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Our First Quest
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m0s0g's comment on 2005-12-27 03:19 PM
#5 Judgments Crossing - The River Jade
Reply #5 on: September 01, 2004, 09:47:50 AM

A few miles inland from the Coast of Arsoon, runs the River Jade. Across this river in a deep valley lies Judgments Crossing. A place of great beauty and mystical histories! In these waters lay the Spirits of the Many Kings sent down from this place in a hero's burial on their way to the sea. It is here that warriors come to be tested for the clarity of head and heart, it is here that they come to drink believing in the strength of their ancestors and it is here that the very green in the water itself rewards those who are true and consumes the unworthy.

Argas - Initiate of the Blade

"Some fear trial by fire but as an initiate about to pledge an oath to my King at the waters edge, I would feel more comfortable walking barefoot in the pits of hell or naked on the coldest northern mountain tops as a pledge then face the waters judgment. I have heard only rumors of the pain and echos of the screams surrounding those that have not returned. However, if I should survive this test my veins will run as green as those that succeeded before me and on the fields of battle, our enemies will envy our prowess." Go to Comment
World Building 102: Environment building the MoonHunter way
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m0s0g's comment on 2005-10-26 01:33 AM
The key here is the clear, concise and thorough presentation of the material in the posts. I have used many of these approaches and for those I have not, I soon will. Thanks for taking the time to provide a great compilation of approaches. Go to Comment
Shadows Curse
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-09-23 04:19 PM
Later all. Don't need this when may interest was to share my creations/interests for the benefit of others.


I wrote the story and it hints to the fact that the main characters worked together on the item. Did you fail reading comprehension in grade school? Must I spell it out for you? Who do you think you are anyway? What great works have you written that make you the authority? Perhaps you should keep you opinions to yourself unless they are "helpful" to others.

Later and enjoy your role as postnazi. Go to Comment
Shadows Curse
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-09-24 01:50 PM
Perhaps I got a little carried away, bad day but I was a bit ticked by Captain's response. Here was someone telling me what my item background meant. I could have put up the full 4 page write-up but felt the one page explained everything necessary. When I tried to point out the key line that suggested the key people who created the item I was essentially told I don't know my own story. Well, that came off like a slap in the face which is something I don't take lightly especially when I am already at my boiling point due to other variables. I have no objection to criticism of my work and appreciate views that help me improve upon my stuff, however, I do take offense to someone degrading my efforts and over exerting their opinion as fact. This was not a situation where Captain knew the material so for him to say I don't know my own story was like someone tell Salvatore (who has far more ability then myself in story telling) that he has Drizzt all wrong.

Just my final thoughts on the matter. Go to Comment
Castle Seamus
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-08-16 05:59 PM
Potions, very very carfully in an underwater cave that contain air pockets. :)

Slim description, perhaps but possibly the start of something much more interesting. Could it be the burial place or lair of a Kraken, the site of a lost artifact, even where a rare component grows that is required for a cure to some great affliction or all of the above. A place religious to the merfolk who are not welcoming to outsiders especially when they don't know what the surface dwellers seek. And there is still the Kraken alive or dead to worry about.

Just some ideas. Hmmmm, enough to flesh out an adventure for my players. Just needs some history. Go to Comment
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-07-19 03:08 PM
I have had a bit of writters block the past few days so thanks for the character driven kick start. I liked the idea of this guy so I think this is how I might use him.

Currently Granitbiten is the undefeated champion of the gladiatorial games heavy weight division in the city.

Granitbiten probably spends most money on liquor and things that make him look good. He is a popular gladiator and many misguided seek to serve him. He always enters the arena with a beautiful woman on each arm. As arrogant and perhaps an egotist he selects prostitutes to perform for him amongst floor pillows and furs and he watches from his most comfortable chair. They do so freely and wish only to be in his good graces. For this he bestows gifts to the loyal. Sometimes he takes part and occasionally he breaks a toy but his servants clean up his messes without question and no one ever takes notice or so it seems.

Someone in the party knows of a beautiful local young woman that has been abducted or the party is hired by a family to return their daughter. It is a few weeks prior to her wedding to a local horse handlers son. It is rumored that she was taken to the city (where gladiator games are held) to be sold. The party may try bidding on her but they will be out bid. Granitbiten has seen the merchandise already. He likes what he sees and hates to loose so he has given orders to out bid anyone, to call in markers if necessary. The young woman has been selected for his entertainment. This draws the party's rescue into a conflict with Granitbiten. They can try to challenge Granitbiten in combat to win her freedom or attempt to sneak in and rescue her. Any assassination attempt on Granitbiten would be very difficult, he has many supporters and a network of spies.

