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Burrito Benzanito
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Scrasamax's comment on 2004-08-22 05:11 AM
Burrito means Little Donkey, I believe. Actually. Great character, stupid name.

could have been a 5, but is instead a 4

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Burrito Benzanito
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Saemond's comment on 2004-08-22 05:47 PM
Hahahha, yah that point was actually to give him a littel of a mischievious name. When I threw him into my campaign the characters were hearing the people talk about the 'fabulous Burrito" or how "Burrito-style-hats were the rage among the nobility" and when they heard that "Burrito was at a local restaurant they couldn't wait to get there!"
Of course they were out-of-towners and hardly spoke the local language. So i kinda intended to have it go that way. He was originally meant as a humorous character, but soon enough he was a corner in several adventures, and is a good friend of the PCs to this day.
Still I think Burrito is a perfectly acceptable name in a non-spanish speaking world esp when it rolls off the tongue so well!!!!

Classic Burrito moments include fighting rapier wielding opponents with dish and silverwear, of course mocking them throughout the entire scenario.
Burrito ha sa sort of goot natured/back-handed wit about him. Go to Comment
Burrito Benzanito
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Saemond's comment on 2004-08-24 03:29 AM
Yeah, I hit refresh and it DP'd it, moreso, delete and modify post don't work. Lame. Go to Comment
Burrito Benzanito
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ScorpionJinx's comment on 2004-08-28 08:23 PM
I dont see anything wrong with naming the character Burrito. It's not likely he will ever be mistakened for some other guy by that name. I dont think the name is stupid either. It has orginality and it takes a brave man to take such an unusual approach to their character.

I knew a girl named Rebel, that was her birth name. Besides look at it like this, burritos are mysterious things. Within that floury exterior there waits many things. Some good, some bad. If he ever crosses your path, you will live the rest of your life reciting to your friends and anyone who listens the tales of a man called Burrito. Go to Comment
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