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Creations of the Lord
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strom's comment on 2006-03-08 12:43 PM
Updated: I will clean this up and scroll it as soon as possible. Go to Comment
Rise of the Fallen (1st campaign)
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strom's comment on 2006-03-21 03:44 AM
Yeah. I didn't like leaving it that way, but I have not worked out the full direction I am going to finish that story with. So, for now, I am trying to find time to describe Ishtar and it's scenarios.

Also, I'm working alot lately, and really don't have as much time as I would like to write. I shall, however, nail this out; hopefully you will like it. Go to Comment
Crystal Goblet of Maddening Storms
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strom's comment on 2006-02-07 03:26 AM
I'm glad you liked it. I needed to add one more detail, though. Just forgot to put in the curse column why Ammoggon's power failed him in his final battle. Go to Comment
The Duerga - A New Look At Dwarves
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strom's comment on 2005-11-27 06:41 PM
Their weakness and utter fear would be to exist in a state of silence. For since it is within noise that they find solitude, then silence would be torturous if not deadly. And what about water and rust. Perhaps the rusting of their armor results in not only their death, but the inability to reuse it for future generations.

Communication should go beyond mere words (in noise they find harmony right?). Such things as snapping fingers, clapping hands, rubbing their forearms, stomping their feet could be ways to speak. Also, quick and sudden movements would show anger, while slower rhythmic gestures convey a more calm attitude. Hey. . . they could even have special tools they have developed for carrying on conversations.

Perhaps after making a new armor the Duerga must give a portion of himself to breath life in it's "child". That which is given is lost forever.
Also, as monkeys socially pick fleas and ticks from their kin, so too do the Duerga, but instead of bugs they polish and oil oneanother.

Imagine the noise a full army would create as it gloriously marched into battle. The approach of thousands of armored ghost-like men on strange, large and loud war machines would shake fear in the most hardened veteran. Would they hurl themselves with catapults? Maybe they have specially designed impliments that are worn: blades that they pull off and throw, spiked helmets for charging. Do they have special machines designed with magnets to retrieve the fallen off of the battlefield. Go to Comment
Gods will
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strom's comment on 2006-01-30 04:11 AM
Updated: Been gone a while and figured I would clean-up this up as requested. My first attempt was just to get an idea on paper; so it was a little messy. Go to Comment
Societies, Guilds, and Groups
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strom's comment on 2005-10-28 04:20 PM
1) Priests of the Fallen Order- religous zealots that perform blood rituals and sacrifices. They are working to sway the public from their moralistic lifestyles and opening up to their culture and god.
2) Knight's Blade- An order of knights that are all highly experienced and dedicated to the vanquishing of evil brigands and despotism.
3) Blood Stain- A local street gang that is backed by an assassins guild.
4) Dockery Boys- A union for dock workers to protect themselves against port authority and charge incoming merchants a user's fee for using their docks, manpower and protection. Go to Comment
The Mountain Uprooting Brotherhood
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strom's comment on 2003-08-15 05:44 PM
Perhaps the trio is searching for a band of companions that are worthy of delving into a dangerous cave in search of a lost treasure. The cave could be infested with some type of other-worldly evil that they encountered and failed to defeat, and they could have retrieved their mystical item from the cave; producing interest in the delvers at the chance of finding more. Go to Comment
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strom's comment on 2003-06-29 03:51 AM
Perhaps, there is a legend that speaks of him fighting an opponent within the halls of an ancient ruin and he died; leaving behind his valuable weapon and treasure. Go to Comment
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strom's comment on 2003-06-29 03:52 AM
Maybe he didn't want to be found, and was in disguise and feeding the characters false information, though his true identity is revealed when confronted with an old adversary. Go to Comment
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strom's comment on 2003-06-09 03:37 AM
Well, I wrote this in a matter of two days. I really like the concept of her weaknesses: no personality, subservient, physical appearance and the suns death rays.

Before Niandra takes a victim, she studies them personally and socially. This is so that conversation and everyday interaction with others is dictated by the victims habits and historical knowledge. Other victims are taken just for the food, or to get close to the actual mark.

She has never been free and, as a puppy in need of an owner, she desires the comfort of the leash. Niandra conforms to the wishes of her master. Thus, between the commands from authority and the portrayal of victims, her actual self is a blur.

