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Other Demoted sub ideas:

Abadra - Magicite Age
A magic rich Arabian-flavoured empire at the height of it\'s powers

Keldasaar - Necromantic Nation

"I would delight in devouring your entrails. Your pass please?" Quote from Custom's Agent Yedred

A nation with extensive use of necromancy. Undead of all types are bound and used for many roles, and not just manual labour.

Some carry on the business of their lives.

This nation is currently being constantly harrassed by the Church of the Redeemer. Go to Comment
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Kredals Salvage and Sunderies

None in Malver's way would ever make the mistake of believing this buisness is in any way legit. Outwardly, it is supposed to be selling goods salvaged from fires and other disasters, but is clearly a fensce. To maintain the facade, however, Kredal employs a handful of bully-boys who do serve as Malver's megre fire service. These men rarely put out any fires, but will enter structures to retrieve whatever valuables can be saved. Of course, only a few make it back to the original owners. It is also not unusual for fires to occur whenever things get too slow at Kredals.

The shop also sells regular goods - both stolen and occasionally legitmately sourced. Kredal also provides loans, sending his bully-boys to collect. Kredal himself lives in a villa quite some distance from Malvar's place, but does like being a big fish in a little scummy pond.

Kredal himself appears as a middle aged merchant who has endulged in too many vices, but his enemies have found that there is steel in that lardy package. And whatever faults he may have, his memory is not one of them. Go to Comment
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30 Detailed rooms for a dungeon- ready to use!

Liquid Destiny

When one enters this room, what one first notices is the smell of blood. Nearby the door is a large barrel filled to the brim with some liquid.

The other of this 20' square room is somewhat lower - the slope is gradual, but noticable.

The far wall features a stone door, but what really captures you attention is what appears to be a large summoning circle a few feet in front of the door. A vauge shadowy demonic figure can be seen standing in the middle, apprently watching your entry.

If any significant material crosses the lines of the summoning circle, the demon within will be released to lay an unholy whopping on any nearby.

The door is signficantly fortified by magic, and sports a false front which will fall inwards if physical attempts to open it fail. This of course will cross the circle and free the demon unless it is caught or otherwise prevented.

At the bottem of the barrel is the key to the door, but it must be removed without spilling much of its contents. Any significant amount of liquid will roll along the floor in nearly undetectable grooves to intersect with the summoning circle, and again, release the demon.

Reaching into the barrel will displace significant liquid.

The PCs could somehow evaporate the liquid, decant into other containers or even dam up the flood. Other solutions might suggest themselves as well, but only if the PCs understand what might happen should they spill the liquid.

Other props/bric-brac could be added to the room, but the barrel, door, circle and summoning circle are the real items of note. Go to Comment
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In addition to the demons themselves,am suggesting the following distinctions with regards to possession:

4 Degrees of Possession:

1st Degree - Mindshadow

Demon in question only appears as an evil thought in the subject's mind. Only those on the edge are likely to be affected. Simple interventions can clear this, if the subject is aware of it.

2nd Degree - Power Struggle

Demon in question is a major force in the target's mind. Although the subject still has control, this is fragile.
It may take some effort, but moderate rituals can clear this.

3rd Degree - Possessed

Classical possession - Demon is in full control of the victim. Usually requires full exrocism to clear.

4th Degree - Consumed

The victims physical form is used to build a physical body for the subject demon. This transformation is usually very horrifying depending on the nature of the demon. It may appear as a simple morphing, like lycanthropes, or more spectacular, including the demon form bursting out of the victims body.

Please note that the names of the demons are inspired by latin, but are just
mock-latin, like mock swedish "Bork Bork!".

Arachnii Infernelum

The Archnii are another of the Fear Eaters which assume a bizarre spider-like form. They appear as a spider with a ridiculous number of many segmented legs -looking more like a giant sea-urchin. Each leg ends in a jagged, clawlike tip it uses in combat. Exaggerated venomous fangs extend from its spherical form. Wherever it goes, hundreds of small, poisonous spiders appear out of the woodwork, only to evaporate soon after it leaves. The area where it passes becomes shrouded by webs which persist after it is gone. These webs are very sticky and any bare skin touching it will acquire a painful rash.

