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Lops Adventurer's Pack
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Tolknor's comment on 2008-08-23 02:25 AM
A reply to the comment about platter size. The units of measure are feet. The Meat Platter is 2 feet by 3 feet. These items are meant to feed a group. While obviously a extremely well equipped group would have several of these in the group, if not one carried by all the characters. One character would activate his set of plates for breakfast, another for lunch and another for dinner and even one for midnight snacks. Since the items were designed by reasonably aggressive retired mages of high power they further train the platters to provide meals appropriate to the time called upon or the desires of the activator. The function of allowing the wearer to summon an item from the pack lead to players leaving the top open and putting a thousand arrows inside. SO an archer could merely call an arrow to hand and fire. A wide variety of such uses were developed. The generally accepted interior size of the bag was 10x20x10.

Lop was an experiment of mine to see if an EXP leech could earn his keep by doing everything but kill things. He protested anyone who implied he was a servant, threatened to let them cook their own food and set up their own tents if he did not receive a fair cut of treasure. The other players put their feet down when i forced the players to bury the dead bugbear. I was ready to let them abandon him, as several players wanted to, and bury it himself and then go apologize to the other bugbears. It was a great game. However the next game they flatly refused to allow Lop to come. Thus his retirement and his entrance into the merchant world and Tosian politics.

As for bringing siege equipment, well, its a sneaky army that can bring a huge number of ballista in magical pack backs. The inclusion of siege equipment commemorates a group of players importing a huge numbers of ballista and catapults to an isolated but important siege. Go to Comment
Lops Adventurer's Pack
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Tolknor's comment on 2008-08-24 03:44 PM
I don't know about the changes in DnD but poor old LOP, (from some college class-Least Objectionable Person), was a character run in the mid 80.

The world of Tosa supported 4 regular GMs and a variety of occasional ones running sections of the world, and its nearby dimensions. It had its own violent culture with frequent visitations of Gods and devils, dread lords, undead kings, Amberites, unfettered druids, mercenary armies, wandering poets, ravers, thrice crowned bards, and Rose addicted time-traveling madmen. It was connected through a variety of manners to a dozen other gaming universes all which seemed to bleed over into each other by commerce, ravaging hoards, quests and other purposes. Hundreds of adventurers, frequent campaign revisions, multiple gaming systems, and 20 years of gaming.

The high level characters retired, took up various trades supporting the legions of new PCs, and the cycles went on. Sadly, the last games run in those worlds was in early 1997.

I comment on this because the Paradoxian Craft Hall has a lot of other items I plan to list and release into the wilds of the universes that visit this fine place. Go to Comment
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       By: MoonHunter

I was in a game with a GM that had a Masters in History, who made is a point to mention that the local peasants didn't have wheelbarrows. The rest of the players just shrugged that off but I knew that the GM was trying to tell us the peasants were on the knife edge of starvation.

All that from wheelbarrows? Yes, because before the invention of the wheelbarrow it took two men to carry that load. In it's time the wheelbarrow was the most explosive production multiplier that the peasantry could get their hands on.

This is worth two tips: One about the power of the Wheelbarrow and the other is the moral of the story...that people need to know the point you are trying to make.

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