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Lost Ancestors
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manfred's comment on 2003-07-29 03:59 AM
I am glad someone found a use for it.

Please write about the quest's results, if there are any, when the time comes. Go to Comment
Offered Wealth
Plots  (Discovery)   (Single-Storyline)
manfred's comment on 2001-08-24 11:37 PM
A whole guild devoted to this task would need a frequented place or a large city nearby.
But what about thieves guilds - where do cleptomaniacs go on holiday ?

And religion: there surely are rumours of followers of said God
who, pure of heart, and for a noble purpose gained a fabulous amount of gold. Maybe it is the truth. Go to Comment
Offered Wealth
Plots  (Discovery)   (Single-Storyline)
manfred's comment on 2001-08-24 11:37 PM
Turn the whole thing on the head:
Let a big slimy monster emerge and let it state clearly that it has finally enough of those little round metalic pieces and it does not want any more. Understand?
(Extreme: the gold/silver/brass is upsetting the ecology of the lake somewhat - solve that ;-)

To save the day the heroes must convince numerous people to stop with the donations. Go to Comment
Angered Sprite
Plots  (Travel)   (Side-Quest)
manfred's comment on 2001-08-17 04:38 PM
Back to the plot!
Combine that comment above with another plot on this page...
After freeing the spirit it will be so thankful that it becomes the mages unwanted companion, helping where it can (thievery included). Solve this. Go to Comment
Protected Dead
Plots  (Duty)   (Side-Quest)
manfred's comment on 2002-11-18 02:22 AM
Its rare that treasure only keeps smthing in check, its usually some particular piece, looking valuable, but fitting nicely between all those gold and silver thingys waiting to be picked. Best if discovered AFTER they sold it.

On the other hand (claw), the Lich may be almost thankful for what they did, assuming they are not a threat. So once that old mystical gentleman with an aura of power gets out of his grave, he may not kill them at once, surely not. Better make them his servants, conquering the world needs cannon fodder. Go to Comment
Wolve's Revenge
Plots  (Duty)   (Campaign)
manfred's comment on 2001-07-20 04:50 PM
The first suspects for this mysterious attacks would be werewolves. So let them find a werewolf who is innocent (in this respect,at least). Maybe this real werewolf is stalking Jerod to free the wolves from the slavery of the ring and to kill him. Will the heroes join this dangerous creature to achieve justice? Go to Comment
Wolve's Revenge
Plots  (Duty)   (Campaign)
manfred's comment on 2005-09-18 03:11 AM

What a short but definitely usable plot. It could easily turn into an investigation of the original crime, Jerod's father could be found innocent, or guilty but betrayed by his companion(s) in the council.

The ring should be destroyed or taken by the werewolf if possible. It could also handle more details.

Some ideas? Go to Comment
Cursed Profit
Plots  (Discovery)   (Side-Quest)
manfred's comment on 2002-09-12 03:35 AM
Maybe there is an open tomb out somewhere, with riches to be taken... and to be cursed. The characters are cursed too, just throwing away the necklace or gold may be not enough. Someone else may get the same curse, so it is necessary to return all items to break the curse. Sealing the tomb may be a good idea. They may be later haunted by a ghost, its rest once again disturbed. Characters recognized as worthy, they are asked for help. Once they AGAIN seal the tomb with the riches, they may be given interesting info of the ancient-kind. Now it is a plot. Go to Comment
Forgotten Treasures
Plots  (Crisis)   (Single-Storyline)
manfred's comment on 2008-04-22 04:22 PM
Yay pretty! What a timeless piece. It was things like this that drew me here. Or not??? :)

Good reminder. Go to Comment
Demon Bang
Plots  (Hired)   (Side-Quest)
manfred's comment on 2007-06-21 01:20 PM
Yeah. It's old, but still has something. I couldn't say it better. Go to Comment
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