This could also make Granitbiten and his devout followers an enemy for a future adventure or just a continuously aggravating villain. By stealing a toy of his, he would seek to punish the insolent pests that hampered his happiness, besides if it ever get out that he didn't pursue, he could loose respect or control of those that fear him. If Granitbiten is slain his followers and local backers would seek retribution against the party for damages to their prize fighter.

Now all the party needs is a few contacts and the story a few twists. Go to Comment
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-07-26 06:32 PM
Glad you like. Can't wait to see the look on my players faces when they encounter this guy. Go to Comment
Deeping Steppes
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-07-13 06:29 PM
Thanks for the 4/5. This was my first serious post and something I will be introducing to a group I am running in a Dales campaign. They are in search of a legendary dwarven hammer and anvil, a quest of one of the party's members. I wanted a cool neutral waypoint of interest for rest and re-supply in the Underdark so I came up with Deeping Steppes. It also provides lots of adventure hook possibilities. Comments/Suggestions most welcome. Go to Comment
Deeping Steppes
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-11-17 05:41 PM
I was in a real bad mood. Sorry for the dramatics and for being so annoying. Go to Comment
Var Salok
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-07-29 11:24 AM
Makes sense for a land with primitive lizard folk. Could make for a nice consistent antagonist from beginning to end of a campaign or a campaign twist with slight changes. I did something similar with Orcs. My players kept wading through Orcs like a hot knife through butter so I had them united under one Chieftain and gave them few levels in fighter and one level in barbarian depending on EL, except for the elite Orcs of the clan who are full barbarian (3.0). There first encountered after the unification of the clans was a surprise to them. Took time to setup but was worth the wait. Go to Comment
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-07-19 06:25 PM
I agree that this character needs some flesh and bone though the idea of a caster being blind has possibilities. There are detriments but benefits as well. He would be immune to vision attacks and illusion spells but more susceptible to sound based attacks. Even Braille could be a cool twist, though a form of rune. Forgive me if I ramble on. Below is a little suggestion for character development.

Perhaps a little on what he was like as a child and how he became a mage feeding into the story of his blindness and eventually his creation of Braille/rune scrolls. He would have to create his own scrolls since he'd be a rarity. Perhaps he finds a tome that he could not read when he had his sight. Where and how did he come across this tome? After going blind he has feelings of hopelessness over the course of a week. Eventually growing frustrated, he manages to find his library. Once there he begins throwing papers and books in a fit of rage as he clumsily feels his way around the room. Growing weary and distraught, he settles down and inadvertently places his hand on that strange tome he couldn't read previously and realizes that he senses something about this tome, strange and exciting. He sits down and caresses the cover of the book with his finger in anticipation and letters begin to form in his mind. He concentrates and soon words begin to form. Sucked in by curiosity, he sits for many days reading, stopping only for life's essentials before returning to continue his study of these mystic pages of strange runes. Once he absorbed the tome, he was endowed with the ability (a feat) to create runes that can be read with the hand not the eye. He could fashion these runes into his staff through use of the skills of carving he developed as a child and likewise into scrolls by lightly stabbing with dabs of spell components on the end of a thin dagger. Only another of his kind could use his staff and scrolls.

With one or two good magic items he could be a formidable foe.

Let the mind run from there. Hope this helps. Good luck. Go to Comment
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-07-28 06:04 PM
I misunderstood the purpose of the original post and instead came up with a viable NPC/PC. I hope that some of my comments are helpful. The idea of a character that inadvertently slows a party down is interesting but I find my group slows themselves down enough without help. They once spent almost an entire session planning the assault on an empty cabin, well empty except for some animated household items. :) Go to Comment
Rel Dhaedd
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-07-26 06:25 PM
Dreadfully awesome! Hey, if this were a movie I guess The ROCK would make a decent fit. Just trying to put a faces on this tortured soul. Go to Comment
The Trial
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-04-23 06:37 PM
Someone is onto the witches and that person tries to contact the party but runs off to hide when realizing that the witches are onto them.

Believing themselves to be under possible scrutiny, the witches frame themselves poorly. They hire the party to prove their innocence leaving a trail of breadcrumbs (bits of evidence) for the party to follow to the one that knows the truth.

A few clues should reveal that something is amiss.

The witches want the party to find the witness. Once doing so they intend to do away with the party and witness and point the finger at the witness and the party as accomplices so they get away and don't have to pay the party.

Hope this isn't too cliché. Go to Comment
Talon Trails
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m0s0g's comment on 2004-08-06 10:40 AM
I like your back story and adventure opportunities.

I use a similar effect on an area of the Dales (more correctly Cormanthyr) known as the Tanged Trees. It is a portion of the forest where some elves remained after the fall of Myth Drannor and one of the few remaining places where an ancient mythal is still maintained, in the campaigns I run. Anyone not meeting the entrance requirements of the mythal's protections is deposited on the opposite side of the mythal's protected area. Go to Comment
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