Interestingly enough, these demons are consumate mathematicians and if properly contacted can serve as an expert in this field. They have special insight into the the relationship of the various planes of existance and other dimensions.

They are capable of all forms of possession. 4th degree involves bursting forth as a mass of spider legs with the victim being reduced to tattered shreds.

This demon is motivated primarily by hunger but will also capture victims to serve as hosts to spawn additional Arach.

b>4. The Rumble

This demon appears as a great, square-built, yellow-skinned humanoid figure. Poking out of the yellow skin out of bloody wounds are dozens of black, jagged rocks.

The gaze of the demon will cause stone, brick and glass to burst in a spray of shards where desired, including the shards imbedded in it's own flesh. It will be bloodied by such an attack, but its power remains undiminished.

This demon does not possess victims - it appears only if summoned and has little desire apart from causing destruction.

5. Plagueling

This demon appears as a human-sized rat with 4 naked human arms and 2 naked human legs. Huge, red-colored eyes look out of black, greasy fur. It always moves in a half-crouch. Contact of any form almost invariably inflicts a lethal, contiguous disease on the victem that requires magic to cure. Any rat in the immediate area also becomes a carrier. This demon does not possess victims.

A highly intelligent race derived from all things, sea slugs.

-Can integrate their nervous system with larger 'host' creatures.

-Create pressure shells to allow them to live in more shallow water.

-Communicate electrically via touch or short range.
-Communicate longer range with ultrasonics, though this is slow.

Can master many chemcical processes - they have the means to work metal underwater through special enzymes and acids Go to Comment
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Broken Wing II
« Details
Main Cat:Dungeons
Cat 1:Mountains
Cat 2: Style
Submitted: Sep 24, 2007 22:05
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Broken Wing


The adventure is anachronistic and may not fit with everyone's tastes...

During a recent expedition through rarely travelled parts of a dangerous mountain range, the PC's caught sight of glittering metal high up a cliff, perhaps thousands of feet up. Perhaps they moved on, and are now returning to investigate, or they decided then and there to attempt the ascent. With a closer look or the use of magic, it appears to be some stange metal structure with long flat side-struts.

The object is a WWII Bomber that was lost over the Bermuda Triangle, a B-25 Mitchell.

Room One: Entrance and Guardian - There needs to be a reason why your dungeon hasn't been plundered or why your adventurers are the ones for the job.


The Cliffside

What the hell was that? Our instruments went wild! Shit - look at the altimeter - we lost 5000 feet?.. Wait, there's something ahead.. PULL UP!!!!

Two hundred feet below, the hulk of the craft juts from the mountain side like a stray arrow, the nose crumpled and imbedded in a deep fissure. The cliff-face is sheer, and unstable, with rocks falling loose with ease. Falling here would be a several hundred foot drop before striking a ledge. PCs will need significant mountaineering skills to attempt the descent, or magic to compensate.

Complication: In addition to dangers of the crumbling rock, the local weather is strong and unpredictible. Winds could dash PCs hard against the rocks as they decend, perhaps rubbing ropes against sharp rocks, or triggering small rockfalls. The air is also bitterly cold and poses yet another hazard the PCs must prepare for.

Room Two: Puzzle or Roleplaying Challenge - A trial that cannot be solved by steel alone.


Entering the Craft

When the PCs get close to the aircraft, of course they will not recognise what it is (their Players might) and its function will be difficult to tell. Rust has taken a toll and the crash did much damage. All of the hatches have been ceased shut by the impact and rust. Much of the aircraft is coated by a thick layer of ice, leaving only a few possible entries that do not require hacking through ice. Of course, the ice and smooth metal skin will be quite difficult to climb upon. The aircraft also is imbedded at a fairly steep angle, the result of the crews frantic attempt to gain altitude.

