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30 Treemen
NPCs  (Minor)   (Natural)
sverigesson's comment on 2009-04-10 09:15 PM
This is fantastic. Definitely going to inspire me to use tree people in anything I write. And not the tired, cliched old tree people, but really putting some character into them! Go to Comment
The Seven-Fold Flame
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
sverigesson's comment on 2009-05-19 10:57 AM
This is short but sweet... very, very sweet. Makes me long to finally use a fire mage I had planned for a story long ago. One of the best magic subs I've seen in a long time. Go to Comment
The Dreamwalkers
Society/ Organizations  (Mystical)   (World Wide)
sverigesson's comment on 2010-05-22 11:12 AM
Great sub. My one question is this: exactly what kind of abilities can dream walkers learn to utilize? Go to Comment
Potential Cannon
Items  (Ranged Weapons)   (Magical)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-12-15 08:45 AM
This is fantastic. I imagine they are relatively more expensive than nuclear weapons in our world, hence a powerful nation might only employ a handful of these, correct? Then, I would think that most war efforts would consist of espionage and sabotage, locating and deactivating these weapons so that a conventional invasion would be possible. Very very good submission, and an easy 5. Go to Comment
Augmented Undead
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-16 04:33 PM
Being a fan of everything necromantic, I can say that this should be a staple for anyone looking to add a bit of spice to their generic undead controlling villain... a few of these, and the PCs will have their fear and respect for the undead kicked up a few notches! Go to Comment
101+ Scenes in the Modern Western City
Locations  (City)   (Any)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-15 08:06 AM
I like this a lot. In fact, I was gonna post some the other day, but I see that Moon has already used some of my ideas! Curse you, Moon!!! Go to Comment
The Winding Stair
Locations  (TransWorld)   (Other)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-10 05:28 PM
You know, now that you mention it, I may have heard of that. Never played D&D myself, but I used to frequent the WotC forums, and may have had the idea planted in my head from there a few years ago. Regardless, I'd like to think I did a good job with this. Go to Comment
Daymen Scarb
NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Mystical)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-07 03:04 PM
This is an amazingly entertaining sub. Daymen is the ultimate bumbling wizard (better than Rincewind, dare I say? I dare, I dare!), and as such has set my brain a spinning with ideas. Thanks, Grey. 5.0. Go to Comment
Alamras' Laboratory
Locations  (Fortification)   (Any)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-06 04:22 PM
Updated: Thanks for the critiques, guys. Give me a chance, and I'll clean this up and maybe add a bit. Until then, let me put it under In Work for a few days. Go to Comment
Alamras' Laboratory
Locations  (Fortification)   (Any)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-06 04:28 PM
Thanks Chaos (and MJS). I primarily submit to this website as a writer, so most of my posts focus on style (and creativity) over substance. However, let me see if I can add a few things to bring this post up to snuff. Go to Comment
Alamras' Laboratory
Locations  (Fortification)   (Any)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-07 08:52 AM
Updated: Alright, try that on for size! Mwahahaha! Go to Comment
The Book of Remembrances
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Cursed)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-05 02:30 PM
Yes, the souls are trapped in a sort of Limbo... whether or not they are aware of this fate is debatable though. In my opinion, the souls contained in the book know only of the events of their life. Their fates after death are beyond their knowledge, as part of the books magic. Thus, the soul of T'Arkia, for example, might not even know that it didn't make it to the afterlife. All in all not a horrible fate, but for those who expected an encounter with their given god, it would be. Otherwise, lets face it, many of the souls would warn users against using this book. As for a ring of heaven, I imagine it could go either way. On one hand, the ring has the advantage of proximity, being directly on the finger of the deceased... on the other hand, the Book is a powerful artifact, while the ring seems like a relatively mass produced kind of thing (correct me if I am mistaken). On the third hand, a church official who had lived a holy life but had been a reader of the Book would not think to use a Ring (he might even think such a thing blasphemous) and would therefore have his soul taken by the book. Anyways, I imagine the Ring would win out by virtue of closeness (unless the person died within say, a few miles of the Book), but if it were removed or destroyed, the book would take the soul then.

