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Fantastic elemental forces
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MoonHunter's comment on 2007-03-26 02:10 AM
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Fantastic elemental forces
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
MoonHunter's comment on 2008-05-09 12:48 AM
Here are some elemental sets that are cluttering my note pad. This seemed like a good place to put them. Feel free to grab and expand them.

Light, Sound, Substance, Spirit, and Time.

Mist, Steel, Thunder, Dust and Frost.

Earth, Wood, Water, Ice, Air, Lightning, Fire, Metal -> back again to Earth.

Air, Water, Fire, Earth (as in soil, the generative element), Crystal (which includes rock and metal), Aether (light and lightning), Ice, Shadow, Decay (either Death or Transformation) and the Void (a hard-to-pin-down element that involves Time or Destiny). Go to Comment
Fantastic elemental forces
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
MoonHunter's comment on 2010-11-09 02:44 PM

The five elements are Limen, Loam, Caelum, Caementum and Wood.

Limen is the elemental threshold, the thinnest veneer between us and the spiritual realm. This is the way of liquid, the mutable yet tangible. Water, blood , acid , to fire  are passive to active Limen manifestations. Emotions are in the realm of Limen, but border of Loam.

Loam is the element of the earth that could grow out of.  This would be soil, shifting from silt, sand, to soft rock, to even salt.  Fertility and potential are in the realm of Loam.

Caelum/Skyis the element of nothing that exists, the intangibles. This manifests as air, mist, and even fire.  It is also the realm of thought. 

Caementum/Of Earth is the element of deeper earth. This is the stoic and tangible, the anchors of the world. Clay to Metals.  It is the realm of making.

Animus. The elemental profile consists of living things. While it is mostly associated in its raw state with plants, animus with some additional elements will make animals (and spirits). 

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Fantastic elemental forces
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MoonHunter's comment on 2011-02-09 07:12 PM

This is a metaphysical setting element. There are eight elements. 


The Court of Light (Expansion, Creation, and Order) the three associated courts

Sun (fire and drive),

Sky (always in motion, always thinking),

Green (Plant/nature/soul - living)


The Court of Darkness (Contraction, Destruction, and the Random) the three associated courts

The Blue (Ocean and emotion),

The Keep (stone/metal),

Winter (frost, cold, stasis)


The associate courts are mostly their prime, but have segments of them in the opposition. 


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Fantastic elemental forces
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Nobody's comment on 2005-12-07 12:25 PM
One of the most useful ways to think of new elements is to look at the kind of spells that have been thought up.

Building on the western four earth, fire, wind, and water, there are actually a lot of ideas that can be played around with.

Life and Death are elements that are rarely mentioned, however they are fundimentally powerful.

Spirit for another. Spirit can take many forms. It could be considered similar to life and death, but it could also be the principal foundation for mind control and compulsion, and any other mind effecting spells. Also it might be similar in nature to magic, and be the fundimental power involved with antimagic fields and magic enhancing powers. Spirit could also be the thread that allows for sight into the future.

Luck. Luck usually gets overlooked as an element because people do not see how it can be used in a spell or ability, however, even if that were true, it would still be a fundimental element, primary in all things.

Chaos and Order. These could be considered the elemental equivalents to Luck, but they don't have to be. Order could be used for divination (giving one the ability to see the natural order of the world before it happens) or any other form of increased mental function, allowing one's mind to organize itself more efficiently. Chaos is used a lot in literature, allowing the improbable to happen.

Time is a good one. Everybody can see how time is a fundamental element of the world, as well as its usefullness in practical situations.

If you wanted to, you could say that the five senses were the elements of the world. After all, what exists without the fundimental elements of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.
Air has sound and touch, but not smell, taste or sight.
Fire has sight, and touch, but not smell, taste or sound.

These are just a few suggestions off of the top of my head, hence the reason that they are not organized or written out very well. I suggest that you play around with them to see what works for you.

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Fantastic elemental forces
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
Scrasamax's comment on 2006-12-05 03:49 AM
The Six Arcane Elements
These are the strange forces that govern the flow of magic, psionics and some say even the fundamental stuff that everything is created of. Most scoff at such notions, but the powers of the rare mages who learn to harness the purified forces of even a single arcane element are enough to leave disbelievers scoffing quietly.

Montez is the arcane force of positive seperation, the force that drives birds into the sky and the clouds to tower above even the mountains. It is not to be confused with ideals such as lift and bouyancy, but these are actually different expressions of Montez.

Eloiv is the seperating force, the thing that forms the boundaries of things, from the often indistinct boundary between water and soil, to the more concrete boundary between flesh and air. Eloiv can be reinforced to make brittle things strong, or to rupture things completely.

