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Four Rings
Items  (Jewelry)   (Magical)
manfred's comment on 2008-10-02 06:02 AM
Of course they are fine items for everyone and anyone, it is an optional background if they are to be an actual set, hence the past tense. :) Go to Comment
Suicide flies
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Plains)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-30 03:04 PM
Well, if you happened to feed somebody with a dozen of the flies or more, they could really have an impact on your health. Or imagine a swarm of these happening on a sleeping person... annoying, and potentially dangerous. Always mind those little caveats. :)

Ugly writing, but very logical and I like that. Go to Comment
Away From Table Chart
Plots  (Travel)   (Side-Quest)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-30 02:53 PM
Do we have somewhere an article on how to deal with absentee players? If so, linking the two together would boost the usefulness of both.

Oh, and you know this could be the ultimate Excuses Table for the PCs. ;) Go to Comment
30 Bottles of Wine
Items  (Potion)   (Heroic)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-30 02:50 PM
A nice collection I have to say! Built a bit heavily on the standard group of races, but the ideas are certainly applicable in other places. Good work. Go to Comment
30 Bottles of Wine
Items  (Potion)   (Heroic)
manfred's comment on 2009-03-10 07:05 PM
(Psst, we have also a large collection of fantasy recipes somewhere, if you are into the culinary stuff. You can have it really cheap, just your lucky day!) Go to Comment
30 Bottles of Wine
Items  (Potion)   (Heroic)
manfred's comment on 2010-05-09 05:45 PM
This article has been featured on, Issue 485. Congratulations to the author - on your health!

See it here. Go to Comment
Bloody-Beard Borsht
NPCs  (Minor)   (Combative)
manfred's comment on 2008-10-02 07:21 AM
Indeed, why would they have to be the good guys all the time. There is enough darkness to be found in their hearts, and if they fall for it, it may look just like this.

In another NPC, you mentioned a certain liking that he has for the undead workers that never tire or complain, that should be included here. It is a great detail that rounds him up well.

Worth using, especially if there are other dwarves in the party. Go to Comment
Umo Cinzento
NPCs  (Extras)   (Domestic/ Craft)
manfred's comment on 2008-10-02 07:14 AM
This hurt. Not much love for the fellow, but he is a very real person to contend with at some point. Good work.

A plus for the cruel dwarf alone. Link him here. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (Any)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-19 06:36 PM
Good piece of color. It is the details, like the laws surrounding them, their chance to buy themselves out to freeedom, and their 'brand' appearance that seals the deal. Very usable.

Now imagine if someone happens to look like one of those copyrighted looks... :) Go to Comment
Blimp Dragon
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Other)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-18 07:14 AM
...or rooms dug into its flesh? I bet there is some interesting way to bypass the creature's immune system and defensive reactions. Go to Comment
Crystal Dragons of Sogth VII
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Mountains)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-16 04:47 PM
Not bad at all! I like the sci-fish take on the green beast. And if they derive sustenance from metals, they must have some pretty strange metabolism indeed!

Good work, Siren. Go to Comment
The Green Dragon Challenge
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-15 03:51 PM
Can't we have dragons breeding people instead? That sounds much more logical to me, even according to the principles you have set down. :)

But it makes an interesting challenge, worth thinking about. One beginning of the chain of reasoning could be elephants... also large herbivores, easily dangerous, but very useful to humans in their environments. Got to figure that one out more. Go to Comment
The Green Dragon Challenge
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-16 04:43 PM
...and yet, elephants are used and domesticated by the man. Okay, perhaps quite a of few them come from the wild, and maybe is the religious ingredient necessary. But if the aim of domestication is to breed as many as you can, you can forget dragons as well. That's one box I don't want the dragons to pull out of - they should stay rare and exceptional, otherwise you get that Dinotopia.

Doesn't mean it can't be done... as Siren is already proving. Go to Comment
Items of Groan
Items  (Other)   (Magical)
manfred's comment on 2009-01-26 01:48 PM
Is there also a Fifty-Cent Staff, excellent against rappers and other creatures with a sonic attack? Go to Comment
Items of Groan
Items  (Other)   (Magical)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-15 02:30 PM
There were some decent ones, I liked the Chain Mail Armor best. Also linked Silly Items here, since they contain similar implements. Go to Comment
Items of Groan
Items  (Other)   (Magical)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-15 04:02 PM
Crystal Armor: this miraculous translucent armor will protect you from the very first blow... when it falls apart into a lot of shards. Given time, it will regenerate.

Horn of Call: those listening to the Horn, and especially the one blowing it, will feel the Call of Nature. Go to Comment
Alarnak, Lord of Claw and Fang
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Religious)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-15 02:18 PM
There have been many gods of the wilds before, and this one is acceptable. I like that he is not overtly 'evil' in the actions of his worshippers, though it would be easy to mark him as a demonic entity. So what are his real goals? What if instead of clawing civilization apart, he is preparing for a war nobody else has an idea of? You could easily turn the situation without making him a softy caring a bit for those soft-skinned weaklings. :) Go to Comment
Chivalric Order Ranks and Titles
Systems  (Societal/ Cultural)   (General)
manfred's comment on 2008-10-26 04:53 PM
With our wonderful Troll-B-Gone you can remove signs of any and all trollish activity. Where with most products stay behind bad feelings and minor flame wars, our product will let you feel smug and self-assured.

Troll-B-Gone! Order now! Go to Comment
Black Diamond
Items  (Materials)   (Cursed)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-14 04:05 PM
Heyyy, what a compact idea with so many options. A natural way to import some 'evil' into your game and weave stories around it. Good diamond. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Any)
manfred's comment on 2008-09-11 03:25 PM
Likeable chaps. You get a good feeling of their 'otherness', so important for that exotic race you need to place somewhere. Much as I like them, I would still like to see some 'bad' to them, or something to blow the mind upon. Even with the stranger parts they are in perfect harmony. Still a very good minor race. Go to Comment
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