Matter ProjectorsCannon

1b. 4x 80 Mw Fluorine Laser Cannons

1c.4x Magnetic Field Projectors

2. 4 xMass Projectors (Forward Arc Firelinked)

I. Reactor: Anti-Matter/Matter Reactor (Lvl 5)

J. Consumables

1. Fuel: 1,000-10,000 hrs

2. LifeSupport: 90 hours

K. Cargo Space

1. 100 liters

L. Computer Rating: Module (Lvl 7)

M. Hull

1. Conventional (Lvl 7)

2. Energy Ablative Armor (Lvl 5)

3. Matter Ablative Shield Generator (Lvl 10)

N. Atmospheric Flight: Mass Driver

1. Acceleration (Lvl 6)

2. Maneuverability (Lvl 1)

O. Interstellar Drive: NA

P. Sub-light Drive: Mass Driver

1. Acceleration: (Lvl 7)

2. Maneuverability: (Lvl 8)

Q. Airlock: Yes

R. Secondary Power System: Battery

S. The Ulysses was a late addition to the Union forces and was an innovative and risky design. Union High Command had not been able to develop an efficient and accurate particle accelerator weapon, but they wanted weapon that carried the same destructive power. Anti-matter tipped projectiles had been some what effective, but were expensive, not easy to produce in mass, and easily avoided by small Dynasty craft. Thus, the idea of firing pure anti-matter at the enemy was realized in the Ulysses. The idea was that the Laser Cannons and Magnetic Field Projectors could be fired picoseconds before the anti-matter canons were fired to clear the path of stray particles and debris. As we all know the Ulysses had both startling success and dramatic failures during the war. I got to take a test flight in the gunners well of a Ulysses once, and it was amazing if challenging experience. The gunners well is completely separate from the pilots cabin and sits in the very nose the ship. It floats free in zero gravity and has an independent gyro pivot, so that no matter which way the pilot moves the ship you have complete control of were you and your the mass projector guns are facing. The gunner or the pilot can fire the anti-matter projectors. While I did enjoy a joy ride in a Ulysses. I was not brave enough to live fire the anti-matter cannons.

-V.Y. Black

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XXIX. Vanderbelt-33 (Rasputin)

A. Purpose: Ground Support

B. Design Type: Multi-Pod

C. Faction: FTO

D. Crew Requirement: 3 (1 pilot & 2 Gunners)

E. Life Support: Internal-Atmospheric-Sustaining-Cyrogenics

F. Communications

1. Standard EM transmitter and Receiver

2. Deep Space Microwave Transmitter

G. Sensors

1. Passive EM

2. Active EM

3. Radar

4. Magnetic Field Tracker

5. Neutrino Sink

H. Armorment

1. 1x 30Mw Plasma Cannon

2. 2x 20Mw Argon Laser Cannons (2x turrets)

3. 2x Depleted Uranium Mass Driver Guns (2x turrets)

I. Reactor: Micro Fission Reactor (Lvl 9)/Matter Converter(afterburners only) (Lvl 5)

J. Consumables

1. FUEL 970,000 hours (reactor)

2. Life Support: 32,000 hours

K. Cargo Space: 2000 liters

L. Computer Rating: System Wide (Lvl 3)

M. Hull

1. Conventional (Lvl 10)

2. Mass Ablative Shield Generator (Lvl 5)

N. Atmospheric Flight: 2x Jet turbine plus External Mass Drive Afterburner

1. Acceleration (Lvl 2)

2. Maneuverability (Lvl 4)

O. Interstellar Drive

1. C Drive (Lvl 8)

P. Sub light Drive: Internal Ion drive/External Mass Drive Afterburner

1. Ion Drive

a) Acceleration (Lvl 1)
b) Maneuverability (Lvl 4)

2. Mass Driver

a) Acceleration (Lvl 4)
b) Maneuverability (Lvl 1)