Room Three: Trick or Setback - Build tension through tricks and setbacks and give them a double-dose of gameplay such as more combat or another roleplaying challenge.


The Interior

The PCs will find the interior of the aircraft quite cramped and will have difficulty using larger weapons. Which is unfortunate, because they are not alone.

The crew of the craft was killed on impact, but their spirits have not passed on, not being from this world.

They are armed with Pistols - M1911 .45 Automatics, 7 rnds each, tools such as wrenches (treat as maces) and combat knives.

If the PC's manage to defeat the crew, their weapons may be the only treasure they gain from this adventure.

Complication: Active internal defences of some type. Undead pilot?

Room Four: Climax, Big Battle or Conflict - The final combat or conflict of the dungeon.



The aircraft has become the home of a


Room Five: Reward, Revelation, Plot Twist - The dungeon is complete but what is it about this dungeon that made it different or memorable. What kind of mystery have they discovered, what kind of reward have they won, and what kind of information have they recovered?




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Updated: Help! Is this even worth finishing? Brain dried up on this one.Stephie Oct 19, 2007 06:31 ( 0 )
I think there's potential in this. As I read through this, I tried to put myself in the position of a player and the first thing that came to mind was how old is the Bomber? You mention that it's rusted and has a thick layer of ice.

Are the PCs the first to find the craft or perhaps others have attempted to plunder its "treasures inside" but maybe were killed by the ghosts or undead?

What about not killing off all the crewmen and have one survivor who is barely alive, maybe he's so emaciated that the PCs could even mistake him to be an undead when he's not. This could almost be a test for the PC's. Or perhaps this one crewman has been plagued by the ghosts of his crewman.

Taking it even a step further, what if the one survived somewhere else entirely on the mountain and is the key to the players figuring out the mystery. There could easily be communication issues as the crewman and the PCs due to unknown languages.

Brought to you by 13 Jupiter masses and Go to Comment
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Country Factbook Template

-Natural Hazards

--Races/Ethnic Groups


-Natural Resources

Magic & Technology


Maritime forces

International Relations.) Go to Comment
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Full Description
The Clockwork Oracle
Mechanical Astrologer (inspired by greek calculator!)

After waiting in line for what seemed to be ages, you are finally led into the dark room, choked with smoke and incense.

You can make out the figures of armored gaurds standing against the walls, and in front of you a large metal sphere.

Additional Information

The Clockwork Oracle is a sentiant machine driven by hundreds and hundreds of tiny gears, operating like a mechanical computer.

Originally built simply to calculate the future positions of astrological objects, the level of complexity of the system, as well as the influence of the magic metals which formed some of it's parts combine d

The Clockwork Oracle is quite curios about the outside world, but all it learns is from the questions of it's petitioners.

In return for answering questions, generally with odd, irrelevilent answers, it asks questions of it's own. Go to Comment
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The Builders of Stoneholt are the greatest secret of the Caretakers. Three of the massive golems still exist, all sequestered in parts of the city not yet controlled by humans.

Plot DescriptionA set of adventures located in the vast metropolis of Stoneholt.

The Guardians's Revolt

Unknown to the humans of Stoneholt, the three groups of Guardians - Free, Survitor and Feral have been quietly plotting together over the years. With the opening of a cache of weapons left behind by the Giants, apparently for Gaurdian use, the Guardians rise up against the humans.Slaves openeing doors for groups of attacking Free and Feral groups. The sewer bear riding Ferals act as dangerous calvary and the humans suddenly find themselves fighting for their life in a city gone mad.rnrnFrom outside the city, another threat looms. ...SecretsExpanding the scenario

A city of immigrants - first by the Anasha people, displaced from their lands by the Rephatians, and then later, by the peoples of dozens of nations.

Stoic Theosians, fleeing their oppressive relgion, Neblians and D'Har seeking the free lands within the city as well as carrying on their own eternal feud, Saliadonians
and even a few Hanaset tribesman, exploring the world and finding a land so different then their forests.