Anyways, I always think too hard about these things when they're brought up. Thanks, Cheka Man, for the interesting discussion! Go to Comment
The Book of Remembrances
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Cursed)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-12 08:12 AM
I see this item as primarily an accident, a failure of a great mages life work. I don't think that this item would be duplicatable, even by the original creator. Thus, yes, it is quite powerful for the average wizard to whip up over the weekend, but as the result of a lifetime of work and unforeseen magical complications during its making, and thus we have quite a handy cursed item. Go to Comment
The Book of Remembrances
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Cursed)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-12 08:14 AM
Thanks, Chaos. I think your comment shows that there could be another form of this book (maybe its own sub altogether) that might house those who knowingly place themselves into the book in exchange for some degree of immortality, or as a service to a deity. Such a sub might make an even better item than this one! Go to Comment
The Demon King Lacrimosa
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Mystical)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-02 08:12 PM
Whoops, my apologies, sometimes my brain shuts down in mid thought and I go right on to the next sentence! Let me quickly fix that. Go to Comment
The Demon King Lacrimosa
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Mystical)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-03 06:59 PM
Thanks Moon, and might I say I'm a big fan of some of your stuff here. I would like to flesh this whole cosmology out more, so there may be more related subs in the works soon. As for Lacrimosa, I imagine that his reign has brought an uneasy peace in the war between the heavens and the underworld... He does what he must, but he has no stomach for making war on the heavens (where his family is, btw... certainly wouldn't want to accidentally harm them in any way) and little patience for those would defy him in this regard. He lets the demons go about their business for the most part (gathering new wicked souls to join the ranks, the average demon agenda), but when they attempt to convert good people to evil, especially family men, he has a tendency to punish the responsible party rather severely. Anyways, maybe I'll update this, or maybe I'll just flesh it out more in other entries. Thanks again, Moon, for taking the time to post on even the lowliest newbie's sub! Go to Comment
The Demon King Lacrimosa
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Mystical)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-03 07:06 PM
Updated: Updated with respect to MoonHunter's comment. Thanks, Moon. Go to Comment
The Demon King Lacrimosa
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Mystical)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-04 10:00 AM
Tack! Jag kommer inte fran sverige men min farfars far komde darifran. Jag studerade svenska pa Michigans Universitet.

Anyways, thanks for the comments. I hope to get to know all of you better and become a contributing member of this community.

P.S. Sorry for my lack of vowel accents... hard to do on a plain keyboard sometimes. Go to Comment
The Demon King Lacrimosa
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Mystical)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-04 07:20 PM
Thanks for commenting, Scrasamax! (I feel privileged to have so many respected members of the community reading my first post!) Yes, I admit, for this post to be fully appreciated I really must flesh out the cosmology I had in mind when I posted this sub. Yes, I imagine that all the demons are by default united in a heirarchy (which is not to say there may not be other evil entities not under their sway). And as for why none have managed to assassinate him--As I have said, he has both the strength and skills of previous demon lords, so he reigns for the same reason the previous king did... he was just that darn hard to kill, and it took a truly fiercesome piece of magic to bring him down. When another demon (or anything else, after all) strong enough to kill Lacrimosa comes along, then he will no doubt inherit Lacrimosa's spell, and be even more powerful. Which means if Zaalmonath ruled for 5000 years, then Lacrimosa will probably rule for 10,000, and his replacement might stay in power for 15,000. Just an example, of course. Anyways, if you read this, thanks so much for the comment! You guys are helping me tremendously, and I hope I only go up from here! Go to Comment
Sumo Ranking
Systems  (Societal/ Cultural)   (General)
sverigesson's comment on 2008-10-02 01:40 PM
I agree with the above, but since I love sumo, I'll give you a 3.5. Go to Comment
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Strange Love Affair

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Ursula is a were-bear; she and Stewart, the bailiff of a rural feudal estate, are lovers, sharing all their secrets as lovers often do. Recently something has been taking livestock. *He* must deal with suspicions that a bear is involved (one has been seen nearby...): *she* must defend herself if it is revealed (perhaps by a jealous suitor, perhaps accidentally) that she is a lycanthrope. The adventurers might be called in to track the hungry beast(s) and discover her secret, but be able to reveal that the culprits are a small pack of wolves that has moved in to the area. The adventurers might earn the gratitude of both Ursula and Stewart, depending on what they reveal, and to whom.

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