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valadaar's comment on 2007-08-09 12:08 PM
SFull Item Description

Constructed of extruded fullerene-reinforced plastics, advanced pneumatic arms can take a wide range of appearances, and can be made


The development of true fullerene-reinforced materials has revived an older technology. Even in the 1800's, there were air rifles of sufficent power to be dangerous. Now, with the ability to produce storage vessles 10 to 500x times the strength of steel, one can store immense energy in the simple form of compressed air.

The cartridges of the projectile, followed by a fullerene storage vessel sealed by a plug of a slightly different formulation of fullerenes. This one has about 50% of the structural strength of the rest of the cartridge and is much more electically conductive then the rest of the vessel. When exposed to a short electric pulse, the fullerene weakens still further to the point where the contained pressure breaches it, resulting in sufficent energy to propell the projectile.

These weapons have several advantages aboard ships and space stations:

Non-pyotechic. The amount of carbon acutally used in the round is quite small, and due to the use of nitrogen as the propellent, only the 'plug' is exposed to enough heat and oxygen to combust, resulting in a brief muzzle flash as it exits the barrel. The lack of other byproducts of combustion means less impact on environmental systems.

Scalable. Rounds can be prepared with varying levels of propellent, allowing for sub-sonic rounds to be produced.

Easy to produce. The vessel and propellent can actually be drawn from atmospheric sources and organic waste.

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The journey had been enlightening.

Listening in at the various taverns and waystations, he had heard dozens of rumors. Most were obviously exaggerations or fabrications, but there was
one theme which carried through. The king was missing.

As he travelled closer to the capital, he could feel a distinct aura of unrest in the air. He passed various military units bivouaced by the roadsides. He even managed to meet up with a mercenary unit he had briefly served with several years past.

"Captain Keldred!" called Seldric as he walked up to the scarecrow-like officer.

The officer quickly turned to see who addressed him, "Who's the.. Seldric!"

"The one and only!" Seldric said with a smile. He had fought side by side with this officer and they had forged a strong friendship through the remainder of the campaign.

"How fare thee, my old friend?" asked Captain Keldred.

"Well, at least until my lord bade me to come to the capital. What make you of the rumors?"

"The rumors are why I'm here. Our unit has also been ordered to the capital, though our commander has not said in whose employment."

"I see," Seldric did not like the sounds of this. His lord was very tight with coin, and would bleed his own lands dry before he would resort to mercenaries.
It could be possible that Keldred and Seldric would face each other across the field of battle. Not a thought he relished.

Seldric sat with Keldred for some time afterwards, trading stories and sharing a drink or two. Finally he took his leave, and continued his journey to the capital. It would be no more then a day, so long as rain did not make a mire of the roads. Go to Comment
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A place where huge dinosaur-sized rodents travel in vast herds accross grassy plains. A small, pygmy-like people lives on the backs of these creatures, travelling with the herd.
They only come down at night when the herd stops to rest, but do not wander far, for flightless predatory birds the size of T-rexs will occasionally attack and send the herd moving once more.

Same continent as Stoneholt. Go to Comment
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Iridium Elemental

This Elemental is fantastically rare - it is theorized that there simply is not enough iridium readily available to concieve of summoning one. Those that do exist are more common in the voids between worlds then upon any planet.

They are also amazingly dense - a man-sized Iridium elemental weighing more the two tons. They are also nearly indestructible. The Iridium Elemental is virtually impervious to acid effects and does not react with any of the other elemental types. Go to Comment
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Cliffworld is a unnatural finite and closed universe.

To the inhabitants, it is a great shaft in endless stone, 200 miles deep, and 200 miles in diameter.

The Cliff: The edge of the vast shaft, 120 000 square miles of cliffside. Cities, waterfall-rivers, terraces and odd shaped trees are the main artifacts visible.

The Stone:

Dreadfully hard and stable bedrock, tunnels take a great deal longer to dig then on other worlds, though mineral resources are common. Caverns do exist, and if one digs deep enough, they would emerge at the other side of the cliff.

The Bottom.

200 miles down, a plain of about 300 square miles is a mixed landscapes of water,earth and fire - lakes of water and lava and volcanoes .

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Full Item Description

The Steam Musket appears as a standard infantry musket with the exception of a 8" diameter iron sphere mounted just in front of the trigger guard, and the absence of any obvious lock mechanism.


The rivalry between Steam gunsmiths and black powder gunsmiths makers has been legendary. Development by development, their arms end up varying little in appearance, but greatly in function. Dependant upon more complex mechanical components and costly hardening spells, the steam muskets

Frustrated with the shortcomings of the blackpowder muskets used by his armies, the Duke looked for something better.