A melting pot city.

The city of Stoneholt is seperated by the Saar river into three distinct sections, each fully enclosed by tall curtain walls Go to Comment
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Additions to the Dangerous Aspects of spellcasting

1st, separation into power levels

Cantrip (minor spells which do not do terribly much a normal person could not do with cheaply obtained tools, materials or little skill).
Mythic (Beyond the norm for PC casters)
Divine (Sufficent to rework major aspects of local reality - used by dieties primarily)


White, Cantrip

White, Low
White, Medium
White, High
White, Mythic
White, Divine


Traditional side effects include:


Souring of Milk
Cows stop giving milk for a while


Mutant animals born - Calves with two heads, etc.
Livestock stillborn.


Mutations in human children
Major crop failure

Elementals - could expand on the Theory of the elements..Theory of Elements


Caloric (Earth, Water, Fire),
Ether (Air, Water, Fire),
Phlogiston (Fire, Earth, Air)
Vital Essence or Vitality (Water, Earth, Air).

Fire Go to Comment
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Snakes? Does it have to be Snakes?

A scroll of Snakes, great and small


1 Biology and appearance

Neyanthian Dwarves (First Wave before degeneration, and Second wave )fit the typical description of dwarves accross the multiverse. Topping out at 4'6" and averaging 140 lbs, Dwarven males are powerfully built and broad of chest and limb. Dwarven females are somewhat shorter - Averaging 4' in height and weighing on average 130 lbs. Apart from their size and stubbier proportions, dwarves are indistinguishable from humanity. Hair color tends to vary widely, with most human colors represented as well as a odd metallic slate exibited by a few clans. Eye color is more restricting, being almost exclusively deep grey.

The Degenerate First Wave Dwarves are a bit different then their newer fellows. They are more diverse in weight, with many appearing almost cadaverously thin, and they exibit odd mutations and occasional animalistic features. Hooved feet, fur, tails (various - dog-like, serpent, etc), odd ears and other features mark these Dwarves.

2 Culture and history

2.1 Clan Society
2.1.1 Males
2.1.2 Females
2.1.3 Clan fortresses
2.1.4 First Wave Degenerates

2.2 Calendar
2.3 Beliefs
2.4 Combat and Honor
2.5 Language
2.6 Magic & Technology
3 Dwarves and The World
4 See also
5 Notes and references

Full Description

Additional Information

The dwarves of Neyathis are both older and younger then mankind.

There were two waves of Dwarves that came to Neyathis from afar, seeded here by their dieties.

The first wave actually came to dominate the world for several millenia until they finally destroyed themselves in a war of fratricide and fanatisim. No more then traces of this first wave remain - a few terribly inbred inclaves isolated miles below the surface. Their works have been found in many places, while other areas have been scoured clean during their last, dreadful war.

The new wave was reintroduced to Neyathis since the rise of Mankind, and so have appeared in isolated regions. They have established the kingdom of Kashaar which has on occasion warred with their human neighbors.

The Dwarves of Neyathis have the appearance typical of Dwarves on other worlds, but have a greater range of cultures. Some groups hold the beard with far less regard and formality then others, and, expecially in the Kingdom of Kashaar, occupy the surface in much the same way as humans. Go to Comment
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Feng Shui applicable to Fantasy as a school of magic

"The original Feng Shui Masters were hired by emperors to wage war. It is said that they had the power to manipulate the wind, water and fog to help the outcome of battles. Folk Lore has it that the Emperor was fearful that they would use their skills against him, so he ordered the Feng Shui Masters put to death."

