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ilya's comment on 2005-01-28 12:18 AM
ellipsis...good point..sorry. And yes he needs more personality...also very good point.

If I could write a "fine" fantasy novel, I'd be doing just that right now :) but I understand exactly what you mean

Gob-Hibanu is only a god because Semmesit has chosen to worship him. Gob-Hibanu is very worried that if Semmesit ever forsakes him, he'll cease to exist. Most Shezmites do indeed have personal gods. I like your take on that.

yes, my world is a bit off-kilter. See entry in recent "Encounters" Go to Comment
Misty Mountain Hop
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ilya's comment on 2005-01-22 12:11 AM
sorry for the poor typing skills and for posting duplicate...I'm new at this Go to Comment
Misty Mountain Hop
Plots  (Mystical)   (Side-Quest)
ilya's comment on 2005-01-26 10:28 AM
I really appreciate the feedback...I'm new at this, and I actually didn't do a great job translating my thoughts to written format....the scenario in our game was full of detail and sub-plots (Utar had no intention of honoring his side of the bargain, Heorvaren's forces mangled the party, etc etc etc...)

yes...the role-playing possibilities are's not just a hack-n-slash giants battle

in our campaign, the mage (blinded by his ego) agreed to "lead" the mountain giants against the mist giants (with somewhat disastrous results)....meanwhile the party fighters (and thief) decided to come up with a plan to "rob" Utar's treasury...

manfred/dragonlord- love your comments...

Thanks!! next posting will be more appropriate to the format you guys are lookinng for... Go to Comment
Misty Mountain Hop
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ilya's comment on 2005-01-27 07:13 PM
Manfred- I'm with you on the "treasure" aspect of the scenario...when my pc's heard "giants treasure" (which was the idea) they got all googly-eyed...however what they eventually ended up with (after all was said and done)was some ratty bear furs, slags of iron, rotten walrus tusks, and a cursed statuette, etc...)

also one of the sacks they made away with, held a wolverine curled up in a ball that Utar the Mighty had trained to attack only upon hearing his "dog whistle" from the mountain...the characters didn't have time to check what they had before they split...chaos ensued...

Dragon Lord- in lieu of an artifact I had the villagers tell the pc's that a living oracle was rumored to be residing somewhere in the Mist Giants Mountain...

look... if you guys are interested I'll re-write this scenario to include all details, plot hooks, etc...if not I'll move on to another posting...let me know...

I just want to re-iterate one more time, that I'm glad I found this web-site...I'm new to the internet (yes you read that right...I've been overseas), but I'm not new to DM'ing...been at it since 1981.... Go to Comment
The World of the Iron Heart
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ilya's comment on 2005-01-22 12:31 AM
love the woodlice farming... Go to Comment
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ilya's comment on 2005-01-27 10:44 PM
very nice...great success..I like Go to Comment
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       By: MoonHunter

Mages/ wizards and such use cards (playing cards or tarot cards) as training tools. The patterns created by certain layouts of cards are mnemonic devices to teach key elemental associations and paths. With such interesting names as the Tree of Life, Phoenix's tail, Rythm of Heart, and Balance of the sphere, there pattern represent the matrices used by magic users to focus and present power. Spell processes can be represented by a sequence of cards.

So mages will often be seen handing around hands of cards.

Wizards will have a deck of cards with them. Since cards were used to train wizards in legerdemain, Since they have cards with them, they frequently know how to use them. Guild magic users often have a knack for fancy shuffles, palming cards, and a variety of card tricks and games.

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