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The Deck of the White Sorcerer
Systems  (Combat/ Warfare)   (General)
valadaar's comment on 2007-01-25 11:32 AM
Quite interesting, but I think it needs a little more work. I'm having a bit of trouble following it completely.

Some of the new formatting options would greatly help this post. Go to Comment
The Shocking Pattern
Dungeons  (Any)   (Puzzles)
valadaar's comment on 2008-04-23 09:17 PM
This is interesting, though I'd like to know more about Why. Go to Comment
The Hand (and the Silver Stars)
Society/ Organizations  (Criminal/Espionage)   (World Wide)
valadaar's comment on 2007-01-30 07:33 PM
I really like the interplay between these sides. Great job! (I like the Stars healing side more though). Go to Comment
Kingdom of Kerrabar
Locations  (Country/ State)   (Other)
valadaar's comment on 2007-01-30 07:31 PM
What Moon said. Go to Comment
Silver Stars (and The Hand)
Society/ Organizations  (Knowledge/Lore)   (World Wide)
valadaar's comment on 2007-01-30 07:30 PM
No idea why it has so few votes - this is an excellent organization to add to a campaign. The Star is easily adapted to other campaigns. Go to Comment
Guild of the unblinking eye
Society/ Organizations  (Knowledge/Lore)   (World Wide)
valadaar's comment on 2014-08-05 02:33 PM
This is start of something, I would make them a bit less reliable - more real. Perhaps they started as the secret police of some great empire, and outlived that empire. Go to Comment
Locations  (City)   (Plains)
valadaar's comment on 2007-01-30 07:26 PM
Who - there is a LOT to Hewdamia :)

Could you like the race %'s to the appropriate subs? This city is well described as it is, but to implement the new link methods would help it (in my opinion... ) Go to Comment
Choke Horror
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Other)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-16 01:12 PM
Not bad - strikes me as a New Take on the Roper (An AD&D monster), at least vaguely. I like the backstory. Go to Comment
Dark Unicorn
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Other)
valadaar's comment on 2013-05-04 10:05 PM
I would like to think that an iconically good creature such as a unicorn would not easily follow this path, even in the case of the violent death of their mate. A subset may fall into darkness, but I would not think all.

Still, a logical origin for such creatures. Go to Comment
Order of the Wheel
Society/ Organizations  (Political)   (World Wide)
valadaar's comment on 2007-02-16 02:10 PM
Not bad in context of the codex, but short for a submission. Go to Comment
Guilds of the Water
Society/ Organizations  (Travelers)   (Regional)
valadaar's comment on 2007-02-01 07:17 PM
Perhaps this should be worked into a larger scroll? Go to Comment
Guilds of the Water
Society/ Organizations  (Travelers)   (Regional)
valadaar's comment on 2008-04-22 11:39 AM
I think stubs can be attached to codicies now. Go to Comment
Guilds of Antioch
Society/ Organizations  (Ethnic/Cultural)   (Regional)
valadaar's comment on 2007-01-30 07:19 PM
Interesting. A good listing, but it feels incomplete. I can't put my finger on what it is though... Go to Comment
Societies, Guilds, and Groups
Society/ Organizations  (Knowledge/Lore)   (Trans World)
valadaar's comment on 2007-02-02 04:06 PM
This well populated sub requires more votes!

:) Go to Comment
Glacier Fins
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Tundra/ Arctic)
valadaar's comment on 2015-09-17 01:16 PM

I like how PAH! is described as nothing more than PAH! :)

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Blue Fires
Lifeforms  (Ethereal)   (Tundra/ Arctic)
valadaar's comment on 2010-02-11 11:00 AM
An interesting creature. I could seem them having use in medicine and refrigeration as well :P

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Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Forest/ Jungle)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-19 01:13 PM
Not a bad critter, but I have a problem with natural creatures which specialize in human prey.
A human population providing enough food for a bunch of squirrels to evolve eating them is not very likely - the group would either move away or attempt to exterminate the squirrels. Either would not provide a very stable diet. A magical creation or unique mutation I could believe. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Water)
valadaar's comment on 2007-03-28 11:14 AM
A nice fish. Needs more detail though. Go to Comment
Blood Spiders
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
valadaar's comment on 2013-06-19 08:58 PM
A good elaboration of the giant spider with details to work off of. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Desert)
valadaar's comment on 2017-01-31 11:21 AM
These creatures are so odd, I'd need them have to have a magical origin to be able to rationalize them.

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