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MoonHunter's comment on 2007-02-28 12:32 AM
MISC: All skyships-from island hoppers to galleons-are built by members of the Shipwrights Guild, a secretive order dedicated to the Artificer. None outside the order knows the secret of flight, and it is closely guarded. The Shipwrights Guild has boatyards on all major islands. Once built, these ships can be repaired by anybody with the correct know-how, tools, and raw materials, however. Whatever secret, arcane work the masters perform persists with the vessel through its life in the Skies.

Important: Skyships navigate their way through the void using scrying devices called wayspheres-crystal globes filled with magically charged water and a flint-tipped arrow suspended at their center. Each waysphere is attuned to the ship as part of her launching ceremony.

A navigator must handle rock or dirt from the island to which he wishes to travel no more than thirteen hours before attuning the sphere. Then all he need do is concentrate on the chosen destination and the arrow points the way. Go to Comment
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Kudzusho - A new take on Orcs.

Orcs are plants. Fungi actually.

They are supernatural mushroom creatures with thick blood and a toughness born from their lack of organs. They kill humanoids for their blood, the more magical the blood the better. Thus dwarves and elves are prefered eating vs. humans. As plants, Orcs are truly alien - an axe weilding kudzu. Their motives are to survive and spread their species across the world.

As intelligent plants, they grow with all they need to know, but slow to learn information not inbred in their cell structure. They can sense the presence of their own for many miles, probably by pheromones, and gather in groups to hunt together. However, as plants, they are greatly competitive to dominate their niche for the most food - that is, sweetly enchanted blood. Also, there are many breeds of orcs as their breeds adapt to different terrains and grow forth from different soils.

When an orc dies, the body decomposes enough to feed the new growth. Even the thick orc blood that seeps into the earth will give rise to more orcs. Thus orc incursions rise year after year from the battlefields. A city overrun by orcs may never be free of the scourge as the new bodies grow several feet below the ground in the darkness until the orc is fully formed and ready to claw its way to the surface world.

Some orcs are better. They are fungi that grow in and upon a half buried body. These orcs have true and stronger bones. This makes them taller, stronger, and more functional.

The Orc will eat some of the flesh of their targets, to take in additional nutriants and get at the blood.

They also need magic to aid them in their process. By absorbing the magic of ambient objects, they become stronger/ faster/ more durrible. Thus they might have magic items, but never use them for their intended use.

Orcs tend to splay the bodies out, so the blood will spill on the earth. Then they will half bury the bodies to build Dire Orcs.

Half-Orcs are born to human mothers who have eaten orc meat or crops grown where orc blood has been spilled. Although outlawed in most civilized areas, orc meat is quietly eaten by villagers in particularly bad winters.

Orcs emerge, spill forth, as the spores finally begin to digest and replace the human form.

They are welcomed by orcs who see them as leaders and often specialists capable of grasping knowledge beyond the simple urges in their plant cells.

Orcs serve evil spellcasters because they are fed well. When a warlock cast spells on their enemies, the orc leaps upon the enemy with hungry fury for if the enemy can be killed swiftly while the aura of magic is still upon the body, such blood is tremendously sweet. Thus Orcs and Evil Wizards is a symbiotic affair. Go to Comment
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Torn Tapestry

Sure this is not the name of the world, but it is name of the campaign set in it.

7Cs: Consistency, Connection, Chrome, Cycle, Conflict, Control, Continuity

(XX) Conception
(XX) Bits
(XX) Sift and sort
(XX) Top down process (__)(__)(__)
(__) Bottom up (__)(__)(__)
(__) Polish


Themes and Images:
There are nine elements here, one for each main primary and secondary color, black/ white/ grey. These weave together to make reality.

Mages = Weavers or SkeinWeaver (vs thread or cotton weavers).

Each region is its own magic. Magic users tap into the region's magic to produce cool magical effects (mostly summoning things).

The world is kind of anime, thus there will be fuzzy spots, and it will all be about look.

The World seems fairly European, Early Medieval. The two older Empires broke vs invading "orcs" (beast men? mongols? vandals?) We have the left overs of the not quite conquered territories with their own cultures.

