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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-07-21 04:25 PM

It all started during a "Kung Fu campaign". We were on a steady diet of Kung Fu movies at the same time. At the end of most Martial Arts movies are outtakes of the goofs that the stuntmen did or when the actor flubbed the lines.

At the end of the game, we were laughing about a funny event earlier in the game (when someone missed an athletic attack roll at an inopportune time and whammed into a wall). Someone said, "That should be in our outtakes".

So we cobbled together some funny bits from the game, and made a couple up based on the situation on the game. "Tea?! You call this tea?! No I call it brown water because the prop department wont make tea. Everyone laughs." The one that made us laugh the most received some token experience points.

So it began...

At the end of every session, we would do an outtake or five. If they were good, you received player points/ eps, if they were bad, you were penalized. It ended up being a lot of fun.

(Of course this evolved into us having an introduction, ending credits, commercial breaks, and so on, but this is for another entry.) Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-07-21 04:15 PM
The Rules:

In a horror investigation game I run, the players were always finding new and interesting ways to eliminate themselves. So the team leader just got upset with some players/ characters who did stupid things and got themselves killed.

So we had the first two rules:

*Don't go alone

*Don't ever, ever, under any circumstances, go alone.

She had a team meeting and had everyone repeat these standing orders. Several Times.

At the beginning of the next game, she had the same team meeting and had people repeat the rules.

After two people told each other they were going, to circumvent the you cant do that, it is too dangerous/ disobeying the leader, a third rule was added.

*Tell someone, who isn't going with you, where you are going.

So it became tradition, that at the beginning of the game, everyone would recite The Rules. (There are now 10).

Since we began to recite the rules, the 40% kill rate has dropped to 2%. (And most of those deaths are directly related to people who disobeyed the rules). Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-07-21 04:27 PM
Halloween is in costume

Every Halloween (or close to halloween) most of my game troupes would dress up in halloween costumes.

This started when Halloween fell on a regular game night. We had a mini-party to go with our game. It was so much fun, we had a Halloween party the next year.

The most fun I ever had was when we were playing Champaions. Everyone dressed as their superheroic character (or as close as they could get). People worked really hard on their costumes. It was a blast. Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-07-23 01:19 AM
Pot Luck

A gaming group comprised of a bunch of my friends had a tradition of potluck. Each week, one player brought home cooked food, usually a "one pot meal" like spaghetti or chili, to game night. There were eight players, so they only had to do it once every two months. The penalty for not bringing food on your assigned night was to bring food of the group's choice for eight weeks.

This all started from one person bringing chili to the game and another saying, they made better chili. They brought a pot to the next game. There was a third pot in the running. Someone else brought gourmet grill cheese sandwitches, just to stop the chili. Well at that point, it just kept going.

There are many stories related to this. Some of my favorites...
The group brought a new member in. On their first night, they were supposed to bring potluck. They were accepted or rejected by the group based on what they brought.

One person was going out of town. He actually had his roommate bring the chili to game night, rather than risk the ire of the group.

One person could barely cook. Canned Spaghetti was a stretch for his culinary abilities. The microwave... there are stories about him and the microwave. By unanimous consent, he was absolved from cooking and told to take everyone's order and made to run to several fast(ish) food places to collect them. Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-07-21 04:12 PM
Video Game Night

This really isn't a whole night, but just an hour or so. On nights we know someone will show up, but will be late, we run a "Video Game Night".

You get three tokens, one per spawning. No continuity, no nothing. Your characters are just characters in a video game.

I set up the setting. Usually it is a sand filled arena, but I try to spice it up. The last one we did was a room full of 30 foot stone pillars.

You then "spawn". You can fight each other. You can fight ninja minion or giant robots or those guards. They could be moving archery targets far down the map. What ever people are in the mood for.

So we practice combat rules, try new tactics, go through the obstacle course (to get familiar with the various rules and to get a feel for what their characters chances at certain actions are).

We also get to resolve the "My character is tougher than your character debates" and "If I wasn't hampered by this code vs killing, I would kick butt" comments.

Bragging rights about having the highest score or surviving longer when someone else, when they uses up their third token.

(We occassionally give out more tokens to the group. It depends on how late the player is going to be). Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-07-21 04:09 PM
Movie Night
On game night, about once every other month, we schedule a movie night. It is the night we have a movie running during game. This results in really slow play and a really casual night or just giving up on the game all together and hanging out. We never get together anymore outside of game night, so sometimes we just need the social interaction. So we will watch the movie (usually something inspirational for the campaign we are running, so we watch good Samurai Movies during a Nippon! campaign), shoot the breeze, talk about comic books, and so on.

I made this a formal affair when I figured out that every six weeks or so, we didnt actually game (or do much gaming) we spent it just messing around. Now that we have, my players are more focused on the game on game night, knowing that we can all catch up on movie night. Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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Pieh's comment on 2008-08-07 07:40 PM
The Snarf Rules

First, what is a snarf? A snarf is when someone laughs while drinking something and it sprays everywhere. It can be disgusting, but it usually pretty funny (provided it doesn't hit anyone).

