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MoonHunter's comment on 2006-12-06 12:25 AM


"I lie awake, staring out at the bleakness of Megadon. City and sky become one, merging into a single plane, a vast sea of unbroken grey. The Twin Moons, just two pale orbs as they trace their way across the steely sky. I used to think I had a pretty good life here, just plugging into my machine for the day, then watching Templevision or reading a Temple Paper in the evening.

My friend Jon always said it was nicer here than under the atmospheric domes of the Outer Planets. We have had peace since 2062, when the surviving planets were banded together under the Red Star of the Solar Federation. The less fortunate gave us a few new moons.

I believed what I was told. I thought it was a good life, I thought I was happy. Then I found something that changed it all..."
Anonymous, 2112

"And the meek shall inherit the earth."


... "The massive grey walls of the Temples rise from the heart of every Federation city. I have always been awed by them, to think that every single facet of every life is regulated and directed from within! Our books, our music, our work and play are all looked after by the benevolent wisdom of the priests..."

We've taken care of everything
The words you hear the songs you sing
The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes.

It's one for all and all for one
We work together common sons
Never need to wonder how or why.

We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
Our great computers fill the hallowed halls.
We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
All the gifts of life are held within our walls.

Look around this world we made
Equality our stock in trade
Come and join the Brotherhood of Man
Oh what a nice contented world
Let the banners be unfurled
Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand.

We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
Our great computers fill the hallowed halls.
We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
All the gifts of life are held within our walls. Go to Comment
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Harks, Herald Flowers, Spring Bursts

In the top most reaches of the mountains, spring can be as short as a few hours. These small low green plants are immune to most of the cold and ice of the weather here.

Once a spring like moment occurs, these flowers begin to grow quickly, almost before the actual warm dry moment occurs. They burst through to a number of 5 petal flowers of almost every color (red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, etc). They create patches of a riot of color.

The plants themselves, once bloomed has a pollen relese. This pollen creates a frenzied effect.. promoting "spring activity". Some animals only awake from torpor when the pollen is in the air, while the pollen acts like a mating signal for others.

Nothing eats the planets. The effects of the plants are

Dream Wind

The Dream Wind happens on certain warm dry days usually in the middle spring early summer. It happens without warning.

Everyone is effected. Madness of sorts/ Delerium/ and a binding of all things together (telepathic fuge) Go to Comment
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I have a problem with this, and it is a pretty signifigant one. The article assumes that all magic will behave in a fashion similar to what equates to 'real magic' or ritualistic magics practiced by Wiccans.

Actually this is not for Wiccans. This is from the Hermetic system of magic which is the basic system of magic practiced in Mediteranean region (notably Greece and Persia) since about 1000 BC. The tracing of informative lines gets conveluted with Egyptian and Quabalistic aspects.

If that is the system you want to use for your game, that is fine, but doing so rips magic out of the enviroment.

No, it rips nothing out of the environment. It converts magic to a skill rather than a crunchy bit for a character.

Tell the PCs they really didn't need the Jewel of Karkoom to raise their friend from the dead and it was just a prop and the need was in their head, your players are going to be angry.

While items are not required, they are useful. You can do brain surgery with just a sharp knife... your chances of success is low. Items are useful tools, but just that tools. You can sometimes use a tool that would be "inappropriate" process

I guess the problem I have is that this article confuses the objective reality of the real world with the subjective reality of the gaming world. That and it looks more like a laundry list of magical implements than a fleshed out system.

Final objection.
Quote "Athame: Magically attuned knife, usually blunt... but not always. Once blooded can not be used for "good" magical purposes. Used for fire or the initiation of magic. /i"

Blood is a sacrament in many faiths, and the drawing of blood for sacrifice is not in itself an evil act, thus blooding a knife doesn't make it evil. using it to murder another person, or use in violation of the standing ethos yes, but in drawing blood untrue.