All the power is centered on Regios and

Worlds Specs:
Earth Standards. See in one big brush stroke, you know what the world is approximately like. It is like our world in general geography, change some of the squiggles.

We will focus on "Europe and Africa and Middle East" regions of the world. Why, because it is familiar for the players.

Nothing out of the ordinary

Imagine Europe not depleated by Roman Predation. So you will have Northern and Southern Lions and a few "african" creatures adapted to northern climes.

Plants, unless infused with magic, are pretty much normal.

Nothing is specifically rare.

Races and Peoples:
Our dominant culture is a Post Roman Medieval. Pre Charlemagne.

We have three other mini-cultures in this. This mixes in with the dominant culture.

Celtic/ Guals (nearly conquered)
Those of the Ruins (building their lives on the shattered cities in Italy)
Northmen (nearly conquered people plus the nomads pushed infront of the "Orcs")

The other core culture is more of a Eastern Roman Empire.
All pomp and form, little substance. Add to this a heaping helping of Egypt. Included in this area, our Elves (which are just a subtype of human).

Cultural Overview:
Feudal. One Lord/ Skein Weaver, some supporting noble people, merchants/priests, peasants, in each Regio.

No suprises for the standard calander. There is an arcane calander that runs with a nine day week

There might be up to three tiers of feudal obligation.

The Church, centered more East than West. It is the matrix that holds all of the world together.

Laws and Morals:
Fairly fedual


Social classes:

Political Power:



Technology and Common Power:
Military Weapons and Tactics
Industrial/ Production
Math and Science:
Other Knowledge



Arts/ Literature:




History Brief:

Each Regio of the world has its own "ethos". This is its strongest points: comprised of its geography, geology, history, elemental allignment, and strongest magic.

Magic here is mostly summoning of phantasmal things (animals, people, monsters). Some effects (such as an enhancement or enchantment or simple spell effects) are possible.

Each Weaver is linked to a Regio. It can only pull "Mystical Archetypes" in that to make them manifest Go to Comment
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Several century agos, in the wild and wooley, Age of Star Expansion, a lone trader found a planet. It was a very quiet place, slowly being tended by robots. "A terrible thing" occured 900 standard years ago. It was some kind of bio hazard event that "removed" the humanoid intelligent species on the planet. The same event removed most higher animals remaining (as the culture there had "tamed" all the beasts, so only domesticated and near domesticated animals remained). With the robot's aid, the ecology has begun to recover, but there are no higher animals.

A lonely greedy man landed on a planet full of mechanical beings who exist only to serve. He became their King. His whims energized the Mechanicals. They built a utopia for him, as the robots held themselves to a high order Asmovian Hirerarchy.

So to save him from himself, they could never let him go. Eventually, using his wits and spurious logic, he managed to free himself from the robots Go to Comment
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This is a character for music of fantasy

She's got a gun
Just make her day
Don't fuck with her
She'll blow you away

She walks the streets at night
And they think she is a whore
She's gotta deal with you
She's gonna even out the score

ms. 45

They don't let you
She's gonna make them pay
Now her right is it
You won't get away

She walks the streets at night
And they think she is a whore
She's gotta deal with you
She's gonna even out the score

ms. 45

She's got a big gun
Sheòs gonna make those assholes pay
You fuck with her
She'll blow your ass away

She walks the streets at night
And they think she is a whore
She's gotta deal with you
She's gonna even out the score

ms. 45

Associated Nightfall with this piece Go to Comment
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First off, you can use the system developed in Cybergeneration, plus or minus evolved powers depending on your campaign. Kids have a variety of roles to choose from, and there are ready-made rules for kid stats and skills. You should remember that emancipated kids will be a bit older than most kids in Cybergeneration, since emancipation age starts at fifteen (and the vast bulk of emancipated minors are sixteen or seventeen).

If you dont want to use the Cybergeneration kid skills, you can run kids like miniature adults in a standard CP2020 game, with some of the stat modifications suggested below. Personally, Id at least convert the Cybergen roles over, since I cant quite get my mind around the idea of a fifteen-year-old-solo. But its your call.

As you no doubt know by now, I dont use roles in my games, and Im not a big fan of Cybergeneration. So, I use a method developed by Ocelot. Also, note that with Ocelots Alternate Character Generation System, kids have significantly less skill points than the average twenty-eight-year-old edgerunner.

