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slartibartfast's comment on 2009-03-12 10:13 AM
Question on the etiquette of criticism: Many times, I come across a submission that is pretty good, but also serves as the springboard for new and different ideas in my mind. In some cases, the new thoghts are pretty far from the original author's intent. I'm uncertain whether it is appropriate to add these thoughts or ideas to the posting's comments, or to instead generate a new post with references to the original idea.

For example, "Nightwitch" comes up with an idea for a barbaric clan of vicious ogres with an irrational fear of small folk.

That's nice, I think to myself, but in terms of implementing this, a single halfling could put a halt to the entire adventure. What if, instead of small folk, the fear was of something even smaller; such as mice? Direct confrontation would leave the PCs heavily outmatched; the true challenge could be to discover the ogres' weakness before their plans to ransack a nearby town can be carried out. You know what? Forget the ogres; let's have the adversary be a single creature, like maybe a great dragon who hides an irrational fear of mice. He goes to great lengths to avoid the chance of contact with mice; building himself a lair up in the clouds themselves.

As you can see, the new thought is quite different from the intent of the original concept.

Would something like this be appropriate to still put into the comments, or should it go under a new post with a blurb saying where the original idea came from?

My apologies if this has been answered elsewhere; after going around and around on the advice posts, I couldn't find anything on this. Go to Comment
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slartibartfast's comment on 2009-03-12 08:25 PM
Cute threesome, even cuter inference to the song. Worth incorporating just to see whether PCs pick up on the pun. Go to Comment
The Crown of Pier Point
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slartibartfast's comment on 2010-10-15 01:29 PM

So, is this the little goodie that originated the "Queen of whores" sub?  Nice idea; cunning item that garners a person's trust before it begins subverting them. 

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Fontis Stone
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slartibartfast's comment on 2010-11-04 01:23 PM

Very nice concept; the elvish flavor comes through.

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       By: Murometz

Sessiliths (name based on the word sessile) are gargoyle-type creatures which are stationary, attached to the stone of whichever foundation they are bound to. Though they can move their extremities and limbs they are unable to move away from their particular perch. In lieu of swooping down and attacking like their mobile cousins the gargoyles proper, sessiliths are equipped with their own brand of mischief. The creatures are all able to verbalize and thus usually hurl vile insults and curses upon passersby. The cumulative effects of dozens of sessiliths cursing, screaming, and speaking in tongues, can have an effect of temporary confusion (or even discord) in those forced to listen to the shrieking stone gremlins.

Additionally, most possess the ability to "spout" or spit forth various undesirable projections, such as tar, boiling water, or even acid. While they can usually be avoided easily enough or even destroyed (their "bodies" feature the same defenses as gargoyles), sessiliths are usually placed in such a way as to hinder all trespassers and interlopers, narrow corridors, claustrophobic tunnels and other related "gauntlets", where they cannot be easily avoided. Like gargoyles, sessiliths come in all sorts of grotesque shapes and sizes, though they tend to resemble tiny horned devils, demonic amphibians, or simply distorted faces and heads, more often than not.

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