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The Wishing Well
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eleclipse's comment on 2014-02-18 05:05 AM
I really like the idea!

I'm a little dubious on how this can be an active source of income, that can even interest the local thief guild. The number of wisher should be very high, like some turistic attraction or sacred place.

Of course Mauk can just keep it to aid his real business, but i feel like the thief guild should have a more serious reason to be really interested. Maybe they use the well to hide stolen money while on the run; and they fear that Mauk is keeping a cut on that.
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The moral compass
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eleclipse's comment on 2014-02-13 02:33 PM
Thank you!

Yes English isn't my first tongue, so thanks for being patient with it!

Actually, aside the fact that the site concept is great, one the reasons I'm doing it is to improve and practice my English (while i study it) so hopefully I'll only get better from now on. Go to Comment
The moral compass
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eleclipse's comment on 2014-02-14 04:36 AM
I'm not 100% sure i really get the first question.

Anyway let's say that potentially the compass have the clairvoyance powers to do so but it wouldn't do that (and it wasn't build with that use in mind, his meter go white to black not to "most useful" to "less useful"). Mostly because his purpose is to corrupt not to give advantage to the local thief that want to know what's the best way to enter the bank. Secondly that kind of character is of little use to the compass, since it's not really "corruption material" and will always be more interested in petty advantages that may or may not cause real suffering.

Or maybe the compass will led him to belive that it can be used that way only to trick the selfish user into having to do always more "evil" things to gain this advantages, if it belive the user can be used that way.

Basically it all depend on the character and how well he could fit into the compass "use", also on how much the DM is willing to distance himself from the original concept.

As for the second one, the compass can't talk to the user (and even if he was able to he wouldn't, since that would reveal part of his true nature as a sentient object). He also don't deal in visions or similar things, hes just a compass that move move with the user's thoughts. Basically his thing is to led the user belive it's just a mere instrument. That way is more easy to gain his trust.

Anyway the vision thing could fit well using the "long forgotten deity of clairvoyance" variant! B Go to Comment
The Town of Inexplicable Babies
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eleclipse's comment on 2014-02-11 05:40 AM
This is just perfect since I have a character in my campaign that totally hate babies, it's time to have fun. Go to Comment
Trash Golem
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eleclipse's comment on 2014-02-11 09:49 AM
Not much to say aside the fact that i like it :) Go to Comment
Overly-Attached Chainmail
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eleclipse's comment on 2014-04-18 02:28 AM
Very nice idea.

I think that the moment of creation of the item should be explained a little more, the way it is now it's not entirely clear imo. Go to Comment
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eleclipse's comment on 2014-02-16 02:10 AM
Really nice! This npc could easily fit in most cyberpunk settings. Go to Comment
Rings of Mutual Exclusion
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eleclipse's comment on 2014-02-08 03:54 PM
I've the perfect use for this in my campaign, thanks! Go to Comment
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eleclipse's comment on 2014-03-18 02:37 AM
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eleclipse's comment on 2014-02-12 03:21 AM
Really nice! Go to Comment
Boots Too Fine for the Earth
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eleclipse's comment on 2014-02-11 02:05 AM
I love this. Go to Comment
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Unfortunate fortune

       By: increddibelly

One of the camels in the caravan trips over a dark rock protruding from the sandy dunes. The poor animal has broken its leg and cannot continue. A cacaphony ensues as the animal suffers and the caravan train overseers complain passionately as they redistribute the animal's load across the caravan. (Let's just hope none of the PC's was riding this camel, shall we?)

As the camel is put out of its misery and the camel is skewered over a campfire - waste nothing! - someone takes a minute to inspect the root cause of all the trouble. To their surprise, the upturned rock is worked stone. Some frantic digging may excavate the bottom half of a gorgeously worked1 obelisk, and maybe even the small square forum below; but a more rigorous exploration of the surrounding dunes reveals a buried tomb doorway on each side of the forum.

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