First off, if you have younger relatives, take a few minutes to observe them, especially if theyre in an appropriate age range (thirteen to eighteen). Teenage personalities are as varied as those of adults, so dont play every pube you meet as a tantrum-throwing spoiled-rotten corpkid. But there are some characteristics that adolescent kids tend to have in common that you might want to think about:

Youre not sure who you are yet.

Youre trying to figure out who you are what you want to do with your life, what you like and dislike, what kind of friends you want, what your strengths and weaknesses are. Youll tend to experiment with a lot of new things: a dozen hobbies, a hundred musical styles, a thousand ways of doing your hair. Youll go through a lot of casual friends, but youll pick two or three out of the crowd and get a bit closer. Maybe even very close, as youre also checking out the strange new world of sex.

Youre an idealist.

Kids in this age range see things in terms of black and white. They cant understand why injustice and evil exist in the world. Theyre not necessarily naive just because youre a Combat Zone-hardened juveganger and have seen the worst that humans have to offer doesnt mean you know why people are that way. You judge people on their actions, not their motivations. This is part of the reason the Cybergeneration universe is set up the way it is: teenagers are very, very quick to see the world as a great big battle of good vs. evil.

Youre impulsive and emotional.

Lets face it. Adolescence is a cannonball dive into the hormonal pool, and you splash everyone around you when you jump in. If youre happy, youre ecstatic. If youre sad, youre sunk into the blackest pit of despair. You might be prone to rapid mood swings, but its more likely that you have the same emotional reactions that adults do you just exaggerate everything in typical teenager fashion. And you interpret the world around you through your own emotional lens. You may take the most innocent remark as a heart-rending insult or an ego-bursting compliment. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2007-09-10 02:29 AM

A location/ a plot/ a cool idea? Go to Comment
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goto wikipedia and adapt some fictional wizards

Wild Fires
Bound Djinni (the third rank of Celestial Beings, creatures of fire and smoke, not alligned to the celestial forces, but bound to the fabric of the universe.)
They are bound to shapes of horses. Their Riders/ Owners (those attuned) are granted good magical powers (great if they have magical access).
The Wild Fires themselves are super fast, super strong, super endurance, and able to limited communicate.

The Book of Calleretti:
magic book of an ancient sorceerer. You can't just find it. Some people have, but because they are not worthy of the Ancient's Powers, they only find a book of grand spells and many mystical secrets. If they are worthy, the books animates and The Ancient begins to advise the wielder. Go to Comment
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Lower City MoonPad Done 1/19/2008 Go to Comment
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Rand Class Tugs

MoonHunter 11:42 am: Bigger ships would be like jets launched from airports.
MoonHunter 11:42 am: bigger ships, bigger engines and higher speeds.
Siren no Orakio 11:42 am: Well, yes.
MoonHunter 11:43 am: Though the larger "cargo" ships might need "tugs"
MoonHunter 11:43 am: tugs would provide the extra antigravity to lift them out quickly
MoonHunter 11:43 am: or such a ship might just stay at a dock in orbit
MoonHunter 11:44 am: Depends if the cost of the four tugs would be less than holding and maintaining a
fullsized orbital dock
MoonHunter 11:45 am: Ground facilities would be needed for staging cargo anyways

Call them Rands. From Atlas Shrugging.
Smaller and more manuverable than the Hekurean tugs Go to Comment
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MoonHunters 2009

1) Work with your group to determine the best kind of game for you and your troupe.

2) Never Game in a Vacumumn: Learn about other games and other game groups. There is no "one way" to game and you might learn something useful, or find some new kind of gaming you like. Go to Comment
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Sometimes, when you're alone at an empty cross road, he'll show up. The Dark Man. He'll offer you a deal: your greatest desire, for a favor later on. There's a huge group of people, all networked and organized, all thoughout northern America, just waiting for when that favor will be called in. Almost no one knows about this "Crossroads Society", and those who do have no idea how dangerous it could be. Go to Comment
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Cahracetr summary

She was curved like a knife. Attractive not for what she'd give you but snip take away. Others would take you to the light where you'd see them; she'd take you to those dark abodes where you could see yourself. Go to Comment
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elves with bioluminescent

I see them as improved trees, or a glowing moss that goes on the trees.