There is a difference between blooding a weapon (with the blood of others) and using it for self sacrifice (which is normally a self inflicted ritual cuta). Go to Comment
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Character Profile: Lt. Candi Carmelle
Submitted By: MoonHunter Wizard
Relative Experience: Veteran
Profession/Class: Communication's Officer
Species/Race: Human
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Generic Attributes
Physique: Average Observation: Above Average
physical strength, size, stamina senses, acuity, intuition, awareness

Prowess: Average Intellect: Average
dexterity, agility, quickness, reflexes wits, memory, reason, will, focus

Spirit: Exceptional
charisma, presence, power, faith

Important Skills, Knowledge, Training
She is a graduate from Star Fleet Academy, with a specialty in communications, protocol, and languages. She has "friends" all through out Star Fleet who will often do favors for her. (All of them are either ex-lovers, wanna be romeos, or women she promised not to take their men away from). She is also expert at the trivia areas of Romance and sex practices of all known races.
Special Talents (i.e., psionics, magic)
Nothing listed.
Special Abilities and Powers
Dazzling good looks.
Character Description
Candi is practically human sexuality personified. She is 5'8 and 54 Kg. She is well proportioned, with ample breasts. Her fair skin is tanned to perfection. She is crowned with long blond hair that frames her face perfectly. She has perfect bangs. Her eyes are sparkling blue. Her nose petite. Her cheekbones are high. She moves with a liquid grace and a confident air.
She looks so perfect, some people think she is a hologram.

Important Items and Possessions
None of adventuring note. She like very nice things. She collects jewelry and men.
Personality Profile
Candi is friendly, outgoing, and a gentle tease. People want to hate her, but just can't. She appears and acts "just that nice". It is not completely an act, she is nice. She is also manipulative and sneaky. She understands the way of conspiracy and diplomacy quite well. She will use her sexuality to get what she wants, usually in the form of flirting. She will never "burn a bridge" with someone unless she has too, as you never know when you might need them again. As a "public service" she will arrange dates and introductions for other members of the crew. She believes everyone should be in a couple and will work to make sure that happens.
She is also quite lazy and will avoid as much work as possible. Like many lazy people, she will do more work to avoid the work (and getting others to do it for her) than it would take to do the work.

Character Background and History
Candi has one goal in life: To find a gorgous and powerful senior officer in Star Fleet and marry him. She wants to be a senior officer's wife, in which she thinks she will get power and prestige without all the work.
To that end, she enlisted in Star Fleet. Realizing that officers don't have much contact with crew, she applied for the Academy. Through careful course selection, flirting with a number of tutors, some advanced sleep learning techniques, and some dumb luck, she managed to get through. Her natural aptitudes brought her into the communication/ diplomacy sphere of Star Fleet. Between the strings she is pulling and various captains and admirals that want her "somewhere else" she is moving through the fleet searching for that perfect officer (and causing romatinc havok where ever she goes).

When she gets to a posting, she will spend time to determine who is the best canidates and get to know them. She will go through the senior officers like wild fire, creating romantic complications, broken hearts and relationships, and just getting in the way.

She was originally played in the Kirk Era of Federation, but she can be easily inserted into any era of Star Trek play. She can be played in almost any modern or futuristic fleet/ military campaign. Go to Comment
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Commander Henrik Johansson
Submitted By: BlackFog (Craig Pearlman) God
Created On: 01-21-02 06:17:36 EST
Last Modified: 01-21-02 06:17:36 EST


Relative Experience: Renowned
Profession/Class: Chief Engineer, USS Lexington
Species/Race: Human
Age: 53
Gender: Male

Generic Attributes
Physique: Above Average Observation: Exceptional
physical strength, size, stamina senses, acuity, intuition, awareness

Prowess: Above Average Intellect: Exceptional
dexterity, agility, quickness, reflexes wits, memory, reason, will, focus

Spirit: Average
charisma, presence, power, faith

Important Skills, Knowledge, Training
Commander Johansson is a renowned expert in Warp Drive Technology, Transporter Technology and Operations, Mechanical Engineering, and Deflector Shield Technology.
He is also highly skilled in Electronics Technology, Computer Operations and Technology, and tlhIngan (Klingonaase). He has a wide variety of other technological and non-technological skills, suitable to an officer of his experience.

