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kamina's comment on 2007-01-05 09:02 AM
AG, You don't need to stop being honest... maybe just send a PM with ideas on how to improve. Personaly, I don't care about the VOTE I am looking for advice.

As for not commenting or HoHing a sub of someone that doesn't give the same consideration to others: I understand your postions, but remember that a newbie (like me) doesn't have a HoH to give and many new people might be too intimidated to vote or comment (especialy if they haven't chated with anyone).

Wulf was all over my 1st Sub. But, he did it all in PM and waited to vote/comment publicly until I had made a lot of much needed corrections. (A favor which I appreciated and have tried to pass on.)

We have to remember that we are dealing with people from different cultures and age ranges. I think we need to temper our criticism with clear advice so new comers will feel encouraged rather than intimidated (difficult sometimes). I received this kind of help; but, I was involved in chat long before my first sub. Go to Comment
The Matakos
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Mountains)
kamina's comment on 2006-12-31 07:38 AM
I love the direction you are taking with this sub.
We are often so bent on having "real evil" in our games that we forget that many things/people are hunted down and destroyed simply becuase of bigotry, greed, and ignorance. Those that understand the true nature of the thing and try to defend it are likewise condemened.

You describe the unfortunate creature as "preying on livestock and hapless wanderers alike". It makes me wonder how old it was when the villagers that cared for and protected it were killed. Is it violent by nature or as a result of being left to its own devices to survive?

I look forward to reading the finished product. Go to Comment
The Fairy Castle
Items  (Home/ Personal)   (Magical)
kamina's comment on 2007-02-27 07:25 PM
I agree with Moon. There are endless possibilities and directions available here.
A charming and disturbing item. I love it. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Swamp)
kamina's comment on 2007-02-25 01:36 PM
I have to echo Moon. The details really sold this one.
I particularly like the directed, rather than random, agression towards travelers through their territory.

Excellent! Go to Comment
The One-Eyed, Red-Eyed Crow
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Swamp)
kamina's comment on 2007-02-22 11:47 PM
This sub makes me wish two things...
1. That I had a HoH to give.
2. That I had read it before Wanderer did.
(I REALLY don't want to run into this thing in his game!)

A beautifully twisted beast! Go to Comment
Poison of Rest Forgone And Other Toxins
Items  (Potion)   (Villanous)
kamina's comment on 2007-02-25 01:23 PM
I have an NPC that will just LOVE stumbling upon these "gems" to assist him in his work. Particularly the "Poison of Precarious Sleepwalking". I love the addition of the d10 table. Go to Comment
Mask of Iron
Items  (Other)   (Non-Magical)
kamina's comment on 2007-01-16 11:09 PM
A nice bit of history to start with. A fresh breath on this old image could prove to be very interesting.

I suggest you move this to "In Work" until it is complete.
I am looking forward to finding out where you are taking us. Go to Comment
Dr. Emil Vincent
NPCs  (Major)   (Criminal/Espionage)
kamina's comment on 2007-01-10 12:35 AM
A nicely thought out sub Ria! In true mass murderer style he is inteligent but has had a break with reality. No reason is needed to justify his actions. The reasons exist only in his mind and only he would understand them.

Never underestimate the power of a mundane character in a game. I had my PCs perplexed for 10 hours while they tried to figure out what magic, curse, etc was causing their troubles.

Moral: when you are playing games that have everyone predisposed to fantasy, it is the mundane options that are rare and often overlooked. Go to Comment
Oni, the Sorrow of Torment
NPCs  (Minor)   (Criminal/Espionage)
kamina's comment on 2007-01-07 10:57 AM
A wonderfully evil NPC that I would love to use as a GM (and would hate to run into as a PC).

He strikes me as the type that, after the police find the "torture chamber", the neighbors comment "but he was always so quiet and polite!" Go to Comment
Plots  (Travel)   (Encounter)
kamina's comment on 2007-01-02 08:33 AM
A lovely piece that I am definetly going to use.
Even if the PCs refuse to sample the "brew" it is still a nice bit of color along the road. But, I doubt they will refuse. Go to Comment
The Song of Sorrow
Plots  (Discovery)   (Side-Quest)
kamina's comment on 2007-01-01 11:35 AM
My intention was that this could be a nice snag for a party with a bard in the group. They would remember the effect that the song had on the crowd. What bard could resist?

If it is only the young bard's "suicide note", then no harm will come of another bard taking and using it. If it is either of the other two options, then he will be using the song at his peril. If it is the last option, they would have to find a way to undo the curse (maybe find the old man, a mage who could undo it, get someone else to take the song, etc...) but this has been left open to the discretion of the GM.

Since this was written for Wulf's "Tales of the Road" I will await his input before expanding further.

As always, I appreciate your input AG and your comments and observations are well taken. Go to Comment
Village People
NPCs  (Extras)   (Agricultural)
kamina's comment on 2007-01-03 09:49 PM
Manerva: The "Witch"

Appearance: Manerva is a thin old women bent with age. No one in the village remembers her ever being young and she is believed to be close to, or just over, a century old. Her eyes were once brown but now have an eerie white cast due to cataracts. Her long grey hair is wild and unkempt. She is rarely seen preferring to keep to the solitary confines of her home. She journeys into the main part of the village only when absolutely necessary and is always mumbling to her self.