They light hometrees. They light paths. They light when an intruder passes by.

I know that when you were dealing with the Minoan diplomatic team,
you worked long and hard to secure the rights for Minoan
biotechnology, especially their bioluminescent plants.

1. Christmas trees that do not need lights, reducing danger from
electrical fires

2. Glowing trees to line highways to save government electricity

3. Agricultural crops and domestic plants that luminesce when they
need watering

4. New methods for detecting bacterial contamination of meats and
other foods

5. Bio-identifiers for escaped convicts and mental patients

6. Detecting bacterial species in suspicious corpses

7. Novelty pets that bioluminesce (rabbits, mice, fish etc.)

The nation-states in the core worlds have achieved most, but not all
of the goals listed here. I would like to see airborne
microorganisms developed that would tag infected Mellor with a glow
that can be see by our explorers. Go to Comment
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Create a people in a semi tropic zone that use these.

The A Frames on the stones provide safety from a variety of ground crawling pests, rats, and snakes. Plus they are more secure.

A latte stone, or simply latte pronounced lat-tee), is a large pillar found on the Mariana Islands built by the ancient Chamorro people. They consist of a tall trapezoidal base (haligi) with a hemispherical stone cap (tasa) at the top with the flat side facing up. Standing in parallel rows of two to eight stones, they supported important structures in villages.

Chamorro dwellings were typically A-frame structures built of wood poles (often bamboo) with thatched roofs (of coconut or nipa leaves). These structures supported by latte stones would have provided a sheltered work area between the stones. Also, the structures may have offered more protection from typhoons and earthquakes than typical dwellings elevated by wood poles.

Latte stones varied greatly in size. The smallest were several feet tall. The largest latte still standing is 16 feet (5m) tall, located in Tinian. In Rota, quarried latte would have stood 25 feet (8m) high if erected. The largest shaft found here weighs 34 tons while the largest cap weighs 22 tons.

The first latte were probably constructed during the 9th century AD; however, when the Mariana Islands were discovered by Europeans in the 16th century, latte were no longer being made. Latte are found on the islands of Guam, Rota, Saipan, Pagan, and Tinian. The history of Guam before European contact is often divided into the Latte and Pre-Latte Go to Comment
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Tips for 2008
Done 06/12/2008 Go to Comment
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Kerri Meyes aka The White Swan

NPC Minor

Once a pawn, now a tool of destiny and a chance to redeem the unredeemable.

As Kerri Red hair, blue eyes, fair skin. She is a tier two super model, so she has The Look, but not all the fame or money.

As White Swan. Originally her hair was long and with wavy curls in the initial event, it returns to this state when she becomes the White Swan.

Kerri is a 2nd tier supermodel. Just famous enough to be everywhere, but not famous enough to be a house hold name or draw the huge bucks. She live in LA, renting an apartment from a lovely old Japanese woman downstairs, and occasionally cohabitating with her on again/ off again boyfriend who was one of the curators at the Los Angeles Museaum of Fine Art. Her life would of been fairly interesting as lives go, except she had the misfortune of having a "magical experience".

Her magical experience started when the Museam was preparing for a travelling show of Nipponese Historical Treasures. Included in this was an atypical set of Ninjato (long and short) made from a cut down/ broken Katana and Wakisashi. Legend said that the they were the weapons of the last Spiral Dragon Ninja, the Mokoroko. His dread figure was said to have been a dishonored samurai (whom slew his own lord) and learned the way of the Ninja. This man was said to be so evil, that he slew his family before they could come after him to clear their bloodline. Legend has it that he was the minion of the Five Clawed Oni, whom wished to revenge himself on the Heroic Bloodline that bound him to the spirit realm. That same bloodline were hunting down the Mokoroko for his crimes against their cousin clan. He killed many people at the Oni's request. He was stopped by the last surviving member of the Heroic Bloodline just before he killed the Emperor.

Being somewhere she should not of been waiting for her boyfriend, she touched these blades while they were being prepped for display. She knicked her finger on the blades spilling one tiny drop of blood. One moment the blood was there, the next it was absorbed into the blade.