Special Talents (i.e., psionics, magic)
Nothing listed.
Special Abilities and Powers
Nothing listed.
Character Description
Johansson stands 193 cm (6'4") tall and weighs 83.2 kg (183 lbs). He has a full head of thick, wavy, natural blond hair, with thick eyebrows and a short-cropped beard. His eyes are a very light, clear blue.
He wears a StarFleet uniform as found within the Star Trek II through Star Trek VI timeline.

Important Items and Possessions
Nothing listed.
Personality Profile
He is an intellectual, not a fighter, although he is a bit imposing in size and appearance and can handle himself quite well if absolutely necessary. At times, he will tend to lose focus and clown or mess around, but he will eventually see that as a waste of time and get his act together. He knows that hard work is the only way to gain any satisfaction in life and he has spent his life proving it. He is very disdainful of those who have their lives or positions handed to them on a silver platter. For those that earn their position, he will respect them and treat them with true respect, for those others, it's sheerly an act of courtesy.
He does not tend to talk much when it's important to get things done and tends to be brief and to the point when he does speak. It is for these reasons he sometimes comes off as a bit gruff.

Outside of his StarFleet duties, he enjoys hiking, swimming, skiing, mountaineering, and other outdoor activities. He is not a recreational reader, but keeps up on scientific journals and studies. He is not fond of chess, cards, or most gambling games. Specifically, he has a very distinct interest in Klingons, and has spent much time learning their culture and language, rare for a StarFleet officer of his day.

Character Background and History
Commander Johansson has had a long, but exciting 29 year history with StarFleet since leaving the Academy. He has spent time primarily as a starship engineer, but has spent time in a variety of tours, but his prize was the Lexington, where he's been chief engineer for a number of years.
Johansson has received the Medal of Commendation, the Medal of Honour, and the Medal of Valour. He also has one mark of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer.

Johansson is a native to Iceland, born second youngest of five children. His mother is a marine biologist, his father a local administrator. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2006-12-23 12:34 PM
Submitted By: Kendraheart (Kendra) Peasant
Created On: 01-15-02 15:13:56 EST
Last Modified: 01-19-02 14:04:08 EST


Relative Experience: Rookie
Profession/Class: Companion
Species/Race: Human Simulacrum
Age: 3 month
Gender: Female

Generic Attributes
Physique: Legendary Observation: Legendary
physical strength, size, stamina senses, acuity, intuition, awareness

Prowess: Legendary Intellect: Exceptional
dexterity, agility, quickness, reflexes wits, memory, reason, will, focus

Spirit: Above Average
charisma, presence, power, faith

Important Skills, Knowledge, Training
Databases of knowledge including Business, Bodyguard, Caregiver, Charm, Chauffeur, Companion, Domestic, and Gymnastics. She can operate as a fully functional individual in these situations. She is a full artificial intelligence, so she can continue to learn new things.

Special Talents (i.e., psionics, magic)
Unlike most simulacrums, this unit has one unforeseen feature. It has a pure soul (not just a spirit as is normally the case with golems). This makes it inventive, intelligent, and highly desirable by every paranormal creature who wants the soul for itself.
In a technical environment, it has the ability to interface with computers through her hidden port and has an IR communication device in its eye

Special Abilities and Powers
Inorganic construction. While it can breath, eat, and sleep, it does not need to. At GM's option, she may need to recharge every 24 hours or so.
Character Description
This description is an android part list as if she was a production model. The creator lists the parts this way, despite the fact that there are no production model androids.
Size 12 Sony Humanoid Chassis I3, long leg option

185 cm Tall, Bust 100 cm, Waist 90 cm, Hips 100 cm, Inseam 88 cm 110 Kgs

Fair Caucasian skin (012), Deep Auburn hair (216), D. Kelly Green Optics (220)

Caitlyn Basic Face Mold, Nice smile (standard). Hair: Red, Long, Wavy (standard), Expressive eyes, Well shaped Legs.