At 6 feet and 145 pounds, Niandra is not a character that will be physically overpowering. She must grapple her oppponents to use her abilities. Also, her appearance is unique, making Niandra easily identifiable. She must go out of her way not to be seen when on a mission. And lets not forget about the sun being able to shrivel her like a prune.

I hope this helps, and thanx. Go to Comment
Shouts in the Night
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strom's comment on 2003-06-03 10:40 PM
Perhaps, the Enlightened Order used him to host a possession. The demon summoned actually changed his physical form, leaving his armor and clothes tattered and breaking his bondage.

Mindlessly, the perpretraitors fled the scene leaving objects to be found and maybe a character(s) outside the Enlightened Order- that performed the ritual- died at the scene. The objects would be candles, incense, a dagger, and the crest of a secret religious sect tattooed into their skin- a five headed dragon. All are colored with the first head on the left being red and the second brown, while on the far right is a brown and white head. The middle one would be multicolored, mixing the colors of the others into this one.

The fallen perps would also be wearing silk with a specific design used in a region located fifty miles away. Go to Comment
Eris's Pool
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strom's comment on 2003-05-18 12:17 AM
perhaps the ogres are just guards of a greater evil that needs the power from the water also. As the naiad weakens from the lack of available power, the evil becomes able to siphon more.
The problems of urinating and deficating in the water will seem a plausable reason for the waning energy. The dam would be for the planned attack that will be initiated when the evil being is prepared.
Of course, the ogres may not even be associated with the evil energy. The evil could be something defeated, and long forgotten, that has finally coming back. So defeating the ogres might seem to end the problem, only to later have the naiad, in desperation, beg for their return.
Maybe the naiad reneged on it's first deal, and now it comes with gifts and promising more it they would only defeat that which consumes her life line. Go to Comment
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strom's comment on 2003-03-11 07:35 PM
Perhaps, as the King and his henchmen prepared the oil, a shaman from within the catacombs was casting an incantation of resurrection. This could entail the dead coming back in corporal form and possess the current King, Cardinal, and other political, spiritual, and military leaders.

History: Maybe the Lamezzites are a scape-goat for failures of the King. Historically speaking, there have been many ethnical cultural, and economical reasons given to execute the Jews, Gypsies, Poles, and Irish; to name a few. Thus, the king could merely be averting attention from his own failures in policy driven decrees. Go to Comment
Plots  (Discovery)   (Single-Storyline)
strom's comment on 2003-03-11 07:43 PM
I forgot to mention that Lamezzites could only come back to life when the crypt was reopened. This would spur fear amongst the current regime, and temptation from a younger, more disbelieving generation. Go to Comment
Dark Tides
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strom's comment on 2003-03-06 12:50 PM
I figured to leave the development of the necromancer up to the DM using it. I do, however, envision him/her to be the lord of the land, and maybe even closely related to the reigning king of a greater empire. This, as you say, would provide him cover by sending messages of all is well.

I also hinted to the fact that the necromancer is part of a religious sect that worships death and the god there of. The army could be hand selected with the uncompliant being slain and used as an undead warrior. This would create unity within the ranks of his stationed army, by fear and submittance. Of course, only the most trusted would send messages to the outside world.

thanks. Go to Comment
Culbert's Wedding Band
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strom's comment on 2003-03-11 07:10 PM
Being a married man, I know that a woman that can cook, and likes to, is a bonus. Go to Comment
Book of Cain
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strom's comment on 2003-03-11 06:37 PM
The instructional part is good, in that it could help keep the interest of the reader. It could go inform the characters about the powers possesed by a vampire, and their history, and it also could teach an incantation that is suppose to make the character impervious to a vampire.

The spell would consist of pouring the one's own blood upon the book to ensure dominance over vampires. When completed with the spell, though, the character would mentally conform to a zombie-like state where he appeared, and physically remained the same, but he would now be under the command of the vampire that wrote the book. He would have no sense of humor, nor plans to invite nor keep anyone close in his personal life.

This would be a way that a vampire enlisted minions to carryout such menial tasks as transporting his casket, finding a safe haven, and providing protection as he slept. All this without actually having to search them out. Go to Comment
Tome of Unpleasant Reality
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strom's comment on 2003-03-06 01:07 PM
I like this idea. I am developing a roleplaying game and could use this to help characters get acclimated to the environment and the opponents therein. Go to Comment
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