Family and Life: Manerva was once a well respected herbalist and "healer". 50 Years ago, an epidemic struck the village which she could find no medicine to ease. The old and the young were hardest hit (though no group was spared entirely). She lost her entire family (her husband, daughter and two sons) within a month of each other. In spite of this, her continued health kept the villagers coming to her door. Her sorrow deepened as she watched those that turned to her for help die around her.

She is, in truth, a rather amicable old woman though her long solitude has left her social graces sorely neglected. Her only friend in town is Morda, who makes frequent visits (always being sure to bring a treat such as hot bread and fresh churned butter). Morda's mother was once apprenticed to Manerva, and she fondly remembers Morda and her brother Milder playing on the kitchen floor during their mother's frequent visits. She enjoys Morda's company and conversation and is always eager to hear the tales of the "new medicines" that Morda tells.

Though it would be inappropriate for a woman of her age, and a widow, to consider a gentleman a "friend" she is fond of Morda's brother Milder who is always sure to stop by on his way in, or out, of town to inquire is she is in need of anything.

Special Equipment: Manerva has nothing of value. Her home and belongings are tattered and worn with age. However, she has continued to collect herbs over the years and has a rather impressive collection.

Roleplaying Notes:
On her infrequent visits to the village Manerva is given a wide berth. If a villager must interact with her they are cordial and brief. More often than not, they cross the road to avoid such interactions.

Though the older, and more logical, members of the village know her to be only an eccentric and sad old women there are rumors among the younger and less wise members of the village that Manerva is a witch. Her constant mumbling has lead to rumors that she is casting spells.

If one were to over here her mumbling she would be heard to say such things as:
"What a pity, that used to be a nice rich field... what does the world need with another shop."
"Irreverent children, they should be taught to respect their elders... it isn't polite to stare so."

Due to her age; she tends to view most now living in the village as "children". She is unaware of the rumors about her and believes the attitude of the villagers towards her to be poor manners. She frets often that people aren't what they used to be. If one were to ask, they would find that she blames this "new" behavior on having a far too easy life. Go to Comment
King Nemeroud, the Helletouched
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Political)
kamina's comment on 2006-12-19 11:54 PM
This sub is my favorite of a very beautiful chain.
You are missing your calling. This story line has the potential to be a great novel. Go to Comment
The Twystened Sidhe
NPCs  (Major)   (Mystical)
kamina's comment on 2006-12-17 10:11 AM
I love the vivid detail and the romantic style of this sub. It is easy to imagine yourself in the setting and, once there, the possibilities are endless... Go to Comment
The Bound Ones
Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (Forest/ Jungle)
kamina's comment on 2006-12-17 10:41 PM
A wonderful monster. A PC might be able to remain cold and distant when fighting most creatures; but, when the creature absorbs the PC's friend and that friend takes up arms agianst them.... a "horror check" is in order!

Awesome Job! Go to Comment
The Twin Cities of Chantliteotlico
Locations  (Country/ State)   (Plains)
kamina's comment on 2006-12-18 09:34 AM
Thank You for the advice AG. I am working on spicing this location up, and will take your advice and put the more "interesting" stuff in the block quotes. I will also be adding a plot idea.
I apologize for the warriors sounding like football teams; but, that is what the Aztecs called them :)

I had originaly only intended to submit 3420 and 3421 as NPCs (or possibly color) for a game. I started the city to answer the questions I had been asked. To make it more interesting, I will elaborate on the culture and behavior of the people who live there.

Thank you again for the advice. It is greatly needed and appreciated. Go to Comment
The Twin Cities of Chantliteotlico
Locations  (Country/ State)   (Plains)
kamina's comment on 2006-12-18 02:22 PM
Didn't appear that way at all. :) Go to Comment
The Colonial Trust Foundation
Society/ Organizations  (Political)   (Trans World)
kamina's comment on 2006-12-12 07:53 PM
Great Idea. Can we have some examples of the work they do? (both "above board" and more "clandestine"?) Go to Comment
Boots of the Asrok
Items  (Clothes)   (Cursed)
kamina's comment on 2006-12-13 12:44 AM
I find the style of the submission very appealing and entertaining. The boots themselves are well thought out and very usable.

I also think Tarak would make a great NPC sub. I can quite easily see him as an interesting encounter or even a plot hook. Go to Comment
VirginsBane Beetle
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Plains)
kamina's comment on 2006-12-10 04:02 PM
Very twisted and disturbing. Especialy from the perspective of a female DM. But, I really like it.
My only concern is, I'm not sure that humans would tolerate them just because they controled the mosquito (or other bug) population since they are more detremental to the humans than the bugs are.

I love the idea of using them to over through the monarchy. (Or as any form of revenge, etc.) I would just make them more rare and remote. Go to Comment
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"Under the Hill"

       By: rickster

Some parallel worlds have different time-flows, like the fabled dwelling-places of the elves: those who visit them under the hill for a night return to find that years have passed in this world. Perhaps it is the gate leading between the worlds which causes the alteration. If a gate were 'misaligned', the shift from '| |' to '| \' or '| /' as it were would lead to that difference, much as a light-beam split and bent by a prism ends up taking a longer path. There might even be a mathematical function linking degree of misalignment to alteration of time-rate.

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