Q. Airlock: No

R. Secondary Power System: Solar Panel

S. I had a Vanderbelt-26. That was the last model with the anti-matter reactor and I loved it. The Vanderbelt was the only commercially available interstellar craft made by the FTO that was also capable of atmospheric flight. Back then the Micro Fission reactors made by the FTO were not efficient enough to power a C drive. Thus she required an anti-matter reactor. While traveling on a ship with anti-matter reactor may strike many as foolish risk, the freedom the Vanderbelt provided me was essential. She was billed as a ground support vehicle, but we used her primarily as a scout and courier ship. The jet turbine on these rugged and versatile craft could work some of the densest methane atmospheres I ever encountered, and the hull could handle some upscale pressures. I actually don’t know what the design specification on the craft are regarding pressure. Considering the abuse I put her through though maybe I happier not knowing. She was perfect for scouting; the two side mounted jet turbines could pivot so you can fly her as VTOL craft and land anywhere. I don’t know anyone that uses the C drive for interstellar travel now but local law enforcement and private militias are still buying the Vanderbelt. The C-drive can be used to whip a small crew around star system in minutes. She is a tough ship, and if you can handle the time distortion it pays to have a craft that will knock around a solar system at the speed of light.

-V.Y. Black

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XXX. ZARCA/MAX (Horseman/Snail Mail)

A. Purpose: Propaganda and Psychological Warfare/Drone Launcher

B. Design Type: Single Wedge

C. Faction: Ska’Rugg

D. Crew Requirement: 7

E. Passenger Space: 10

F. Life Support: Internal-Atmospheric

G. Communications:

1. High-Power Multi-Channel EM transmitter

2. Extend Range EM Receiver

3. Audio Generator

4. Pheromone Propellant System

H. Sensors

1. Telephoto

2. Passive EM

3. Gravity Barometer

4. Magnetic Field Tracker

I. Armament

1. 800 Mw Hydrogen Laser

2. Drone Launching Bay

J. Reactor:

1. Fission Reactor Lvl 9

2. Mass Converter Lvl 3 (Jump Drive and Afterburners Only)

K. Consumables

1. Fuel: Fission Reactor 1,200 hours

2. Fuel: Mass Converter (6 Jumps/200 Hard Burns)

L. Cargo Space

1. 4x Drones

2. 50,000 Liters

M. Computer Rating: Module (Lvl 1)

N. Hull: Conventional Lvl 6

O. Atmospheric Flight: Anti-Gravity Drive

1. Acceleration: Lvl 5

2. Maneuverability: Lvl 2

P. Interstellar Drive: Jump Drive

<3> Q. Sublight Drive: Ion Drive with Mass Driver Afterburner

1. Acceleration: Lvl 1-4

2. Maneuverability: Lvl 1

R. Airlock: Yes

S. Secondary Power System: Deployable Solar Sail

T. The ZARCA/MAX was the first Ska'rug craft observed by human intelligence services via long range scan, and it was originally believed to be scout craft or skirmisher. While it may certainly play this role from time to time, the ZARCA/MAX’s primary function is more equatable to courier ship. But in actuality there is not equatable family of craft in human fleets. The Ska'rug lack any central media outlets and there is a developed bureaucracy The ZACRA/MAX is designed to influence the behavior of planetary population through propaganda and direct mood manipulation through the use of pheromones. However, like most pre-human contact Ska’rugg spacecraft, she is generalist. The powerful laser cannon was an effective weapon against against most of its contemporaries during the Ska’rugg civil wars and its drone bay made it something of a light carrier. Unlike the Hatefist command of these crafts are restricted to chieftains directly linked to the Ska’rugg High King.

-V.Y. Black

It is unclear if any of these craft are still in existence, but they remain rooted in the cultural mind set because of the large roll this class of ship played in initiating the Ska’rugg-Dynastic conflict. This ship was used by the Ska’rugg monarchy to spur the populace to war and to make the first organized raids into human space.


