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30 Imps
NPCs  (Minor)   (Mystical)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-07 07:07 PM
Great Submision ! Keep up the Good Work !

I'm using some of your imps in a new project.

If thats ok !

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A Poisoner's Almanac
Items  (Potion)   (Magical)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-13 10:07 AM
Like me some lists, like poisons as well. Not to drink, just to read about.

Great post !

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Blissmort Toxin
Items  (Potion)   (Cursed)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-15 11:29 PM
Hmmmm...Neat !

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The Bestiary of Aterrizar
Systems  (Ecological)   (Specific)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-15 11:24 PM
Pretty Cool. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (City/ Ruin)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-09 01:30 AM
A Simple Cool Mcneato should suffice.
Keep up the good work.

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Blossom of Rage
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Forest/ Jungle)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-17 01:37 AM
Mikey likes it.
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30 Flesh Peddlers
NPCs  (Extras)   (Mercantile)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-13 10:14 AM
Great bunch of peddelers and whatnot.

Good post !

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The Elven Art of War
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-07 07:08 PM
Neat Submission ! Go to Comment
Order of the Falling Leaves
Society/ Organizations  (Religious)   (Country/ State)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-08 04:40 AM
Awesome entry. Go to Comment
Spirits of the Spirit World
Lifeforms  (Ethereal)   (Any)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-12 06:10 PM
Hmm. Interesting. I see potential.

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Undead Cosmetics
Items  (Potion)   (Magical)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-11 02:11 AM
I liken this to a great meal , as well as delicious dessert. I hope you don't mind if I hyper link this as posible "pages" in my Libram. Thanks ! Go to Comment
Tobbacos, Ingridients and mind altering herbs.
Items  (Other)   (Campaign Defining)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-13 10:11 AM
Very interesting posts !

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Kissing toad
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Underground)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-16 03:58 PM
I agree with Valadaar, cool stuff.

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Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Any)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-13 09:51 AM
Oh the uses. Fantastic !

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Garong's Heart
Locations  (Regional)   (Forest/ Jungle)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-16 03:09 PM
I am the Bullgod, I am free !

Good stuff.

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Black Oleander
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Swamp)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-13 10:06 AM
Cool. I read the stuff about yellow oleanders too.

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30 Barkeepers
NPCs  (Extras)   (Mercantile)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-17 01:38 AM
Reminds me of the Nature section in old WOD. Good stuff though.

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Elven Green Tea
Items  (Other)   (Non-Magical)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-15 11:22 PM
Great work! Good flavor (Pardon the Pun). Go to Comment
The Cathedral of Haracon
Locations  (Establishment)   (Any)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-16 03:57 PM
Interesting Post. Good Flavor.

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The Book of the Dead
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Campaign Defining)
punkcasher's comment on 2009-03-17 01:39 AM
Good post. Very informative, Anubis would be pleased.

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The massive blade known as Consequences carries several potent enchantments of battle, but also has a frustrating quirk: Its wielder finds himself unable to put it down until he enters the presence of a magistrate or other authority. Even then, it instantly returns to his hands if he has committed murder and fails to confess. Unless he somehow resists the blade's magic, the weilder's hands then run with fresh blood; the judgmental blade fights his every motion until he confesses his crimes.

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