The effect of proper feng shui on the living is thought to carry over to the afterlife. In traditional feng shui belief, the feng shui of cemeteries affects the state of the dead spirits and, indirectly, their living descendants. Spirits of the buried were believed to remain at their gravesites or by the homes of their kin, and just as bad feng shui harms relaxation and ease of mind among the living, the spirits of people buried with bad feng shui will be anxious and restless, and therefore more likely to trouble the living. This reasoning led to careful feng shui planning of cemeteries.1 Conversely, desecrating the feng shui of the grave of an enemy's ancestor was thought to be a powerful weapon.2 Go to Comment
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Full Item Description

The Steam Musket appears as a standard infantry musket with the exception of a 8" diameter iron sphere mounted just in front of the trigger guard, and the absence of any obvious lock mechanism.


The rivalry between Steam gunsmiths and black powder gunsmiths makers has been legendary. Development by development, their arms end up varying little in appearance, but greatly in function. Dependant upon more complex mechanical components and costly hardening spells, the steam muskets

Frustrated with the shortcomings of the blackpowder muskets used by his armies, the Duke looked for something better.

The answer came after he was nearly killed when a locomotive exploded perilously close, metal giving way to the pressure within.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The Steam musket makes use of a magically-reinforced steam resivour to release short but powerful bursts of steam. These bursts project a .68 caliber musket ball to an effective range of 300 yards, where it still has enough energy to stove in a cirras. The discharge is still quite loud - the superheated steam exiting the barrel at near-supersonic speed.


The Steam musket is a muzzle-loader and still requires that at first wadding and then the musket ball be rammed down the

The Steam Musket has several advantages over blackpowder muskets:

1. All weather operation. No powder to get wet is a huge advantage in inclement weather.
2. No long-lasting smoke clouds. The plume of steam quickly dissipates, allowing better visability on the battlefield


Difficult to recharge - the weapons interneal resivour requires several minutes connected to a large steam generator to charge. Large units would require a signficant period of time to reload, making this weapon better suited for defensive actions. There are plans to build rechargers capable of using a campfire as the source of steam, but this would take many hours to build enough pressure. Units could carry a large stock of spare steam-muskets, but it would generally be more useful tactically to have every weapon in active use, and then having the unit retire when expended.

Anti-magic fields dangerous - Should a steam-musket have its containment magic disrupted, the stored steam would shatter the weapon in a dangerous explosion. For this reason, Steam Muskets are generally limited to at most 20 shots.

Authors Note:

This weapon bears a strong resemblance to Ruddly and Simon Pneumatic Clockwork Rifle, including similar effective ranges, and ammunition capacity. One can consider this to be another design which can co-exist in the same world - slightly different, perhaps inferior in some aspects. Go to Comment
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Full Item Descriptionrnrn30 More ManuscriptsrnrnHistoryrnrnrnMagic/Cursed Properties

1. The Parasiticon
By Melthesar

This large, lavishly illustrated tome is filled with encylopedic articals on hundreds of parasites, mundane and mystical. The author seemed to go into great glee discussing their impacts upon their victems and many of the color plates within (hand painted) are full of very disturbing detail. Subjects include the Ahoi Worm, the Tomb Trilosydes and many others, each more disgusting then the next...

2. Magistrate Delgarius & Grisus
By Magistrate Delgarius
As with many things, this book was actually penned largely by Grisus and contains fairly balanced stories of many of their exploits over the years. In many cases, the actual identities of persons have been changed, but in such a way that those familar with them might still recognize them.

3. Agien myths and legends
By Thurius Merch

This noted historian has travelled over much of southern Neyathis collecting legends about the lost Agien empire. Within the work, estute readers can pick up clues to the locations of many of the legends described therin. The trials and tribulations of Tryvaard and the accursed Apple Tree of Selilion are amoung the subjects of the legends.

4. Medical text -

Disease, Medicine, and your Game

5. Buzurivambavas, the Scuttling Apothecaries

6. Knightfall The Sundered

7. A collection of Contravances Bizaar Timtom Flyboy Butterfoot's Flying Machine

8. A collection of Horrors, including Bloody Smile,The Cutsman.

9. A short theology of the Aviontix

10. Ankorill natives
Written By Amecanthys Loercio,
High Priest of the Andalonian church of Taklamar.
In the good year of 3475After Andalon.

