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Chimera Oil
Items  (Potion)   (Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2006-10-09 07:47 PM
This excellent, though it could be detailed a little more. Go to Comment
Destruction of Strolen
Plots  (Crisis)   (Side-Quest)
valadaar's comment on 2007-01-19 03:56 PM
I found this somewhat amusing - with this title I had to look at it.

Not much here mind you, but still a little amusing. Go to Comment
Hail to the Queen
Plots  (Discovery)   (Single-Storyline)
valadaar's comment on 2014-03-05 11:54 AM
This certainly falls under the Dangerous Knowledge category. Go to Comment
Firearms & Artillery
Systems  (Combat/ Warfare)   (General)
valadaar's comment on 2006-09-29 12:55 PM
The biggest thing which slows the historical growth of firearm use is metallurgy.
No good having high quality powder if the barrel will explode. Go to Comment
The Well of the Dreamer
Plots  (Discovery)   (Single-Storyline)
valadaar's comment on 2013-06-24 09:28 AM
I like this apart from there being to many possibilities and not enough details. Its really a well conceived idea, but I'd really like to know what you thought should be beyond the curtain.
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Powder Keg
Plots  (Duty)   (Multi-Storyline)
valadaar's comment on 2011-03-14 09:24 AM

I agree with Scras's comments - this one is basically good, but the presentation could use work.

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Kubla Khan's Herb
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Any)
valadaar's comment on 2013-04-22 11:30 AM
A nifty little plant that can be used in a healers toolbox as well. I like it! Go to Comment
NPCs  (Major)   (Combative)
valadaar's comment on 2012-11-28 11:55 AM
Only voted Go to Comment
Ally Shield
Items  (Armor)   (Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2007-02-23 10:51 AM
A suitable and usefuly battlefield item. Nice job! Go to Comment
Ring of Fire
Items  (Jewelry)   (Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2013-07-09 03:03 PM
A nice magic item with the non-verbal command ability I like.

I have something of a similar, but not too close, nature in mind. Go to Comment
The Dragon Carved Egg
Items  (Home/ Personal)   (Sentient)
valadaar's comment on 2014-06-02 10:28 AM
I like the personality of the item - it is amusing that it finds Dragon's annoying.

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The Grand Sword of the Warlord
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Sentient)
valadaar's comment on 2013-04-05 02:10 PM
An interesting item, with even more discussion added to it :)
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The Balgrian Uprising of Midwessel
Plots  (Duty)   (Single-Storyline)
valadaar's comment on 2011-06-28 10:30 AM

 Even at the start, CP's writing style is great!

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Bra of Holding
Items  (Clothes)   (Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2006-10-08 08:17 PM
I have to echo Roack on this. It's okay as a scroll entry, but a full sub? No. Go to Comment
Bed of Wellness
Items  (Home/ Personal)   (Magical)
valadaar's comment on 2014-04-25 07:55 AM
Only voted Go to Comment
Beast Weed
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Forest/ Jungle)
valadaar's comment on 2013-06-09 11:20 PM
I have a thing for strange and magic plants. This is defiantly one of those.

Going on faves list. 
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NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Mystical)
valadaar's comment on 2007-06-19 08:11 PM
Wow! Quite the collection of linked objects... Go to Comment
Zsaelia Tsianu
NPCs  (Minor)   (Mystical)
valadaar's comment on 2013-05-17 06:11 AM
Only voted Go to Comment
The Mad Prince
NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Travelers)
valadaar's comment on 2013-05-31 09:47 PM
Ah, so many possibilities. I like this one. Into the faves it goes... Go to Comment
Alia SunSoar
NPCs  (Extras)   (Travelers)
valadaar's comment on 2013-05-03 10:10 PM
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