Etran is the force of inexplicability, which some foolishly call the power of chaos, though while it is certainly the master of chaos, Etran is also the force that drives emotion, intellectual thought and aspects of the soul and other things that defy any attempt at explanation or prediction.

The arcane force of attraction, this is the force that bonds fire to things that burn and the air to the surface of the water. More mundane aspects of Armech include magnetism, gravity, and inertia.

Ane is the 'good' force, but to call it good, attractive, positive or the like is to only name single facets of its potential. Ane is the force of attraction between base and noble, the difinitor between have and have not, and the name of the boundary between light and shadow, shadow and darkness. There is no corresponding anti-force to Ane, it is, or it is defined by it's absence.

The arcane force of self, Tevat is self definition, mass, ego, and denial. Of the arcane forces Tevat is considered to be the easist to comprehend as many consider creation to be primarily composed of Tevat and given order, purpose, and objective definition by the other arcane forces. Go to Comment
Fantastic elemental forces
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
Scrasamax's comment on 2006-12-05 03:50 AM
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Fantastic elemental forces
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
knightsceam's comment on 2005-12-07 12:08 PM
Tetra the combination of the four elements of earth, wind, water and fire

Ice (bit of a ff fan) frezzing cold to the touch, incase in ice

energy or electricity massive balls of pure energy

crystal element of fragile but unbecoming strength Go to Comment
Fantastic elemental forces
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Wogden's comment on 2005-12-07 12:06 PM
Not to be all "look at me" or anything, but I did some research regarding Tarot for Mister Smeed's little card tricks, and sort of came up with my own suits... They correspond to the elements, but they also have a sort of basic idea or concept that they stand for.

Sabres - Air - Freedom and nobility
Towers - Earth - Vigilance and solidity
Masks - Water - Deception and confuson
Torches - Fire - Violence and destruction
Stars - Light - Wisdom and knowledge
Vaults - Darkness - Seclusion and imprisonment

Not exactly new and original elements, but a world based on suits instead of elements could be interesting... Go to Comment
Fantastic elemental forces
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
Wogden's comment on 2005-12-07 12:26 PM
You could go for a very human approach and base elements on feelings:

Mentally - Joy, happiness, delight, contentment.
Physically - Lust, sensation.

Mentally - Sorrow, anxiety, sadness.
Physically - Agony, hurt.

Mentally - Anger, hate, revulsion.
Physically - Violence, pressure.

Mentally - Calmness, inner peace.
Physically - Steadiness, relaxation. Go to Comment
Fantastic elemental forces
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valadaar's comment on 2006-12-04 09:21 PM
This good ole scroll needs a bump! Go to Comment
Fantastic elemental forces
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
valadaar's comment on 2010-10-09 05:01 PM
Fantastic elemental forces
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
Moonlake's comment on 2015-05-23 11:57 PM
A lot of bumps but not that many votes really in the schemes of things so an extra vote to bump it! Great scroll to steal ideas from for the creation of a magic system! Go to Comment
Spellbook Glyph Trap
Dungeons  (Any)   (Traps)
Strolen's comment on 2011-02-27 05:47 AM
Update: Updated Freetext Go to Comment
Spellbook Glyph Trap
Dungeons  (Any)   (Traps)
Cheka Man's comment on 2005-11-09 04:57 PM
The must-have gift for the mage/witch who keeps on having his/her book read. Go to Comment
Spellbook Glyph Trap
Dungeons  (Any)   (Traps)
Zylithan's comment on 2005-11-22 07:22 PM
pretty standard trap/ward. Go to Comment
Spellbook Glyph Trap
Dungeons  (Any)   (Traps)
Drackler's comment on 2006-04-26 12:03 PM
Just the thing to annoy that one mage that thinks he's better than everyone
O.o Go to Comment
Spellbook Glyph Trap
Dungeons  (Any)   (Traps)
valadaar's comment on 2013-05-05 11:03 PM
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Frieze Door Trap
Dungeons  (Other)   (Doors)
manfred's comment on 2005-11-23 04:56 AM
Well, it can be used, but only if there are no people around that would accidently trigger it.

Problematic for a normal residence, good for restricted places.

(Side note: the door nearby better be tight, or the sleeping gas knocks out the owner, too.) Go to Comment
Frieze Door Trap
Dungeons  (Other)   (Doors)
manfred's comment on 2008-04-24 06:37 PM
While troublesome in your common mansion, this is actually a reasonable trap for a paranoid owner. "Don't go up the stairs or something will happen to you!"

As with many other traps, your can simply train your guards to not open this door... hopefully they are not that stupid. :) Go to Comment
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