That night, danger crossed the night. A shadowy figure broke in and stole several items from the display. And killed every guard in the building. The only clues was a shadowy image of a ninja in a red shinobi suit caught on a camera, before it mysteriously stopped working.

Over the next night, seemingly random killings occured across the LA basin. However, they were all related loosely. This alerted the one member of the Heroic Bloodline that followed "the old ways".

To explain, early in the last century the Samurai of the Heroic Line left Japan because he could not follow the new "direction" of the Imperial Government. He brought his family to Los Angeles. They still safeguarded "The Demon Eye Talisman". It was the hate forged key to open the bindings that held the Oni of Five Claws. It took dying blood from each victim, each from an increasingly noble bloodline, to free the Oni from its black prison. If the demon's minions possessed the talisman once again, all they would need to do is attack the Emperor himself and spill his blood. Once done, the Oni of Five Claws would once again stride the world, enslaving all of mankind.

The Mokoroko knew that one of them still held the Talisman. It pleased him and amused his Master that he could revenge himself on the bloodline and further his cause.

The Last Samurai, Kerri's boyfriend, and any adventerous souls you would want to be included attempted first to trap the Shinobi (ninja). They discovered that the Evil Demonic Ninja Spirits had possessed Kerri and was using her body (thus preventing the Samurai from killing the innocent girl). The plot would be hard to follow at this point, but in the end, with the aid of the Wise Japanese Shugenga whom was her LandLord, Kerri was set free of Mokoroko and its Evil was banished from this world.

Needless to say, both Keri and The Ninja were suprised the next Solstice. They met in her dream, which was quite lucid. The Ninja, which he wished to be called, had been relieved of his burden of Evil. He wished to redeem himself before passing on, because having failed the Oni of the Five Claws would ensure that his afterlife would be unpleasant unless he was embraced by those of the eternal light.

This could not of happened for a better time for Kerri. Several of her friends were currently on the run from a shady record producer, one Boston Marks, who obviously had ties to organized ties and the drug trade, and the police, as they had been set up to take the fall for a number of illegal activities and possibly a murder.

Using the skills and magics of The Ninja (and some of his less violent advice), Kerri took on the role of The White Swan. She was quickly able to clear her friend's names, bring down Marks and his drug pipeline, and avenge a fallen friend.

Since then The White Swan has made an occasional appearance in Los Angeles and in odd places around the world (Kerri does travel for her job). She is not a traditional super hero, doing crime fighting on a regular basis. However, she seems drawn into the unsusual, usually with a minor super natural twist.

Every traditional Ninja Power, ability, and gadget. Okay, I can see you will want more rundown on this.

The True Metapowers are Invisibility, Limited Teleport, and Insubstantial. These powers require slow movement, or no movement at all.

The White Swan has some small kenja (magics). She has some healing abilities (on herself and others), limited telekinesis (about 2kg), the ability to stick to walls like a spider, quick change (changing clothes in a blink of the eye), instant change, the ability to "summon up" small items like she was a stage magician. These talents take a moment of time and concentration (gesture and incantation) to make work, so they are more out of combat or "special situation" abilities.

She seems to be able to summon Ninja Tools from no where. Though if searched several things will show up on her person. If given some time, she can simply pull them out of thin air. While the tools can take any form, they tend towards those things historically and traditionally attributed to Ninja/ Shinobi ("What is that?", "an electronic lock pick, your picks won't open this", "I did not know you owned this?", "I don't, but I don't ask where these things come from anymore." "Wise Decision". )

Some of the common tools are:
Smoke: Grenades in eggs that give off smoke, some also go pop. She has a mystic ability to summon smoke/ fog that will slow up a room quickly while standing still.

Flash: Bright light and sound either by Grenade

Shurikien: seemingly can summon an endless supply of them


Swords and knives and Chains to use as weapons: she seems to have an arsenal concealed on her body

She can be a master of disguise, an acrobat, a top knotch martial artist and swordswoman. She only has supers level ninja skills when dressed as The White Swan. If she is Kerri or in disguise, she simply has "ninja skills" at a basic, human, level. It needs to be noted that she access to her "Ninja Powers", when she is The White Swan.