I'm struggling to remember all the rules. They weren't strict guidlines, just general situations of humor when xp would be awarded. Here are a few:

- General Rule: Good joke = Bonus XP. If you make someone snarf, you gain even more XP. If it's the GM, you get a bit more than usual.
- Snarf Evasion: If you catch your snarf, usually in the cup it came from, (and avoid getting things sticky) you get some XP, same to someone who leaps out of their chair to avoid getting hit by a snarf.
- Critical Failure: If you just snarf everywhere and make a mess, everyone gets mad at you and gameplay is stopped while you clean up. Plus you lose any bonus XP acquired.
- Dude, not funny: If no one finds the joke amusing, either because it was just stupid or it was at an inapropriate time, you lose XP. Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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Pieh's comment on 2008-08-07 07:42 PM
Good stuff, I'll try to remember some more. It's been a while since I've been with my old group. Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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Scrasamax's comment on 2008-07-25 12:15 AM
My gaming group showed up and we gamed for 4 to 8 hours at a time, usually 3 to 5 nights a week (we lived close) with breaks for pizza and cigarettes. The only tradition we had was that you never said 'I hack at it with my sword' because that automatically gave your opponent a free shot at you. Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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valadaar's comment on 2008-07-29 12:12 PM
Love the anecdotes - need to dig into the archives to see if I have any of my own... Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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Silveressa's comment on 2008-08-06 11:34 PM
Theme Music
Well one of the most common traditions of my local gaming "group" (which is just me and my lover these days so I hesitate to call it a group) Is intro theme music. The gm (which varies between us) tends to find a particular song they feel captures the mood and/or theme of the game, and the player selects one they feel fits their character best. One fo the two theme songs gets played after reading the previous sessions summary before actual gaming beings. (it alternates each session)

It helps to set each game apart from the other, (we both run several a piece) and helps both the player(s) and gm focus on the game, cutting down on the ooc chatter/interruptions.

No Interruptions

Another tradition we do for in house gaming is minimize the real life interruptions. This often includes prepping drinks/snacks before hand, unplugging the internet and phone, (back we had a phone anyway) and even going so far as to put a "gone bowling be back later" note on the door. (not that we've ever gone bowling or ever would) Hopefully to prevent Jehovah witnesses, or anyone else from ruining a great rp or combat scene.

For internet gaming we tend to be less worried about interruptions, given the pacing of most of the games we do online is so slow the interruptions are hardly even noticed in game. (although for horror gaming over chat we make sure to take all the usual "no interruptions" preparations, simple because nothing ruins a horror game atmosphere more than real life interruptions.) Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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Silveressa's comment on 2008-08-06 11:36 PM
A fun sub, that sheds light onto the mysterious happening of others gaming groups, well worth the read. Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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Netlander's comment on 2008-08-08 11:44 PM
I don't know if this counts as a tradition or not, but...

We had a player who really liked his beer. While most of us tended to bring something heavily caffeinated, he would bring a twelve-pack and consume the entire thing. This affected the game because obviously, the drunker he got, the more reckless his character became. Eventually we decided that if this guy was going to drink a beer, his character had to seek out an alcoholic beverage as well. At least this way, it would explain his character's behavior. We ended up having a lot more tavern-based adventures than we normally would. That guy doesn't play with us anymore, but the character/player drinking ratio rule stuck. Go to Comment
Gamer Group Traditions
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Nafar's comment on 2010-12-13 02:26 PM

The Shotgun Rule

Once when i was DMing an investigation game everyone was talking loudly and i had just told them that they heard the sound of a shotgun being cocked behind them. It turned out that only the two people closest to me had heard and they quickly dived behind a table, that ended with a lot of brains on the wall ad half the group down. After that the players learned to listen to the DM when he is giving descriptions or risk getting their head blown off but there was still some moments when no-one was listening. To counter this i developed a new rule, if i yelled SHOTGUN then everyone had to dive to the floor in real life or get their XP gainers blasted by a shotgun and damaged so that they could only get half XP for the rest of the session.I ended up editing this rule so i didnt have to shout, instead i bought a plastic airsoft shotgun and cocked it, this was quieter and eliminated table chatter even more. Go to Comment

Soul Disks
Items  (Jewelry)   (Non-Magical)
manfred's comment on 2008-06-24 06:28 PM
A simple item that basically anyone may have a chance to wear, and you can hang any number of customs, rituals and chrome pieces to... that's what it is. And it is appreciated.

But you know there is always something to expand, even with most angles covered, you can't escape that. Let's see... one thing to note, just in case it was not clear, the mythology featured here does not require heavens or hells at all. The disk may be still serve the passing on of the spirit to the next world, and severing the ties to this one - whether it is a true gate, or a mere symbol.

Anyway: very usable! Go to Comment
Soul Disks
Items  (Jewelry)   (Non-Magical)
Cheka Man's comment on 2008-06-23 02:03 PM
Another thing from you that is useful in any world, whatever the funeral customs might be. Go to Comment
Soul Disks
Items  (Jewelry)   (Non-Magical)
Murometz's comment on 2008-06-25 10:15 PM
Quite interesting, and very good, Moon! Not your usual style of sub. I have nothing snarky or sarcastic to add ;)

top marks. Go to Comment
Soul Disks
Items  (Jewelry)   (Non-Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2008-06-25 07:49 PM
An excellent bit of culture - I'm going to link this to my Burial Customs sub. Go to Comment
Soul Disks
Items  (Jewelry)   (Non-Magical)
Golanthius's comment on 2008-06-23 02:32 PM
This is an excellent custom that can be used in any genre of gaming...Very Nice Go to Comment
MoonHunter's Top Tips for 2008
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manfred's comment on 2008-06-14 06:34 PM
Aand a tip of the hat to number 8!

Tips to survive your games with. Go to Comment
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