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Modular life support refers to life sustaining clothing. This could be an autonomous space suit but it also may be a suit that links into and is supported by an onboard system. But when a ship is described as having Modular Life support it is assumed that consumables are brought with the crew when they board. The internal life support systems are part of the ship design and means that a passenger or crew member can survive in the cabin without protective clothing or his/her own source of breathable atmosphere. Internal Life Support is further broken down into standard or atmospheric. Atmospheric life support provides air pressure, a stored breathable air mixture, temperature control and radiation shielding. A standard life support system, referred to as standard because it is the required system on all dynastic spacecraft, includes gravity, nutrients and water. Within this category you also have sustaining life support. This is system by which the ship's life support purges itself of impurities created by passengers and actively produces new consumables. This includes waste recycling and a CO2 to O2 cycle. Cryogenic life-support means that there is a stasis chair or cryopot on the ship that can suspend life functions using minimal power.

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Solid 5/5 nothing else sums it up better than that! Go to Comment
MysticMoon's comment on 2015-01-30 07:03 PM

Took me a few days to work my way through this but it was worth the time. The intro was great and set the mood nicely.

The ships were nicely done and different enough to make them interesting. I mostly focused on the blurb at the end of each entry. I'm thinking of switching one of my games to classic Sci-Fi in a month or so, and this could prove to be a great resource (modified to fit the setting, of course).


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well done 100 Go to Comment
MysticMoon's comment on 2015-01-27 10:39 PM
My only complaint is that I wish your sensor subs were grouped together in one entry. Go to Comment
Scrasamax's comment on 2015-01-07 08:19 AM
Thought about this one for a while, and was reaching for why a ship would need something like this, given the relatively difficult nature of neutrino detection, and why it would be needed for something like navigation, since most navigation would be visually through fixed points of reference or along established travel corridors seeded with navigation buoys and tracking stations, but then boom, FTL travel. Enter hyperspace, or using a superluminal drive is going to render visual navigation unreliable, difficult, or simply impossible, so the only method of orientation is going to be a sensors only. With multiple neutrino sinks, plus moving through immense amounts of space at a time, this feasibly is a FTL navigation aid.

The only thing I didn't like with the high pressure cores being explosive. It is trope, and predictable. It also clashed with what I know of neutrino research, where scientists use underground swimming pools to entice the same interaction between heavy water and neutrinos.
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Fun read and easy to understand even for the science-y laymen Go to Comment
axlerowes's comment on 2015-01-07 08:35 PM

IGood point.

I tossed out so many so as to give a variety sensor pallets that could be placed in ships. In addition to Navigation this I imagine sensor systems being used as much for observation and information gathering.

I imagine these pressurized devices being pretty small, and the explosive part I added just so I could give PCs (sadly I will likely never run a Dynastic Migration game) something to utilize when they improvise. But what is important with the deep neutrino telescopes they have now is the number atoms in the detector. By pressuring the water to a level not realistic with current material engineering you get the same sensitivity in a smaller area

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valadaar's comment on 2015-01-07 09:50 AM
If you could create a substance/device that would actually gain net-energy(heat) from neutrino collision, then you have something far more useful than a navigation tool!

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I can't belive that I the prince of brevity is saying this but this is too good an idea to try and fill a 100,withholding vote Go to Comment
valadaar's comment on 2015-06-23 08:57 AM
I'm not sure why you would limit it to video feeds? A smartphone has more. Given the tech level implied, EM, gravity, and radiation meters would be small and cheap enough to be standard. And of course the video would extend into both the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. Go to Comment
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Only voted Go to Comment
valadaar's comment on 2016-03-18 12:07 PM
Not bad, the idea of subatomic decay is interesting.

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Silveressa's comment on 2015-01-18 08:53 PM
Useful for conducting system surveys as well, especially when "sniffing out" rare minerals in an asteroid belt or planetary dust/ice/rock ring or tracking down damaged pirate ships attempting to hide in an Oort cloud. Go to Comment
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Now this one, I REALLY like! Go to Comment
axlerowes's comment on 2015-01-18 04:14 PM
Tachyons, is that how hyper pulse generators are supposed to work? I have read at least seven battletech novels and have at least a battalion in minis and never knew that. Go to Comment
axlerowes's comment on 2015-01-19 09:30 AM
well I still believe you Go to Comment
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