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Sheild Of Light
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manfred's comment on 2005-03-07 04:37 AM
Been thinking about it for a while, while a nice idea, it seems too powerful to me. The limit on the number of uses is a nice thought - the wearer should decide when to use the powerful effect. This is a tool of heroes.

An alternative way for using the shield would require the user actually hitting (intercepting) the weapon, then willing the effect to happen. So in theory, even missiles and some spells could be destroyed in this way, were they not that fast.

At the moment 2/5. It could handle some editing. Go to Comment
Sheild Of Light
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MoonHunter's comment on 2005-03-04 10:57 AM
GAG!!!!! The correct spelling of Sheild, is Shield.

Please Edit.

Other than that, just a few more details. I like nice generic descriptions, as they are easy to incorporate into any campaign.

After you have written a post, before you press submit, re-read it. You can catch most glaring spelling/ grammer/ punctuation/ capitalization errors that way and clean up any description. When you are rereading it, try to look at it as if you were reading it for the first time. This way you can see what questions (about the post) that you have not answered that someone will ask, and you can answer them.

This adds just a few minutes to the time it takes you to post, but it makes a one star to one and a half star difference in most posts. Go to Comment
Sheild Of Light
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Shadoweagle's comment on 2005-03-04 12:00 AM
Alrighty :)

interesting idea - I havent been immersed in the roleplaying scene as much as some of the others in this site, but I don't think i've heard of - let alone thought of - a defensive item which destroys weapons. Now! Onto the critique.

Spelling is fine, but keep an eye on sentence structure. Your entire middle paragraph is one long sentence. If in doubt, read it aloud and see if you run out of breath :)

An item to brighten places and blind evil creatures has been done before many times in different forms.

The destruction of weapons is almost over-powerful, though it has been capped slightly by still allowing projectiles and magic a chance to hit. Even still, perhaps putting a limit on it would be wise? Maybe it can only destroy a certain amount of weapons before It must be given time to rest?

I can 'see' this item though. I can imagine a great troll swinging a mighty axe at a warrior. The warrior brings up his puny shield as though to defend himself. A faint glint of light is seen, and the blade of the axe appears to melt away (also lightening the weapon and causing the troll to stumble off balance.)

As such, its a 3/5 for me. As the vote says, its an 'Alright idea'. Not bad at all, but could be better with some more time and thought.

Oh, and it's spelled shield. Go to Comment
Sheild Of Light
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EchoMirage's comment on 2005-03-05 06:17 AM
Mister Tolkien would not be glad - you, using one of his characters without permission. Go to Comment
Sheild Of Light
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AgentTwiggy's comment on 2005-03-04 12:05 PM
Hee hee. Radagast shooting fireballs.

*ahem* Anyways, nice idea! I like how it's defensive /and/ offensive. :-) However-- if Radagast wanted 'a brave soul' to find the shield, why did he chuck it in an underground lake? Seems to me it'd be more sensible to go out and find said soul, and give them the shield. Maybe he wanted people to have to go through the trial of searching and journeying to reach it, before they merited it or could handle it...? Go to Comment
Sheild Of Light
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valadaar's comment on 2013-05-09 08:58 PM
There is a germ of an idea here, but unless it was intended to be a LOTR submission, the use of Radagast is distracting.

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For those familiar with cantrips, you know they are minor acts of magic that have hardly any noticable effect on the world. For example a cantrip to make your food taste better won't heal you any more, or be any more nourishing, just won't make it so hard to get it down. A light cantrip certainly won't be able to blind or even distract anybody, but you might be able flash it to signal someone looking at the right spot.

What if children's nusery ryhmes were a form of cantrip? Like the "Rain, Rain, go away, come again another day." One child singing it wouldn't do more than spare her house a couple raindrops, but what if the whole village got together and was chanting in unison? Each one doing just a bit might actually be able to divert a whole storm...

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