Air Cooled, 100 F Temp (tentative)

Servos 225 Kg Test

Creative Labs (tm) Audio system Aural Microphones

Creative Labs (tm) Audio system Sub Uvala speaker

TouchMaster (tm) Sensory systems, full skin

Temperature Sensor

Corem Balance Gyros

Acceleration Sensor

Vibration Sensor

BioPoint Pointchem(tm) Sensors

Trimbletm GPS and Timing Systems

Total: 95 degrees of freedom 85% Human

Important Items and Possessions
Clothing. She likes to dress well and fashionably.
Personality Profile
It acts and appears human in most cases. It is only after serious examination or time spent that the unit's inhumanity is detectable. It is very intelligent with some basic human experience. It follows rules like Asimov's laws. Because of these, the simulacrum comes across as a friendly, perky, some what naïve, young adult that is extremely polite, helpful, and moral.
1) Through no action or inaction, shall a simulacrums allow humanity come to harm, 2) Through no action or inaction, shall a simulacrums allow its owner to come to harm, unless it interferes with a superior protocol, 3) Through no action or inaction, shall a simulacrums allow a human to come to harm, unless it interferes with a superior protocol, 4) A simulacrums must follow the directions of its owner (though questioning for clarification is allowed), unless it interferes with a superior protocol, 4) A simulacrum most protect its own existence, , unless it interferes with a superior protocol. 6) A simulacrums must follow the directions of a human (though questioning for clarification is allowed), unless it interferes with a superior protocol, 7) The simulacrum is to do what it can to make the lives of the humans around it better and easier, unless it interferes with a superior protocol, and 8) The simulacrum must act as human as possible, unless it interferes with a superior protocol.

Character Background and History
An eccentric inventor/ sorcerer has created a human simulacrum. It can be an android (a technical origin) or a golem (magikal origin). If not using the scenario Heart's Desire, it has become permanently separated from its creator/ owner. It would like to get back to him, but it does not know how. It is trying to fit into the world it finds itself in (protocol 8).
There are forces in the world that want it for a variety of reasons (Study it to make more, To keep others from having it, To use it for their own goals, To take its soul). Because of its protocols it keeps finding itself in situations helping others. Go to Comment
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Lt. Keishen Friez
Submitted By: Kendraheart (Kendra) Peasant
Created On: 02-26-02 00:28:12 EST
Last Modified: 02-26-02 00:28:12 EST


Relative Experience: Veteran
Profession/Class: Star Fleet COM-OPs
Species/Race: Vulpedian
Age: 28
Gender: Female

Generic Attributes
Physique: Average Observation: Exceptional
physical strength, size, stamina senses, acuity, intuition, awareness

Prowess: Exceptional Intellect: Above Average
dexterity, agility, quickness, reflexes wits, memory, reason, will, focus

Spirit: Above Average
charisma, presence, power, faith

Important Skills, Knowledge, Training
Star Fleet Academy Training. Her specialty shifted from Security to Operations in her second year. Other skills include dancing, sewing, cooking, climbing, forest survival, and ropeweaving, things all good Vulpedian girls should know. Being Vulpedian, she knows more about plants than most of the science department.
Special Talents (i.e., psionics, magic)
She thinks she has a highly tuned seventh sense (ESP), but she is just deluding herself.
Special Abilities and Powers
Only those of all Vulpedians, a keen sense of smell (equal to most tracking animals) and the ability to sense the natural electromagnetic flows (found in most migratory creatures. It also makes it difficult for them to be lost).
She can run slightly faster than a human in the same condition. Vulpedians are excellent climbers and quite limber. She can swim, but will endevor never to do so as it makes her smell bad.