She is now fluent in Japanese, Chinese (Manderin and Cantonese), Korean, French, German, and a smattering of others. She had a small knack for langauges before, but she has mastered the Asian ones with The Ninja's help.

Kerri is fun, flighty, and fairly frivolous. She is not a ditz, and actually has a degree in Art History and a minor in French Literature.

The Ninja is cynical, bitter, and pragmatic. He is often giving her advice in her head (telepaths will tell you there are two people in there). He is seeing this as his chance at redemption. He failed his demonic masters, so if he is not accepted by the higher light he is not looking forward to the afterlife. However, keep in mind that he has a very differet world view than Kerri, being from Feudral Japan, a pragmatic ninja, and learning of the 21st century second hand from her experience and memories.

The two seem to live as "room mates" inside Kerri's head. Most of the time he ignores her life, though occasionally makes off hand comments about the world Kerri lives in. While he can possess her body totally, he will not. (Unless Kerri is incompacitated and he needs to save her). He is trying a gentle approach now, attempting to redeem himself.

The White Swan is a quiet and serious figure, taking on the best qualities of both. Though sometimes she seems to be having a conversation with someone unseen or worse yet seems to having a conversation for two sides of the converasation. When it is time for action, they seem to agree (actually except for the killing, they follow his lead).

The White Swan was something that The Mokoroko had called her disparaging in mind while he bound her there. Her Landlady used it once after they freed her. It was her destiny to be the White Swan of Beauty and Purity to clense the land of this Great Evil. At the time, it seemed to mean something different than it does after the fact.

Campaign Uses:
Pre Shinobi: She is a model, so she can be used as background, a victim, a piece of bait, a contact, or what ever, you need

The Shinobi event: Characters could be involved in The Case (the theft, the murders, the disturbance in The Force). They will have plenty of chances to fight the Ninja, who has a lot of plot immunity except towards the end. They will also have the Samurai as a contact and provider of information, and her Landlady who will provide the mystic ritual required to end the scenario.

The Solstice Event: The Characters could be involved in That Case. Following up leads could bring them in contact with The White Swan.

Post Solstice: Random encounters with a mysterious Shinobi in white.

Plot II
The last Samurai and the Kerri's boyfriend led a trap for the Mokoroko with a fake Talisman as bait. The Ninja in the Red Shinobi suit took the bait. After a grand battle, The Red Shinobi was revealed to be a possessed Kerri. Several other clashes occured, nearly costing everyone involved their lives, until they found where the swords were kept during the day (in a newly created hidden compartment in the Garage where her Land Lord stored her vintage car.

While the Samurai protected them, her landlord and boyfriend gathered the components for and performed a ritual of banishing. They manage to save Kerri and remove this threat of Evil fromt he world. Go to Comment
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I need a cool name for a forest of Frozen Souls/ Eternal Chill/ Evil Cold. the forest region once had a happy/ normal name. (SoulChill)
(The original name is Winter Forest)

YYY = Cloudhome? It has nice ring

From the slopes of the Wyvrn Spine Mountains to the Prallan Border Mountains, is a a vast sea of spruce and oak, shrouded in fog. It was once called... YYY. According to old songs and records, there were many happy villages here. Once.

But there is no warmth in YYY Forest anymore. In fact there is no YYY any more, only XXX

Two hundred years ago, a deadly blizzard swept down from the northern wastes, expanding the reach of the Frost Gods and dooming hundreds of thousands of innocent souls to death by freezing and starvation. Entire towns were buried in ice, and what few villages remained were isolated, forced to fight for scraps of dry timber or bits of food. Even women and children were not safe from the hands and axes of men desperate to stay alive, to consume anything of flesh, to burn anything that could take a flame. Evil took deep root in the heart of Winter Forest, a black blood pumped by the icy heart of terror. Pacts were made, dark bargains that invited yet more evil. In the end, not a single human survived the winter . . . But the dark gods they called upon, stayed.

