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and a ten foot pole.
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-04-03 04:19 AM
Same here, but in your neck tie, so it hangs down without a tie clip... Go to Comment
and a ten foot pole.
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-11-07 05:16 AM
86. A box that cannot be opened.

No, really. Have a look.

Just imagine the mayhem you can cause. "Of course, the holy artifact of Hermatos is in there. Please spare our lives!!!". Perfect to give to a power hungry villain while you quietly make your escape. (he'll be too busy to notice.) Just make sure that it is a box that CANNOT be opened, rather than a box that SHOULD NOT be opened. (look where it landed Pandora) Go to Comment
and a ten foot pole.
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-11-07 05:20 AM
87. Human bones

Well, where to start:
-Occult rituals, (eg summon the great Mathom)
-Throw off construction works while you "discover" archeologically important remains
-Plant evidence of murder in someone's house. (in medieval times, bones under your bed would probably get you burned at the stakes.)
-Do you have a dog?
-Sell as relics to unwary pilgrims. Go to Comment
and a ten foot pole.
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-11-07 05:23 AM
88. Religious icons (from different religions)

God protects his children. Or at least, you can try to ask for the favors of a particular church. If you have many different Icons, just make sure you don't wear them at the same time, It could lead to difficult questions.

In some settings, you can even repel the undead!

(you can always pawn them off for a quick coin) Go to Comment
and a ten foot pole.
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-11-07 05:31 AM
89 A trustworthy dog.

Although not technically equipment, you canine companion has many uses besides the obvious ones:
-will alert you of intrusion at night
-will suffocate before you do in a dungeon, serving as an early warning system for cave gas
-will help you hunt and find food
-will defend you in dire situations
-He'll help you carry all the other wacky equipment you've put on your damned equipment list
-cold? well, that fur would make a mighty fine coat...
-Feeling peckish? He'd make a mighty fine meal... Go to Comment
and a ten foot pole.
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-11-07 12:36 PM
Die, vile duplicate idea, Die!! Go to Comment
and a ten foot pole.
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-11-07 08:49 AM
I had not voted for this yet... Go to Comment
and a ten foot pole.
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-11-07 12:34 PM
Indeed, Sorry about that...! Nice box, will put up a link! Go to Comment
and a ten foot pole.
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-11-08 07:20 AM
modern duplicate of 45. Go to Comment
and a ten foot pole.
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-11-08 07:50 AM
It depends on the size of your dog. A chihuahua will definitely feel the adverse effects of suffocation before you do. A St Bernard, on the other hand will probably not be fussed until you keel over. Its just an example. In other circumstances, a dog will hear the ground moving (ultra and infrasound) and smell any problems before you do, warning you of danger. Go to Comment
Ylithain, the Drowned Queen
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-05-08 03:06 AM
Have just found and read this piece. It simply cannot be faulted. *wish I could write 1/9 as well as that...* Go to Comment
Help Wanted
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-09-29 07:33 AM
Actually, an adventurer's guild could easily have a job-board, where the local citizens come and post their requests.

This works quite well if you have a not-so-regular session, or if you sometimes loose members. Bigger plots can be woven in, but you can still have some fun if a member is late or absent. (ie: it works like a comic book episode)

I can can visualise a large group of guild members crowding the board after a very well paid job has been posted, craning their necks to look at the description and the dangers. A party who took this job (and the risks) would not only gain the reward, but also the admiration and respect of the other groups.

Its also a great way for parties who are short on cash to earn enough to pay the inn, by getting rid of some pests, for example. If you have played fable, the xbox/pc game, it worked really well in there, and each small adventure can itself be a hook to a much bigger campaign. Go to Comment
Anodyne Sword
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-05-07 10:02 AM
Very nice blade which has been in my favourites since I first read the sub. I can definitely see surgeon commissioning something like this. Go to Comment
Theologa Arcana
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-02-06 03:56 AM
Excerpt form "Entropic Sorcerers: How Souls Affect the World, A Study on the lesser known magic."


Recently it has come to the attention of many theolomagicians that a sub group of magic users exist besides the classically trained. These sorcerers, or entropic mages, seem to affect the material world in a way fundamentally different than the magically schooled wizards of the Acrcanium.