Character Description
In the Tradition of Star Trek Aliens,Vulpedians are humanoids with a facial structure appropriate for humans. The most common opinion is that she is quite pretty and distracting.
She is 5'7" and 110 lbs. Her eyes are large and green. Her nose is longer and thinner than expected for a human. Her chin is slightly pointier than expected for a human. Her ears are slightly pointed. Her very pretty human body is covered in a soft, short, fine, reddish brown fur, except from her throat to her belly button, and two small spots to the outside of her eyes which are white. Her "hair" or fur ruff, is long and a darker reddish brown. It looks like long human hair, except it sprouts from the top of her forhead to just below her shoulder blades. Her tail is 2 feet long, full and bushy, and is, to a Vulpedian, her most attractive feature. Her feet are slightly digigrade (toe walking). She is not a "Furry" in appearance, but more of a human with fur appliances applied.

Her voice is soft and musical. Some say it is sensual in nature. Her laugh however sounds like a very cute snort. Her accent and grammer, make her sound like a cute 16 year old Teen.

Important Items and Possessions
Her room is filled with plants; enough to make the botanical section green with envy. Keishen and all Vulpedians like a natural setting. Vulpedians are known for their botanical and genetic expertise. They create plants for other Federation member planets.
Personality Profile
Keishen is a classic Vulpedian. She has all the common racial traits.
Vulpedians are friendly, out going, and curious. Keishen is all of these, almost to excess.

Vulpedians like to eat and have a metabolism to process just about anything. Eating is their main social time, so Keishen will not eat alone. She does however think Human and Vulcan food is painfully bland.

Vulpedians are very group orriented. They want everyone to get along, so they strive to try and make everyone happy. However, this means they want to know everyone's business and are terrible gossips. Being a Ops officer, she is in the position to monitor internal communications, see where people are at a given time, and know what is going on. She is a big believer in the truth, so keeping a secret will only make her work harder to find out what is going on and tell everyone about it.

Vulpedians have no sense of personal space. They will reach across you, lean on your shoulder, and stand much to close. This annoys Vulcans, confuses Andorians, sends mixed messages to Humans, tests Klingon self control, and frustrates any Deltans. Combine this with the fact that Vulpedian body language is more sensual (and outright sexual) than Human expected. These traits have lead to many... misunderstandings for Keishen.

Vulpedians are cyclic and are only interested in members of the other sex once a year for about 20 days. For those twenty days she is very interested. This does not preclude any playful activity at other times, but she does not understand the Human obsession with it. Keishen's plumbing is backwards when compared to a human. This is best described by a quote, "Humans are always in heat, confused when you are not, and always trying to stick things in the wrong places."

Character Background and History
The Vulpedian are a minor race. They are found on their homeworld and a few in system, offworld stations. Only a few every leave the comfort of their clan. Kellen, the seventh in an average family of eight children, is one of the few that have. She is more curious than most Vulpedian, which is to say alot. Her curiosity overcame her need for her family, and she wanted to see the universe. Star Fleet was really the only way she was going to see it, so she became the fourth Vulpedian in four generations (92 Standard years) to go to the Academy.
Her career so far has been without distinction. She has served on a StarBase, A Science vessel, and a Galaxy class ship. Not to say life has been boring for her or those around her, just that she has yet to receive anything more than a satisfactory review.

Keishen is often the Heart or Soul of a crew. She want to make her new clan happy and functional, and will do everything she can to make it so. She is the one to talk to about setting up parties, finding love, or what ever is worrying you. She will do what ever she can to help you. She may not be the best officer, technically, but every posting has been happy to have her. Go to Comment
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Mall of the Bay or the Bay Island Mall.

Bay Island tiny rocky outcropping in the middle of the bay

The Mall is a floating mall. Several stories, a movie theater, destination dining, a wide range of retail (from everyday to high end). Ferries take you to and from it. Go to Comment
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working list crap I need to rework this.

Kerren Things
*Book of Names: codice and scroll of names from various cultures.

*Of The Darknest Night
a scroll of Epic Big Bads. Saurmon, The Darkness, Chuthulu, Dr. Doom, people who make campaigns shudder

*Actors Guild: Create "character actors" with their physical descriptions, their generic personalities, and the hooks they are normally stuck with.