Even in summertime, when the rivers sparkle again, and the snows recede, there is an unnatural chill here. The thousands who froze, eager to possess warm bodies again, haunt the woods. The woods are home, too, to monsters, outcasts, warlords of evil, and more, fighting over hiding-places and caches of old treasure, deep in the rich timberland. XXX is a place of icy evil, vast potential, and the legions of the wicked. Go to Comment
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The Fey are alien creatures. They do not participate in the way most races see the world. They are not from here, nor are they truly solid at all. The Unseelie and Seelie are not Evil and Good, but their Moral Division is based on acceptance of solid reality and its inherent forms. Now all Fey will follow The Courtesies, to a basic level. It is just their nature. However, the Unseelie do not believe they need to extend fully courtesy to Humans (and other solid things). Part of their disdain for Humanity (and other Humanoids) is that they reject that the world has a archetype of Human (Humanoid) associated with intelligence (even though they reject that it is harder to be intelligent and not be associated with that formal archetype). If this is hard to follow, that is natural. You are trying to comprehend a complex subject of a race non-native to your very reality. This is the simplified version as a Fey might try to explain it to non-fey). . It rankles the Higher Noble Unseelie Courts as they must wear this form to follow courtly protocols half the year. This all aside, the Unseelie would like nothing better than to see the things that offend their aesthetic (i.e. Humans (Humanoids)) removed from the sphere.

They follow a cyclic court as they always have. However the courts have become more and more polarized along Seelie (pro courtesy and human) and Unseelie (against humanity and courtesy beyond them). Note there are shades of grey here, as there are many Seelie who dislike humans, but extend them full Courtesy, while Unseelie who dont mind humans, as long as they know their place and follow The Courtesies. . In fact, the Humans have taken to calling them the Seelie and Unseelie courts, rather than the Summer and Winter Courts (and they dont seem to notice the minor Autumn and Spring Courts). The Fey are always political creatures. And until recently the Seelie have had the upperhand in all affairs, even during the Winter Court.

Until Recently.

The sly interplay of politics, promises, and allegences, has put the Seelie factions in checkmate until The Summer Court Next. This grants the Unseelie a year and a half to endulge themselves without sanction or political restriction. They have a year and a half to complete their plans and cement their power.

The Army of Winter is now on the March.

The army is a rolling wave of fey across the face of The Sphere. Non-Human forms abound in the advancing tide of fangs, weapons, and spells. Rolling balls of white fur with giant maws full of razor teeth, roll besides loping fey wolves with tiny Red Cap riders, and WilloWhisps slide next to the Banshse and Troglees, and other things that are difficult to imagine until you see them coming to kill you, all move along, sweeping resistance from their path. The Small Folk are garbing themselves in a misshapen Goblinish form, to join the army. The Nobles have begun to clad themselves in a specific form, a uniform of sorts. While seemingly paradoxical, they are wearing the form of an exotic humanish form that has become known as The Winter Folk. These noble fey are riding flying snowflake chariots (drawn by little clusters of snowsprites), striking people down with arrows of burning ice, and performing random and cruel acts on warriors and innocents alike. They are proceeding at a leisurely place, enjoying this war of destruction like it was a leisurely stroll of the grounds.

They had a plan. To satisfy their own egos, they pushed ahead of the ice.

You have various options as how to defeat them

Fighting, while satisfying, you will just lose. They know they can win militarily.

Hide and survive (things will change in a year and some)

sneak around and mess with Stella

They can be punished and now forced to live in their WinterPeople forms. They could be wearing them with pride, like a civil war vet wore their old coat, even though they had lost, or the Brown Coats of Firefly. Go to Comment
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The Timewheel (Idõkerék) is the world's largest hourglass, situated in Budapest, Hungary next to City Park, right of Heroes' Square and behind the Palace of Art (Mûcsarnok). It is made of granite, steel, and glass, and weighs 60 tons. The "sand" (actually glass granules) flows from the upper to the lower glass chamber for one year. The last few grams of sand flow through at exactly midnight on New Year's Eve and the Timewheel is then turned 180 degrees so the flow of the sand can resume for the next year. The turning is done by manual power using steel cables and it takes roughly 45 minutes for 4 people to complete the half turn. The Timewheel was unveiled on 1 May 2004 to commemorate the historic enlargement of the European Union that also admitted Hungary (along with some other former East European communist countries) to the EU.

The timewheel was designed by Istvan Janaki. Go to Comment
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