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wildcorn's comment on 2006-01-30 07:10 AM
The character is appears inconsistent to me. If I could hazard a guess, I think you've taken the methodology of Professor Moriarty, with the ideals of Che Guevara, but the mix isn't so good.

These three critisisms deal with Scarabomantus as the villian:

1) There is little motivation to fight such an enemy. Unless your greatly benefitting from the status quo, why fight someone who is trying to ensure that everyone is treated fairly? Its like fighting against Robin Hood.

2) If he is never seen, his plans are epic in detail and meticulous in construction, and he always has quick escape routes planned, how are players ever to come to suspect him of anything? And don't tell me thats the point, if the players aren't to know he is operating, he might as well not be.

Perhaps he needs some signature crime traits?

3) You never mentioned what he does with the stolen goods, other than more campaigns. What a campaign is, in undefined (Assasination? open war? Guerilla war? Terrorism?). If his campaigns have collatoral cost, does he try to minimize it, or does he believe "ends justify the means". Does he give money to the poor, or secretly fund public works in poor areas? Or does he just keep the money all the money for future campaigns?

Can you give us some examples of how you would fit this character into a story line - remembering please, that the PC's must be able to determine that he is behind the plot, and being consistent to the character you've laid out. Go to Comment
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"Ladies and Gentlemen of Worth, please come closer and have a look... " In a little stand with numerous maps, the human Advantos sells land-rights with a shining smile and jovial talk at bargain prices. He sells even squatter rights (first to settle is the owner). About 20% of the lands do not exist or belong to someone else. About 30% do not have even that value, or have other problems attached- swampy, cursed, haunted, Old Indian/Pet Cemetery (tm)... Be assured you will not see this man in the same city twice.

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