*Urban Fantasy Posts
My Guy and Kayla Oaks

*Connor and Leia

*Fields and Shiela

*Mall of the Bay
*Captain's Table: NPCs for all the various captains here
Make a Starship Captain
Make my SeaFaring Fantasy Kirk

*Arcturian Posts
Kings, Knights, Knight code, Weapons

*Order for the Azure District/ link to the mercenary world
*Hexel Manicles

* A'Kehanawei The Dancing Folks New Take on Elves?
* All those things here I mean it

* The Sword there, maybe the rest of the associated goblin stuff.

*World of Mercenaries, finish that one country
*Do that castle
*Open it up to the world

*Rolls of Justice, a Supers "heroic" NPC scroll

*Arth things all 43

Them, their prison, and the guy running

The people, the islands

* 4 Place Set From Timeline

*Spirit magic Manfred
*Ithican Magic Manfed
Actor's Guild Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2006-12-28 03:27 PM
Starship Ideas

Space Van

"Eagle" Modular Ship "System"

"Flying Saucer" created by guy in garage Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2006-12-30 01:45 PM
Actor's Guild: Scroll Post

A scroll of basic descriptions and personalities and sterotypical
roles that you can plug into any space. Need a drunkard, pull up "Dean Martin". Need a Tough Guy, "Chuck Norris". Need a Bossy Wench, see Minnie Driver/ Emily.

Now these can be villagers, town folks, guildsmen, clerics, or a noble court

These actors can be real actors, or just personalities that come up. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2007-01-03 02:58 PM
Holokrines Monastery Go to Comment
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first records of man-lifting kites come from China. Their use is mentioned in Sun Tzu's The Art of War as a means of viewing the movements of enemy troops. In a story about the Japanese thief Ishikawa Goemon (Îì ŒÜ‰E‰q–å 1558-1594), he used a man-lifting kite to allow him to steal the golden scales from a pair of ornamental fish images which were mounted on the top of Nagoya Castle. His men manoeuvered him into the air on a trapeze attached to the tail of a giant kite. He flew to the rooftop where he stole the scales, and was then lowered and escaped. In the 17th century Japanese architect, Kawamura Zuiken, used kites to lift his workmen up to the roof of a temple he was constructing. George Pocock, who invented a kite-drawn buggy in 1822, had previously used kites as a method of lifting men to inaccessible cliff tops, but it was not until around the 1880s that there was serious interest in developing man-lifting kites.

The first well-documented record of a man lifted by kite was at Pirbight Camp in 1894. In the early 1890s, Captain B.F.S Baden-Powell, brother of the founder of the scouting movement, had designed the "Levitor" kite, a hexagonal-shaped kite intended to be used by the army in order to lift a man for aerial observation or for lifting large loads such as a wireless antenna. On June 27, 1894 he used one of the kites to lift a man 50 feet (15.25 m) off the ground. By the end of that year he was regularly using the kite to lift men above 100 ft (30.5 m). Baden-Powell's kites were sent to South Africa for use in the Boer War, but by the time they arrived the fighting was over, so they were never put into use.

Lawrence Hargrave invented the box kite in 1885, and on 12 November 1894, lifted himself from the beach in Stanwell Park, New South Wales using a four box kite rig, attached to the ground by piano wire. Using this rig he lifted himself 16 feet (4.9 m) above the ground, despite the combined weight of his body and the rig weighing 208 lb (94.5 kg).

