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forgottengods's comment on 2006-01-01 02:52 PM
The curse of Nastarn

This curse may affect all the party members because the curse makes the character affected by it an insect magnet - all the insects just stick to him even demon insects or monster insects and well the party or group will suffer too. Go to Comment
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forgottengods's comment on 2006-01-01 02:53 PM
The light tower curse

This is one of my favorites and is in the palladium rpg but it can be played in any system. The curse is that the cursed character has a bright glow in his eyes just like a light tower and he can use the light to see like with a lantern but the trick is in night he can't hide hehehe and well in town they may think he is a demon or something because of the light hehe. The light can be of any color have fun!! Go to Comment
Rumors and Tales
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forgottengods's comment on 2006-12-16 11:01 AM

what about royalty rumors

they said the king is a doppleganger or changeling

they said the king is evil or controlled by a demon

they said the queen is a vampire

they said the queen take a bath with human blood because she thinks that will keep her young for ever

and so on.... Go to Comment
Music during a game
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forgottengods's comment on 2005-12-08 11:23 AM
we use midis form all the castlevanias
and midis form other games too is more cool than music Go to Comment
Music during a game
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forgottengods's comment on 2005-12-08 11:26 AM
well i think mp3 is better but thats just my point of view Go to Comment
More Boo!
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forgottengods's comment on 2005-10-30 12:59 PM
well for horror tips and more i advise to take a look on the ravenloff core book for d20dnd this comes with some usefull table of fear,madness,horror and effects very good stuff my players found this system for horror campaigns is the best and porvide some madness and life to an horror setting. Go to Comment
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forgottengods's comment on 2003-02-06 08:13 PM
A knoght of the dragon god zandragaal ,memeber of the dragonwright.

sorry i mean knight of the dragon god zandragaal and member of the dragonwright. Go to Comment
Children of the Families
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forgottengods's comment on 2003-02-05 03:35 AM
i think is a good plot for a city adventure is reaaly good Go to Comment
The Dhole
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forgottengods's comment on 2003-02-06 07:49 PM
he is like the tarrask (sorry i dont remember the creature name ) from the ad n d?? Go to Comment
Book of Cain
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forgottengods's comment on 2003-02-05 03:42 AM
ok i think the blood thirsty book is a good idea but ,what happens to the blood of the victim? is the book alive or soemthing or is like a vampire creature?
i want to use this item but that questions came to my mind Go to Comment
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While walking through the mountains, emerging from several small crevasse near you and begin attacking the party member with the most exposed skin. The Beez are creatures the size of a fist, with minimal stats but high agility. There is ten or more beez. Their sting causes a immediate loss of hitpoints.

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