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Kite Shield of Caladin
Items  (Armor)   (Combat)
valadaar's comment on 2006-10-24 02:35 PM
Needs work. Go to Comment
Locations  (Forest/ Jungle)   (Regional)
valadaar's comment on 2013-06-16 11:10 PM
Interesting details. Some spelling errors - fencing. They seem a little too perfect at everything they do though. Go to Comment
Mermaid's Toe Ring
Items  (Jewelry)   (Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2013-04-05 09:56 PM
A decent background for a ring of water breathing.

The npc is more striking then the ring. Go to Comment
Doomsday Item
Items  (Jewelry)   (Campaign Defining)
valadaar's comment on 2014-08-14 01:01 PM
Only voted Go to Comment
Saint Duncan
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Religious)
valadaar's comment on 2007-01-12 09:01 AM
Nicely done! Go to Comment
Haven Fortress
Locations  (Fortification)   (Water)
valadaar's comment on 2014-02-05 09:41 AM
Fantasy can do away with some logical problems, perhaps if this was how the place was spoken of by the unknowing and ignorant, maybe.

The reality would have been far, far different than this.
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NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Mystical)
valadaar's comment on 2013-05-11 10:44 PM
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Dangerous Truth
Plots  (Discovery)   (Single-Storyline)
valadaar's comment on 2007-01-04 11:44 AM
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Chimeric Ring
Items  (Jewelry)   (Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2006-09-22 11:20 AM
An excellent item, if dangerous.

Great Job! Go to Comment
Prince Graeme
NPCs  (Major)   (Political)
valadaar's comment on 2013-04-23 03:37 PM
Not a bad NPC, though "Despite the murder of his father, Graeme is not an evil person, merely a pragmatic one." does not fly with me.

He does however fit into my worldview of nobles being closer to Game of Thrones then King Arthur. "Good Kings" merely have good PR folks :)

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Sentinel The Ranger
NPCs  (Minor)   (Natural)
valadaar's comment on 2013-05-14 11:10 PM
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Fontis Stone
Items  (Home/ Personal)   (Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2007-12-04 10:53 AM
Not bad - could use a little polish (capitalization is needed on a few sentences..) and of course a large backstory would be nice. All in all a straightfoward sub. Go to Comment
Prince Michael
NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Travelers)
valadaar's comment on 2014-03-25 12:43 PM
A good character, though not a major driver.

Only real complaint is commas require a space to follow them - most of the commas lack that space.
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Prince Michael
NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Travelers)
valadaar's comment on 2014-03-25 12:43 PM
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Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Combat)
valadaar's comment on 2014-09-08 12:17 PM
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Book of Fury
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Heroic)
valadaar's comment on 2013-06-19 08:51 PM
An interesting piece of detail. Go to Comment
Reverend Fury
NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Knowledge/Lore)
valadaar's comment on 2014-02-07 09:48 AM
A character with good potential for complicating an adventure. Replace his sword with a small army, and now he's a real mover and shaker.

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Items  (Potion)   (Villanous)
valadaar's comment on 2012-11-26 07:03 PM
Seems you are back to familiar ground Shadoweagle :). Here's another potion for new and overworked necromancers everywhere... Go to Comment
Thrar Stones
Items  (Jewelry)   (Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2014-06-10 10:33 AM
What an excellent item to bring to the world, and one need not grant any magic for it to be worthwhile! Like other gemstones, the Thar stones have their uses for rituals, magic, alchemy and folklore. Pearls of the Forest might have been a more evocative title, but still, a great post.

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Derry Pine
NPCs  (Minor)   (Natural)
valadaar's comment on 2015-01-08 01:04 PM
The names of the undescribed equipment, and her description are the best parts of this one. She has had her parents killed by orcs or equivalent, and she has been rescued by a prince/knight, so it treads some very well trodden ground here.

I have no idea how the summary relates to the main part of the submission.

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