In this study, we begin by exploring the methods of affecting the flow of magic that these mage use, and how their own resolve serves as a focus points for transforming the universal medium. It is then shown how the flow of magical energies is controlled using evidence collected by a series of experiments by researchers during the past five years.

Finally, we conclude on the possibilities this opens for further studies, as well as the many practical usage of such a method to forego many of the currently neccessary rituals and components of traditional magic usage.(...)

The workings of the individuals

(...)In Effect, these individuals are capable of affecting the flows of magic with their instinct alone, and need not know how the flows can be modified by elements, spells, components, or gentle manipulation and tranfsormation, but instead, it is as if they bend the flow of energies to their will, in much the same way a blacksmith hammers a blade into shape, they hammer reality with brute force to create the desired affect.

For example, when a trained wizard wishes to set fire to a bail of hay, he may increase the temperature by using a spell to resonate the element of fire in the material, to the point of combustion, or he may use a component to focus the raw ebb and flow of magic into the element of fire, or perhaps remove the element of water until the surrounding elements of fire ignite it.

An entropic sorcerer, however, simply wills the hay to ignite, his own mind serving as a versatile component, focus, and resonator. In effect, the entropic sorcerer can turn a thought into a powerful elemental focus, and as such suffers no limitation regarding which element can be used.

This also has the very potent effect of creating a customized focus for each effect and target. It is also important to remember at this point that this is done totally instinctively, and that the sorcerer has no idea as to the workings of his magic.(...)


(...)By using modified Garlon stones (see appendix for methodology), we were able to record the spell signature of both sorcerer and wizard spells. The results(footnote 1) were very interesting. It has in fact been verified that the signatures of the control wizard group were very regular, with the spells leaving exactly the same signature when cast by any wizard or a scroll.

The signatures recorded in the crystals when a similar spell was cast by a sorcerer, however, not only varied widely with that of the wizards and the scrolls, but even varied within individuals!! Even more amazing, The spell signatures were never the same twice!!! (...)

(1)(the crystals themselves are available for study from the University of Lux or the University of Linnarson Archives)

Theories and recommendations

(...)It is theorised that the sentient mind is the most precise focus in existence for any known spell, and we recommend that a large proportions of academic efforts be redirected to the study of this phenomenon, which has shown how powerfully and precisely magic can be tuned.

Indeed, an example of the potency of this method can be found by comparing the legendary spell, 'Geraldine's icefire', which uses water ice as a medium for bearing flames, and the case study of Miranda Hellvenbruck, who, at fifteen, was already creating ice fires the size of a torch!

As is well known, few mages with less than twenty years of experience can manage to cast this spell, let alone sustain a hot flame for any length of time. This is due to the diametrically opposite elements of fire and water, supported by differing aspects of coldness and warmth, and the differing aspects of moisture and dryness (please see treaties on the elements for further information). Yet Miranda was lighting her parent's house throughout the winter with a simple thought!

In fact, in an interview, she clearly declared:

"...Oh, I think you don't understand. You see, it isn't how complicated something is that stops me doing it, but rather how big or small it is. Its easy to change something small, and if what i want to do is complicated, i just have to concentrate more. But to change something big, even if you only want to make a simple change, is really hard!"

It is therefore believed that the focus that an entropic sorcerer uses has to match the magnitude of the effect, but that the level of complexity is only dependent of their concentration and perception of the effect, this is widely different from the traditional schooling where the complexity and elemental balance of a spell is defined by the wizard's knowledge of magic and its subtleties, whereas the power comes from their concentration.

This new approach to magic, I hope you will see, has enormous potential to reduce our limitations, not only in term of power, but also what it is possible to do with magic. And the Arcane study group will, of course, continue its research in this direction, with the hopes of one day being able to understand this phenomenon further and recreate it.

This recent discovery would also have deep ranging implications, and the effect may be felt most strongly on the Divisitocratic, or Seperatist theories, which could be finally proved wrong, while the Omniperian movement would be bolstered tremendously by this. However, this debate is better left to another place.(...) Go to Comment
Theologa Arcana
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-02-06 08:28 AM
Whoa... this came out a bit longer than expected!
maybe it needs a bit more formatting?

Fantastic Scroll! Shame I can't vote now...

The mancopolic pulse are a brilliant idea! they could even lead to another system entirely, with the mage simply using himself as a barrier to the flow of magic and opening the floodgates when casting a spell. This would imvolve a lot of extravagant gestures to capture as much magical essence as possible! The use of component would also be explained: they are the pieces of the barrier to their elements!