Samuel Cody invented a kite known as the Bat, that he proposed be used for observation of the enemy during war. After a stunt in which he crossed the English Channel in a boat drawn by a kite, he attracted enough interest from the War Office for them to allow him to conduct trials between 1904 and 1905. He lifted a passenger to a new record height of 2,600 ft (792 m) on the end of a 4,000 ft (1,219 m) cable. The War Office officially adopted Cody's design in 1906, and the war kites were used for observation until they were replaced by aircraft. Cody also made flights in an untethered kite powered by a 12-horsepower engine. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2007-01-07 04:14 PM


You know, Real Mongolians don't cook the way I want my people to cook. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2007-01-07 04:17 PM
the world is full of creative people who aren't efficient,
interesting, or accessible
Wulfhere 1:12 pm: simply due to failure to understand their audience

someone was complaining about what do to with
one of her posts.
They could not see the implied plot lines
So she asked me how to make them more
Take the plot hooks you think are the best, think about how you would explain them to a 13 year old, and write those plots down in one to three line capsles
Then put them in a big section with a bold title:Plot Lines Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2007-01-10 01:29 PM
Klah: Done Go to Comment
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A BioMaster Clone, taken from an honest to gosh girl (her memories and her basic genetic enhanced). She is now the perfect pop star

Music is pablem. Her lyrics are "slightly suggestive" through innuendo. She is a great dancer. She is sexier than any 16 year old has a right to be.

The tabloids... well you can't go a day without seeing her in the media somewhere.

(Teen Dream enhanced.)

Superstrong and invunerable, plus slowly flight, dazzle, tiny eb, and side effect for extreme power of the flashing lights.

She thinks she is a superhero. She is actually a pawn of BioMaster to gain control over the youth of the world. While she will argue and hem and haw, she will do anyting BioMaster tells her to. Go to Comment
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MISC: All skyships-from island hoppers to galleons-are built by members of the Shipwrights Guild, a secretive order dedicated to the Artificer. None outside the order knows the secret of flight, and it is closely guarded. The Shipwrights Guild has boatyards on all major islands. Once built, these ships can be repaired by anybody with the correct know-how, tools, and raw materials, however. Whatever secret, arcane work the masters perform persists with the vessel through its life in the Skies.

Important: Skyships navigate their way through the void using scrying devices called wayspheres-crystal globes filled with magically charged water and a flint-tipped arrow suspended at their center. Each waysphere is attuned to the ship as part of her launching ceremony.

A navigator must handle rock or dirt from the island to which he wishes to travel no more than thirteen hours before attuning the sphere. Then all he need do is concentrate on the chosen destination and the arrow points the way. Go to Comment
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Kudzusho - A new take on Orcs.

Orcs are plants. Fungi actually.

They are supernatural mushroom creatures with thick blood and a toughness born from their lack of organs. They kill humanoids for their blood, the more magical the blood the better. Thus dwarves and elves are prefered eating vs. humans. As plants, Orcs are truly alien - an axe weilding kudzu. Their motives are to survive and spread their species across the world.

As intelligent plants, they grow with all they need to know, but slow to learn information not inbred in their cell structure. They can sense the presence of their own for many miles, probably by pheromones, and gather in groups to hunt together. However, as plants, they are greatly competitive to dominate their niche for the most food - that is, sweetly enchanted blood. Also, there are many breeds of orcs as their breeds adapt to different terrains and grow forth from different soils.

When an orc dies, the body decomposes enough to feed the new growth. Even the thick orc blood that seeps into the earth will give rise to more orcs. Thus orc incursions rise year after year from the battlefields. A city overrun by orcs may never be free of the scourge as the new bodies grow several feet below the ground in the darkness until the orc is fully formed and ready to claw its way to the surface world.

Some orcs are better. They are fungi that grow in and upon a half buried body. These orcs have true and stronger bones. This makes them taller, stronger, and more functional.

The Orc will eat some of the flesh of their targets, to take in additional nutriants and get at the blood.

They also need magic to aid them in their process. By absorbing the magic of ambient objects, they become stronger/ faster/ more durrible. Thus they might have magic items, but never use them for their intended use.

Orcs tend to splay the bodies out, so the blood will spill on the earth. Then they will half bury the bodies to build Dire Orcs.

Half-Orcs are born to human mothers who have eaten orc meat or crops grown where orc blood has been spilled. Although outlawed in most civilized areas, orc meat is quietly eaten by villagers in particularly bad winters.