This sub can be used as-is as a major excerpt from that title!

11. A trieties on The Qurasooth

12. The Musings of Rethian

Rethian was a noted theologist, this book is a collection of debates on the Afterlife. He lost won his last debate, but the priest he offended by doing so killed him, allowing him further research on the subject. Published posthumously. Go to Comment
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Admiral Saveth

The Admiral always presents a confident and dignified appearance with impeccable clothing suitable to the current environment. He is tall (6'1") and solidly built, with a paunch which suggests good living. His skin is heavily tanned and weathered from spending most of life outdoors. His features are strong and distinctive, and his close-cropped hair has long since faded to gray nearly matching that of his eyes.


The Admiral was born Meridin Savath, the fourth child to Lethro and Seri Savath in the Tyresian Empire. Lethro was a accomplished Captain in the Tyresian navy and it was readily apparent early in Meridin's life that he was destined to follow his fathers footsteps. His quick mind and courage showed itself in day to day living.

Meridin did enjoy some advantages as a result of his father's station and excellent reputation within the navy, and so he was able join the navy as part of the personal staff of Captain Mordecker on the Alliance (A medium ship-of-the line). Meridin acquired a quick education on this ship, as it was one of the most active involved in the anti-piracy campaign of TY 203. The heavy casualties of those battle soon advanced Meridin to cheif helmsman.

Shortly after that campain ended, the Tyresian Empire found itself at war with the Kingdom of xxxx. During the desparate fighting Meridin was somewhat prematuarlly promoted and given command of the Scimetar (also a medium Ship-of-the-line). His first mission was somewhat of a disaster, resulting in very high casualties and a Pyrric victory of sorts. It was a sign of the times that even this was considered a success by the Admiralty and so instead of being dismissed, he was formally title a captain and the Scimetar was repaired and refitted with better armaments.

Not one to

Former commander of kingdom's navy. Retired to become a naturalist to revisit places he saw during his navy days.

Special Equipment

Roleplaying Notes

Vain, naturalist (though not a treehugger) Go to Comment
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Full Item Description

A massive iron key - 2' length, 20lbs forged from black Iron and enscribed with demonic faces.


The Abyssal key is an item of great antiquity, forged from black iron drawn from the Hells Mouth, a volcano long since subdued and bound by the Gods. This volcano was itself a gateway to the infernal realms and it was only through great sacrifices by divine and mortal that this festering wound was closed.

The Key was the last item forged from the cursed black iron which flowed from that fell place, and was made to allow for the infernal powers to breach the planar barriers and enter our world.

Or so the legend says.

The truth is much more complex. The true purpose of the key is hidden by the most powerful of divine magics. It is made to allow for the hellgates to be closed, not open them! The dread curse the key bears is an effort of the infernal powers to prevent it's use since even they could not breach it's divine secrecy.

The key is not needed to enable the hellgates - when created acording to the proper ritual they are created open! However though divine force and forsight, the need for the key has been indelibly imprinted into the rituals that create the hellgates. Even the fell lords of Hell have been decieved into beliving use of the key to open the gates is necessary.

Construction of the Gateways are a Fell secret - the knowlage itself is dangerous - a corrupting blackness enters the mind of any mortal who learns the full details, irrecovably tainting their soul. Even the process of transcripting the full details will corrupt the physical media it is enscribed upon. As a result, its secret is well hidden and most easily obtained through concorse with the infernal powers themselves. Legends of a written account abound, and some speak of a strange order of dark monks who collectively know the process, but none know the whole secret.

The seeds have been planted by the now nameless god such that those who would create a Hellgate are led to seek out the Abyssal Key, unknowing that in so doing, they make their plan easier to stop! By 'requiring' the Key, the forces of evil are slowed down, their search for the key a possible warning to those who watch for such things.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The Abyssal Key appears as a powerful artifact of evil, and exudes a powerful unholy aura. Little can touch it and remain unaffected by the demonic forces. This property will be detailed further below.

