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Local Winter Holidays
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Cheka Man's comment on 2006-12-28 11:48 AM
Cannon Eve

All across Banhoesea and the many islands and fleets controlled by the De Madden Company, New Year's Eve at midnight is known as Cannon Eve-a time when all manner of noise is made. The cannons and catapaults are let loose at midnight and fired harmlessly into the sea, whilst fireworks both legal and prohibited are set off at such a time and there are cheers and kisses, singing of songs and dancing in circles, and general merriment in which the highest Admirals take part along with their underlings. The noise is to drive away demons that might be lying in wait to attack the new year, and also to drive the Old Year away from the world. Go to Comment
Local Winter Holidays
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Cheka Man's comment on 2007-01-02 09:53 PM
On New Year's Eve in Bathland the Old Year is put on *trial* Some of these so-called trials are acutally held in courtrooms with great pomp and pagentry and real judges presiding, others are held before mobs, but the result is allways the same.The Old Year is found guilty of all the murders and rapes and other bad things that happened during it and is sentenced to be hanged, burned or blown up with fireworks and then the sentence is carried out on an effigy at midnight and the New Year is warned to behave itself or this will be it's fate. Go to Comment
Local Winter Holidays
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Kinslayer's comment on 2006-12-21 11:06 AM
New Year's Day: The first day of the year. This day is typically spent hung-over from the previous night. Syadus 1st
Detestation Day: to remember those that you dislike. In most countries (the Elves being a notable exception), this is also a day to remember the departed. By focusing on the negative about those that have passed, it is easier to overcome grief and get on with living. Zarathus 14th
Hysteria: Day of jokes, practical and otherwise. Mojus 1st
A holiday for dressing up and partying. This is a celebration for the new spring. There are often death-themes to the costumes and decorations but this celebrates birth and renewal. It is typical to give up bad habits following this holiday. Gulik 10th to 20th
Day of Bliss: The final day of F'te enjoyed by some while heavily sedated.
Sea Day: The day when ships are typically put to sea. Eldus 30th
Foundation Day(Kingdom of Formour only): Day commemorating the establishment & the unification of the Kingdom. Mandalus 7th
Day of the Dead (Ghouls, Goths, & Hobgoblins only): According to myth, the dead are able to walk about on this day. This is originally a Ghoulish holiday about the legendary first Ghoul-vampire who was able to withstand sunlight on this day. The cultures that practice this holiday spend it with family visiting the gravesites of dead loved ones (just in case). Chaosphe 30th
Day of Joy (Dwarves) / Day of Wrath (Hobgoblins): Two very different holidays commemorating the same event from different cultural perspectives. This day marks the defeat of the Olde Empire. To the Dwarves, this is a day celebrating freedom; to the Hobgoblins, this is a day of grim remembrance. Cabbus 2nd
Emperor's Birthday (Byzant Empire only): Celebrates the current Emperor's birthday. Ignotius 23rd
Halloween: A day for dressing up, partying, and remembrance of the dead. This is also a festival for the final harvest and preparing for the upcoming winter. Erisus 30th
Commercialmas: A mid-winter holiday for gift-giving and spending time with family. Malclypse 25th
New Year's Eve: The last day of the year. The evening is typically spent in a drunken stupor. Malclypse 30th

Additional player-added holidays:
New Hope: (Former Vridtown) Celebrating the regrowth over adversity and our new hope for prosperity following the city's reclamation from an Undead horde. Malclypse 22nd
Dead Man Dance: For the foundation of the United Darkmouth Emirates & the overthrow of Archmagus Vrid Krege. Chaosphe 4-5 Go to Comment
Local Winter Holidays
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Kinslayer's comment on 2006-12-21 11:10 AM
Commercialmas is the Midian gift-giving holiday. Some in central Formour decorate with branches of plants that stay green throughout the winter, to remind that winter is half over & life continues ever on. However, as these brances will inevitably wither & die after they are removed from the original plant--especially in dry smoky air indoors--the dying serves to remind people instead of death & that winter is only half-way over. Outside of central Formour, this custom is seen as strange & creepy.

Feasts are had by all, as it is preferable to slaughter and eat part of the herd than to let all (including and especially the sentients) die from starvation. As one large animal will provide more meat than what a small family can eat, this feast is often a big communal celebration. In small villages in the countryside, the entire community gathers for one large feast. In urban areas, Commercialmas is still enjoyed by large gatherings of family & friends.

Gifts are exchanged at this time, and many merchants offer competing discounts for items. However, typically only one gift is given--rather than a plenitude--and personalised &/or hand-made items are preferred. For Commercialmas, a well-thought gift that you make yourself is preferable to a large total purchase cost. As gifts are often personally made, and far fewer of them are exchanged, this holiday is not marked by scrambling at stores, short tempers, insipid jingles, or crashing one's mule cart into someone else's for the last parking spot in the bazaar... Go to Comment
Local Winter Holidays
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Ancient Gamer's comment on 2006-12-21 11:11 AM
Inspired by the German: "Walpurgisnacht"

The Night of Burning is a national holiday in Silmaroth devoted to the Saints of Vigilance. During the second month of the year, as the winter winds blow colder than at any other time, at the very night of the full moon, the Silmarians celebrate the 'Burning Night'. This is a night of Vigilance and a ward against evil. During the celebration the peasantry dress in their warmest winter clothing and patrol the cities and countryside armed with torches and spears, clubs and bows. If a Hexenjaeger (Witchhunter) is present during this night, it is believed that those present will be blessed with good health and good fortunes the next year. But those that are black of heart should beware, for they may fall ill or even die the next year.

The witches and warlocks (or anything resembling witches and warlocks) that can be found prowling the streets at this night will be dragged along by the ecstatic crowd and be burnt at the stake. Some local customs claim that if more than three witches and warlocks are burnt in a particular location, the countryside surrounding that location will be blessed with a rich harvest and a mild winter the coming year.

Some legends whisper of grave injustices committed during this celebration, of old neighbourly disputes unjustly settled as one neighbour claims the other as a witch or a warlock. These legends tell of the restless spirits of those so unfairly treated and how those spirits are lured into the worship of the Whispering King; an undead entity trapped in his royal tomb, warded and entrapped by elder runes and unable to walk the earth. Still he whispers, his incantations of blasphemy corrupting the land and casting shadows over the hearts of folk and forest. His promises and curses seduce the spirits of those unjustly slain, binding them to his eternal service.

At the Night of the Burning his whispers are particularly powerful, it is said, and the acts of evil committed in the guise of good are sure ways to damn a spirit into eternal slavery in the service of the Whispering King. Additionally his restless dead spirit slaves are free to haunt any location during this night, excepting the places in which witches are burnt. Go to Comment
Local Winter Holidays
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Murometz's comment on 2006-12-21 11:17 PM
didnt Cheka have a Holiday Scroll going? Go to Comment
Local Winter Holidays
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Murometz's comment on 2015-06-23 02:13 PM
Only voted Go to Comment
Local Winter Holidays
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valadaar's comment on 2006-12-21 11:22 AM
These are really good! Boxing matches on Boxing day? Heh! Go to Comment
Local Winter Holidays
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RGTraynor's comment on 2011-03-25 02:06 AM
This idea freaking rocks. Go to Comment
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