Orcs emerge, spill forth, as the spores finally begin to digest and replace the human form.

They are welcomed by orcs who see them as leaders and often specialists capable of grasping knowledge beyond the simple urges in their plant cells.

Orcs serve evil spellcasters because they are fed well. When a warlock cast spells on their enemies, the orc leaps upon the enemy with hungry fury for if the enemy can be killed swiftly while the aura of magic is still upon the body, such blood is tremendously sweet. Thus Orcs and Evil Wizards is a symbiotic affair. Go to Comment
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Torn Tapestry

Sure this is not the name of the world, but it is name of the campaign set in it.

7Cs: Consistency, Connection, Chrome, Cycle, Conflict, Control, Continuity

(XX) Conception
(XX) Bits
(XX) Sift and sort
(XX) Top down process (__)(__)(__)
(__) Bottom up (__)(__)(__)
(__) Polish


Themes and Images:
There are nine elements here, one for each main primary and secondary color, black/ white/ grey. These weave together to make reality.

Mages = Weavers or SkeinWeaver (vs thread or cotton weavers).

Each region is its own magic. Magic users tap into the region's magic to produce cool magical effects (mostly summoning things).

The world is kind of anime, thus there will be fuzzy spots, and it will all be about look.

The World seems fairly European, Early Medieval. The two older Empires broke vs invading "orcs" (beast men? mongols? vandals?) We have the left overs of the not quite conquered territories with their own cultures.

All the power is centered on Regios and

Worlds Specs:
Earth Standards. See in one big brush stroke, you know what the world is approximately like. It is like our world in general geography, change some of the squiggles.

We will focus on "Europe and Africa and Middle East" regions of the world. Why, because it is familiar for the players.

Nothing out of the ordinary

Imagine Europe not depleated by Roman Predation. So you will have Northern and Southern Lions and a few "african" creatures adapted to northern climes.

Plants, unless infused with magic, are pretty much normal.

Nothing is specifically rare.

Races and Peoples:
Our dominant culture is a Post Roman Medieval. Pre Charlemagne.

We have three other mini-cultures in this. This mixes in with the dominant culture.

Celtic/ Guals (nearly conquered)
Those of the Ruins (building their lives on the shattered cities in Italy)
Northmen (nearly conquered people plus the nomads pushed infront of the "Orcs")

The other core culture is more of a Eastern Roman Empire.
All pomp and form, little substance. Add to this a heaping helping of Egypt. Included in this area, our Elves (which are just a subtype of human).

Cultural Overview:
Feudal. One Lord/ Skein Weaver, some supporting noble people, merchants/priests, peasants, in each Regio.

No suprises for the standard calander. There is an arcane calander that runs with a nine day week

There might be up to three tiers of feudal obligation.

The Church, centered more East than West. It is the matrix that holds all of the world together.

Laws and Morals:
Fairly fedual


Social classes:

Political Power:



Technology and Common Power:
Military Weapons and Tactics
Industrial/ Production
Math and Science:
Other Knowledge



Arts/ Literature:




History Brief:

Each Regio of the world has its own "ethos". This is its strongest points: comprised of its geography, geology, history, elemental allignment, and strongest magic.

Magic here is mostly summoning of phantasmal things (animals, people, monsters). Some effects (such as an enhancement or enchantment or simple spell effects) are possible.

Each Weaver is linked to a Regio. It can only pull "Mystical Archetypes" in that to make them manifest Go to Comment
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Fear the Gods

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Culture/Religion: based on fear and respect. Gods are very dangerous creatures, sometimes friendly, often not. Temples are the way to make contact with them... if not easier, then at least more concentrated in one place. Were it not for the temples, gods could be running amok among the people. Therefore, mortals have to keep the gods close to temples, entertained and worshipped. It doesn't make the bad ones any friendlier, though (and is no guarantee some won't go on trips now and then). Still, there have to be priests that are hardy men, able to survive the rigours of their position, get a sufficient number of worshippers to make the gods feel important enough, and mediate the contact between mortals and immortals.

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