The answer came after he was nearly killed when a locomotive exploded perilously close, metal giving way to the pressure within.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The Steam musket makes use of a magically-reinforced steam resivour to release short but powerful bursts of steam. These bursts project a .68 caliber musket ball to an effective range of 300 yards, where it still has enough energy to stove in a cirras. The discharge is still quite loud - the superheated steam exiting the barrel at near-supersonic speed.


The Steam musket is a muzzle-loader and still requires that at first wadding and then the musket ball be rammed down the

The Steam Musket has several advantages over blackpowder muskets:

1. All weather operation. No powder to get wet is a huge advantage in inclement weather.
2. No long-lasting smoke clouds. The plume of steam quickly dissipates, allowing better visability on the battlefield


Difficult to recharge - the weapons interneal resivour requires several minutes connected to a large steam generator to charge. Large units would require a signficant period of time to reload, making this weapon better suited for defensive actions. There are plans to build rechargers capable of using a campfire as the source of steam, but this would take many hours to build enough pressure. Units could carry a large stock of spare steam-muskets, but it would generally be more useful tactically to have every weapon in active use, and then having the unit retire when expended.

Anti-magic fields dangerous - Should a steam-musket have its containment magic disrupted, the stored steam would shatter the weapon in a dangerous explosion. For this reason, Steam Muskets are generally limited to at most 20 shots.

Authors Note:

This weapon bears a strong resemblance to Ruddly and Simon Pneumatic Clockwork Rifle, including similar effective ranges, and ammunition capacity. One can consider this to be another design which can co-exist in the same world - slightly different, perhaps inferior in some aspects. Go to Comment
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valadaar's comment on 2008-03-25 07:10 PM
Magic can vary by culture

Full Item Description


Magic/Cursed Properties

Fantastically dense and durable matter, untouched by gravity. Go to Comment
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"For every day you're in this place, you're two days closer death." - Great Big Sea's Chemical Worker Song.

The land of Elrith is not known for the health and happiness of its people.

The Black Mines of Nemith are one of the worst places in a rather unpleasent country. The Miners that work here live short lives, and the local women bury many husbands in the course of their lives.

This was common with the deadly coal mines of our world, the black coal ruining mens lungs. However these mines are diamond mines, but a malignent type indeed. Deep beneath the surface their lies some fell place whose foul emanations work their way closer to the surface. Go to Comment
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Full Item Description


Magic/Cursed Properties

Allows for a great deal of weight to be carried - from 500lbs to whatever can be balanced on the travois, depending upon one's tastes.


The item is fairly bulky and will not move faster then a walk under load. Go to Comment
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31. Crippling the Dead

Another ploy to reduce mobility and danger of possible undead is for the corpse to be mutilated. From as simple as cutting all major tendons, decapitation, and full dismemberment.

32. Crossroad Burial

To confuse the arisen dead and preventing it from finding its home, corpses of beings likely to arise are buried at crossroads.

The Kayeed people have a special area south of their captial, called the Ithinia or Hashworks, which consists of a massive array of criss-crossing roads with many scores of crossings. At each crossing may be found many graves, with the corpses interred vertically and head-first to further impede possible rising.

Appeasment of the Dead

From as simple as closing the eyes of the dead, to long, elaborate ceremonies, the following customs are intended to appease the dead to not bother the living.

Hiberian Funeral Customs Go to Comment
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valadaar's comment on 2010-10-18 10:12 AM

Yeti mounted on polar bears...

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A immense sled pulled by a herd of Megamoths. Hemispherical with 4 outer towers and one primary at the top of the hemisphere.

Slides on the great icy wastes, usually in well-worn tracks it has been following for millenia - following the great magamoth herds.

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Tungsten Elemental - Wolf visage (from Wolfram, alternate name for tungsten.) Consumes Gold, very elemental. Go to Comment
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The Great White Dragon
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valadaar's comment on 2006-09-20 07:02 AM
I'd say this is infinitely better then the original submisson, but I need to echo others concerns on grammar, etc. I do have a problem with a Dragon named Dracon. Go to Comment
The King of Hingrad
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valadaar's comment on 2013-05-29 09:50 AM
A good start, though the power level of the Robe puts this into the 'mythical' category and seems more like fiction.

There is good detail here, but its virtually all background and little on how this nearly indestructible fellow would be used.
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King Arkon
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valadaar's comment on 2014-06-24 09:09 AM
I think Wulf said it best. An interesting scenario made possible by magic.

Perhaps when he is released there was need of him again, due to prophesy or some other factor. Go to Comment
Goodman Slatterbite
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valadaar's comment on 2007-04-18 06:34 PM
Wow. An excellent, if disturbing, submission. Reminds me in passing of Kane the Puritan, but no where near as much honor.

Nicely done! Go to Comment
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