This system would also have the advantage of build in balance, since a recharge time would be mandatory to build up a large blast of magical energy! Go to Comment
Space Combat - Armor
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dark_dragon's comment on 2008-01-13 11:41 AM
Soromon-Baphomet lucidfold field projecting battle suit
Rather than take the conventional approach to armor manufacture, the Soromon-Baphomet corporation decided to use their expertise in FTL technology to create the most advanced defensive system currently available. Using a small hyperdymensional Feinhleim fold engine, powered by the same powerplant as the Adamant Battle Systems Mark IV, it does not actually physically interact with the projectile. Instead, an on-board simultrex computer creates a localised hyperdimensional fold between the predicted point of impact and the predicted point of exit using the suit's sensor data, meaning that the projectile travels through hyperspace instead of through its intended target, leaving the other side without causing any harm to the lucidfold suit wearer.

Worn by the very best stealth operative, this suit can also be switched on to a super-low threshold mode, which deviates electromagnetic radiation through the wearer, in effect making him disappear, as no light is incident on the suit wearer.

The one downside of this technology is the energy requirements for every projectile deviated, which can easily mean that a careless operative could find himself with no armour in the intense heat of battle. because of this, the lucifold suit is often a grafted addition to a normal battlesuit. While it is powered, however, it makes the wearer completely immune to practically every attack. Rumours abound of the technology being deployed on starship, but no confirmation reports have ever been filed. Go to Comment
Space Combat - Armor
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dark_dragon's comment on 2008-01-13 11:43 AM
Nice.....! Go to Comment
Space Combat - Armor
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dark_dragon's comment on 2008-01-13 11:50 AM
why cant I HoH this? Go to Comment
Space Combat - Armor
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dark_dragon's comment on 2008-01-14 04:11 AM
You can't 'step' with this on. It simply slide reality around you. If you had the velocity and turned the lucifold engine on, you can go straight through a meter thick concrete wall, through a hyperspace fold. Reality simply slides through the wearer. Its not invisibility per say, more like not being there at all. In atmosphere (and in fully transparent mode), the lucifold engine would works so hard to deviate all incoming particle that the power is drained in just a few short minutes. This is why the threshold is usually left at a high level, so the hyperspace fold is only deployed when the incident projectile/wavepacket reaches a particular energy level. This suit is rarely used for land-based operations, and far more often, it is worn in deep space ship boarding, by the heavy support troops, who blast through the hull, and then simply protect the breach. the stealth part comes in when these operatives are left around an incoming ship's path and ambush it, seemingly coming out of nowhere. because of their surprise, and the fact that they can often simply slide through conventional armour (at the cost of their power supply), you can often find that half a dozen operatives wearing the lucifold can neutralise a capital ship, simply by sliding into the bridge/engine room/weapon storage and planting charges. Go to Comment
Cloud Wall
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dark_dragon's comment on 2007-04-02 07:18 PM
I dont quite get the setup...

is it like this:(A)
or like this:(B)
Either would work, I guess.

However I dont understand how the prisoner can see the green valey in (B), so you must mean (A) (especially since you mention a ceiling) but then, the prisoner could climb out... actually a good climber could climb out of either cells... *baffled as to how you keep people in*

Ok, you did say they were designed so no man could climb them... but then, would weathering create grips?

Effectively the only way you could do this is by having concrete technology. the entire cell would then have to be a single poured concrete block, or a sanded down pit of rock, but the civil engineering involved would be a momentus task for most fantasy kingdom, who are still building castles out of stone blocks. Perhaps instead of being a castle this could be a volcanic rock cliff face? the volcanic rock, being ressilient to weathering, could then be smoothed down so that the prisoners cannot limb it. However, I think that if this was made out of stone blocks, rather than carved into a cliff face, the prisoners might actually be able to climb it... Magic might help, though, or a particularly slippery type of algie, growing on the rocks, would then stop people climbing onto them.

edit:Actually, I take that back, thinking of the engineering knowledge of the romans, a kingdom without modern methods could probably pull it off.

On a different note, the locale is very good, and the sense of remoteness is well written. Still not sure which way the cells are pointing though... Go to Comment
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