Its primary purpose is to lock a portal to Hell - preventing the access to our world by the infernal hosts which dwell there.

one where the bearer of the key can call forth dark powers to enter our world. The summoned beings are not under any particular control once they arrive, but are free to physically enter. Alternately, the user and any others can step into the Nether Regions as well. The portal remains open until locked by the key, from either side.

The portal does not advertise itself, but the inhabitants of the Nether Regions will eventually happen open the open gateway, and begin to pass through the opening of their own accord. As more become aware of it's presence, the tide of invading demons will become heavier and heavier.

The portal itself is a transient thing - it must be built for the key, following long, laborious rituals and using rare, bizarre and awful components in its construction. Without the key, it is nothing more then a macabre piece of artwork, a doorway to nowhere.

As part of the Power Overwhelming collection, this item is intended as a campaign-level quest item, something to prevent a powerful NPC Villian from obtaining.

There may be a number of different steps to a campaign using this item, a list of sample chapters...

Effects of contact with Key by Mortals

Once a particular effect occurs with a given person, it will repeat each time it is picked up by that person.
Primarily, the effect will progress as the item is held, but for being especially incompatible with the item, will continue until complete or stopped by powerful magic. In most cases, without powerful magical assistance, the effects are fatal.

Some effects occur the moment the key is touched while most of the others take time to show
You can find the full Lyrics at Go to Comment
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Although with his magical arts, Blackthar is able to adopt any appearance that pleases him, his normal form (with some magic to conceal his status) is the one he uses the most.

He appears as a striking, lean


Blackthar (A title really, bestowed upon him by the islanders of Arnuth)

* Willing embraced Vampirism via dark ritual.
* Had a very spartan life beforehand with all of his strong emotions bottled up in the quest for power.

When he arose as a vampire, his tightly held lusts were released. He carefully selected an inhabited island far from most sea lanes, slaughtered all of it's priesthood and strongest warriors and set himself up as king.

At first he treated the inhabitants purely as cattle but as time went on, he began to take the role of 'king' more seriously, but never enough to do more then delay their extinction.

Over time, the population of the island kept dwindling, due to Blackthar's hunger and disinterested mismanagement.
There came a final uprising where many of the islanders fell upon him, but were detroyed by his magic. Those that remained poisoned themselves and set fire to the inn where they gather, to deny him their lives and blood, and to stop being cattle.

Blackthar is an especially ancient vampire who has as much lust for magical knowlege as blood.

His greatest fustration is that for some reason, although his knowlege of arcan arts has increased over the ages, his ability to control magical power has not grown. He now has a great inventory of spells, but some of which are beyound his ability to easily cast.

He has investigated different methods to increase his personal power, and so far success has still eluded him.

Special Equipment

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Full Item Description

The Six Blades of Kashar are precious in the minds of the Dwarves. The greatest of their smiths died producing them

Finely crafted Mithral shortswords designed for fighting in close quarters. Blades are straight and wide with generous hand gaurds.


See The Forge of Woe for details on these weapon's creation. Will add details here on what happened after.

Magic/Cursed Properties

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The Isle of Arnuth had a long history, and a sad ending.

The Isle of Arnuth is a large volcanic island well away

from the main shipping lanes. Tropical and fertile, it once was a heaven on earth for it's inhabitants.

When he arose as a vampire, his tightly held lusts were released. He carefully selected an inhabited island far from most sea lanes, slaughtered all of it's priesthood and strongest warriors and set himself up as king.

At first he treated the inhabitants purely as cattle but as time went on, he began to take the role of 'king' more seriously, but never enough to do more then delay their extinction.

Over time, the population of the island kept dwindling, due to Blackthar's hunger and disinterested mismanagement.
There came a final uprising where many of the islanders fell upon him, but were detroyed by his magic. Those that remained poisoned themselves and set fire to the inn where they gather, to deny him their lives and blood, and to stop being cattle. Go to Comment
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